Self soothing

My 71/2 mos old son does not self soothe. When he wakes up during naps and at night he wants to be put back to sleep. He sleeps with a pacifier, we have placed multiple...

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3 year old a little OCD

My daughter was born on September 26, 2006 and she has to have things a certain way... she has to sit in the same spot at the table and use the green spoon with her green bowl,...


Girls and Dolls

My daughter is almost 11 and still loves American girl dolls. Does anyone else daughter still like to play with dolls? She wants another doll but I am afraid she will get pick...



Hi im new to the circle of moms but one question i do have is that my daughter is 16 months and were trying potty train. im just wondering is it to early or shoukd i wait til...


How to deal with barely there fathers?

I'm recently single. I've been a single mom for about a month now. I am also a stay at home mom. Honestly though throughout my sons whole life I've been his sole caretaker. His...

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how to cope with divorce?

I have 2 fabulous children and have been a single parent for 2 years now. My ex seems to be really forcing himself into my life, he came to visit the children and while he was...


20 ways to use Vinegar

1. Remove the smell of pet Urine Remove pet or child accidents by first getting rid of the excess mess. Mix together white Vinegar with equal amounts of water (or more...

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It Happened To Me

Ok so it has happened to me before, but I never expected it from my best friend. As we were driving yesterday, she tells me about a bad day her son had at school and how she...


My Children's Alcoholic Father

It will be three years in August since I choose to leave my Childrens father. I have an older daughter who is now 10 from a previous relationship and two little girls who are my...


Going on....

Okay, so my boyfriend and I broke it off about 5 days ago or kind of. He said he doesn't want to be without me and wants to be a better man for me. Our first year was really...


scared easily

My almost 5 month old son (Mason), has been getting scared a lot lately. When he just wakes up, if my face isn't what he see's first, he panics. Every loud noise scares him. If...


grandchildren and illness

I need help with understanding my daughters idea of proven illness. I had watched my grandchildren over the weekend while my daughter and her husband went to a work party. The...


cant cope with SD

i seriously cant deal with the stress of my step daughter anymore, she is really pushing her luck with me.. i tried a new tactic of showing her love, the only way she seems to...

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Time Out Without CIO?

My beautiful 11 month old daughter is just starting to assert her independence--- by getting into everything and ignoring me when I tell her to stop! Oh, what fun, lol. I...