Worried about what DHS will do.

So I just found out today that I am pregnant. I am on methadone and would have preferred to be off of it before getting pg but I guess Gods trying to push me to get on with my...


14 month old issues...

My daughter is now 14 months old. She's always been a GREAT sleeper, always slept through the night until about a month and a half ago. She has had several severe illnesses...

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new on here

I have my amazing son Ethan, who turned 3 in January, and we lost our second son Caleb Jon. Caleb was born on October 31, 2008, my little pumpkin, and he passed away on November...


Growth spurt, solids and bf???

Hi Mommas!! My little guy is 5 1/2 mos old. He is doing really well with solids and b/f until recently. He is going through a growth spurt right now. He will still eat his...

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Terrible Two Stage

i heard that between the ages of 18 months and 24 months that babies starts to get in the terrible two stage. i always thought that it was just a saying, but now that my son is...


does anyone know California custody laws?

So my sons father and i were never married or together when i found out i was pregnant, he had no part in the pregnancy or the birth, or after he was born, but now out of no...

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Almost time for me to begin again...

I am the mother or a 15 month old who I breast fed very irregularly for about 3-4 mos. SO many things I felt at the time were in the way. My newest baby is due at the end of...


tragedies during pregnancy

which kind of tragedy unfortunately u face like me during ur pregnancy and how u survive ?

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Makes me think something is wrong with me.

The father of my son and I broke up before we knew that I was pregnant. Well let me clarify that. I moved out to Calgary, Alberta from Ontario and hooked up with him. We were...

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Need to vent...

Good morning ladies... Hope all is well and that those of you who have had your little one's already are adjusting well to the newest addition to your families... I am in a...


how do i tell my daughter?

my youngest daughter passed away a while ago she was only 2 months old but my daughter who is 2 loved her to pieces and now that my little girl has gone I really cant find the...

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