Unsupervised, weekend visitation.

hi there!I am the mother of a 6 month old baby girl. Her father and I have separated (unmaried) four month ago. He is adamant that when she is 1 he should be allowed to have her...


The re-enactment theory. What do you think?

Ok, I read this article about how people try and create in their adult relationships, their relationships with the opposite sex parent, like the saying goes, men marry their...

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Seperation anxiety in a 3and a half year old

My 3and a half yr old daughter seems to be going through another stage of seperation anxiety, we also have a 16month old baby and I was wondering if this could be caused by a...

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any one else expieriencing this?

Hi all, my name is megan. I am pregnant with my first child its a girl i am due on april 13th. As my pregnancy gets further along i have pretty much lost my sex drive. I have...

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update on custody case

I just wanted to let everyone know what happened involving our custody hearing on Monday. Sorry I didn't get around to it earlier, I just recently started working overnights and...

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Hi, we have been engaged 2.5 years, and have a 20months and 6months. The problem is he wants to have sex every day but most of time I am too tired from nursing and looking after...


Pregnant and breastfeeding

Hello everybody. I"m still breastfeeding my 17 months baby and pregnant of 8 months. I'm very tired but still don't want to stop brestfeeding her cause I feel she still needs...

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Almost 3 and temper tantrums are killing me

My daughter will be 3 in less then a month. She was a very laid back little girl until recently (the last few months). She is having temper tantrums now, she sasses back and she...

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Stealing and lying.

I have nine year old that is very sneaky. He continues to take food out of the kitchen and hide it in his bedroom or sneak it to school. It is very frustrating. It is not...

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any others trached?

My son is 3.5 years old and he has had a trache since 8 months old. I know it's not a common thing but wondering if anyone else has been down this road. After they put his...


mood swings during pregnancy

i am pregnant and very irritable. my boyfreind gets very frustrated with me because he is not used to seeing me this way. is there any way i can make him understand that im only...