How do you have a life with 3 kids?

I realized today that I have been responsible for another person since I was 18, so I want to know how I can still enjoy my life as a woman while still being a mother.

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My 2 yearold has eczema what should I use on him??

About a month ago my son broke out in a very bad rash on his lower legs, a little on his face and arms. I took him to his Dr and she refered me to a dermatologist. He told me he...

Started by Liz on 06/29/2009 in Toddler Moms

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father in law arrrggggggg

hey all.. i just need some advice. My father in law keeps on making comments like *is she really hungry again* when im feeding her, telling me that i should feed her in the...

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Toddler refuses to eat vegetables!

Any ideas to help with this? He ate them really well when they were in pureed baby food texture but now he spits them all out or refused to "try". Frustrating! I season them...


Throwing up

Almost everytime my daughter eats she throws up. The doctor said it was normal but i have to disagree. How could that be normal??? I think it might be acid integestion or...


Adjusting to daycare

My 20 month old is starting daycare/preschool next month after having been at home with me for his first 21 months, and now I am going back to school and will need him to go to...


Yeast infection/diaper rash

My daughter recently got a real diaper rash for the first time. Previously she only had a pink or slightly red butt that would clear up right away with A&D ointment or Balmex....


can someone please help?

my son has started behaving sooooo badly,hitting,biteing tthrowing huge fits screaming at us. i just dont know if this is normal or if i should be worried? its just so hard to...

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my son sees ghosts please help

my 4 yr old sees ghosts in his room a parachute man dead babies that was buried under the pavement the dead mommy to the poor lil babies an old lady a dog called reef all of...



Hello, I didn't see a community for mothers with Multiple Sclerosis. So, I started one. I'm 37 years old. I was diagnosed with MS August 2006. I'm currently on Avonex and...



so we are only a few months away from that 2nd birthday, could I really be experiencing the terrible 2 early? If so, does that mean it will end early too!? (crossing fingers) I...


Hello, I'm new here.......

Hello all. My name is Eva Stephen, and I live in Central Illinois. I have 4 children total. 3 of them are my own and 1 is a step-daughter. My step-daughter is 24 yrs. old...

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