Coping With Seperation Anxiety

My son, who is 22 months, is going through what I think is seperation anxiety. He doesn't want to seperate from me or my husband. He does tend to cling to me a little more. Even...

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my story

i met my know husband in 05 when i was 16 years old..he was a senior and i was a freshman..i had a huge crush on him..one day when we were hanging out one of my gurl friends...

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So hard not to reprimand other people's children!! Ugh!!

So last weekend my husband, twin girls, and I went to take family pictures. The place was packed and I should have know better than to do this on a weekend but DH works too...

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Sleep Walking Help!!

My son is 7 years old and has a sleep walking problem. It has been going on for some time now and he also talks in his sleep sometimes. I get a little scared because I am...


Sample 12 month old sleep/feeding schedule

Hi, I am looking for sample 12 month old sleep/feeding schedules. What is your 12 month old's schedule like? If you have twins, I would love to have their schedule as well....

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The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was passed on July 25, 2006—20 years after Adam Walsh's abduction. The act established a National Sex Offender Registry law, but...

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Sleepless baby

I can not get my 15 month old son to sleep more than a couple hours at night, I am exhausted and desperate. I have tried to just let him cry it out but he has figured out how to...


Hi, I'm new!

My name is Reagan Hernandez and I am the proud mother of Kobe Jay, who was born on May 6th, 2004. Let me tell you... he is a handful as well as the love of my life. He is an...

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my two yr old wont stop screaming

she screams when she has meltdwns in the car at bed time at anyone an everyone for any or no reason whats the best way to stop her from screaming all the time

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I hate guns. Never wanted them in my house and my husband was on board. Then a point came where we actually needed one because we were certain out lives were in danger. That was...


weaning from Breastmilk to 'reg' milk

My baby is 13 months old. She nurses or takes a bottle of breastmilk (previously pumped) 2-3 times/day, mainly before naps and bedtime. I've tried other milk products in the...

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Started solids, now problems pooping

I have a 6 mth old. I have been breastfeeding. Started cereal at 4.5 mths. Added fruit at 5 mths. Started other solids at 6 mths. I am still breastfeeding. Started to pump...

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found lump need advice

hi.... ive bf for 3 months and 1 week.. i started to introduce really runny baby rice at lunch time. now my little girl has not changed how much milk she drinks. i know what...

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Night time potty training for a 4 year old boy

My son, Daniel who is 4 had been potty trained in the day for a year now, but I have yet to potty train him at night. Apart from letting him have his last drink 2 hours before...

Started by Louise on 06/05/2009 in Toddlers

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hi im just introducing myself, im melissa 25 i have 2 boys dion wos 8 and kaleb whos 1. Kaleb was born with left side unilateral cleft lip and palate, he had his lip repair age...