Big Scare in The Car

Today, we were almost in an accident thanks to slippery roads. I was not speeding and I went straight through the stop sign on a very busy intersection while holding the brakes,...

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Time to introduce solids?

My 21 week old son has been exclusively breastfed & has always been a great sleeper - only waking once at about 2am for a feed and then going straight back to sleep again. Over...


The problem with CPS...

http://www.postcrescent.com/article/20120216/APC0101/202160523/Police-Malnourished-girl-found-wandering-streets-Madison-had-been-abused-years alright, there's 3 pages here,...

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The Hard to Love Future Step-Son - HELP!

My fiance & I have a great relationship. However, we have issues with his 3 year old son. I've operated child care centers & never have had a child as bad as him! He speaks...

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What else can I do?

I Have 2 teen boys 14 and 15 I love them to death I do everything for them, I have been told I do to much but I believe you can never do to much for your kids maybe thats why I...

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Two under Two.....

Hey Everyone.... I am new to Circle of Moms, but it looks like a great website. I came here for help because I just found out today that I am expecting my second child. I have a...


3.5 year old and naptime

? regarding my almost 3.5 yr old and her nap. Usual nap time is 1pm, she doesn't really fall asleep until about 2pm and then sleeps until about 3-3:30. However, lately she...



I recently found out that my husband's ex has been following me to gain information for a child support case. She has found out where I bank and what I drive, etc through a...

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anybody have any suggestions?

As a quick overview i have two children by two men and my fiance (the father of my second) has two children with two other women... Maybe someone has a few suggestions on how to...


Going through a divorce

Ok well 4 weeks ago I got a text from my husband say he wanted a divorce. Long story short. He has only kept his kids 3 year old and 19 month old once. He wanted them to spend...

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pumping help

I am trying to pump my milk now since my two week old seems to be having issues latching on now....she loves to eat from the bottle but I am afraid I am not producing enough...

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I to am having a name issue. I have a 7 year old step son who calls me by my first name, no biggie, its up to him if he wants to call me mom or not. However, my 2 and 3 year old...

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