Puberty @ 8???

So at our recent annual appt with the ped, I was informed that my 8 y.o. girl has begun puberty. It's official: she has breast buds. They're barely noticeable, but once the ped...

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potty training!! whos having troubles????

can anyone help me i just had another child in feb 2011 and i was in the process with my almost 2 year 8 month old son going on the potty hes learning the peeing somewhat but he...


Hubby not listening...Help!

Im having an issue of my hubby not listening when it comes to our 7 month old daughter! When i gave birth to our first kid, he was working all the time and was "checked out"...

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Father's Day

i was just wondering how you all handle Father's Day? Does your child's teacher know about you situation? Do you do any special things/traditions on that day to remember and...

Started by Christie on 01/28/2009 in Young Widow Moms

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T.V good or bad??

I have a 10month old son who i never let watch the T.v. Unless he is watching "My baby can read." I was told that i was sheltering him. I personally think T.v is horrible for...


My daughters dad scares me.

I need advice. Last time my daughter was at her dads the cops got called for him being violent with someone else then he ran from the cops. Supposedlyhe now has a warrant but im...



I am the soon to be step mom of one, I have been in SD and her fathers life since she was 4 months old, she is now 3 and a half. Recently I have been becoming agitated when Dad...

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Kid's Birthday with In-Laws

This has been a heated topic between my husband and I ever since our oldest was turning 2 (who's now 4 1/2 years old). I get so stressed and start having anxiety attacks...


Potty training

Having trouble potty training a three year old and does not tell me when she needs to go potty

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so frustrated!!

my hubby is driving me insane lately. i dont know if its partly these crazy pregger hormones but sheesh. we have a 19 month old dd and her brother is due march 16. my hubby gets...

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9 year old girls behavior

I'm wondering if anyone is having any trouble with their nine year old girls? I constantly and praying about it and the Lord helps me with my patience but she is just immune to...

Started by Carrie on 11/08/2013 in Christian Mommies

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Weening my 16 month old?

My daughter is 16 months old and does not like any milk except for mine. I almost had her off the breast a month or two ago and now she is after it all day again. She will...


Early Puberty?

Ok..My 9 yr old son has had issues with masterbating lately..and not like normal masterbating.. like he's scratching through his clothes on his "area" and it feels too good to...


Getting out of debt to start saving

Hi im 23 years old, a stay at home mom of 2 and my husband is a 23 year old shopaholic. I try to be thrifty as I can and only spend money on stuff we need but, as soon as my...

Started by Summer on 07/17/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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I'm being accused of trying to alienate BM. Help?

OK, I started taking my 4 year old step daughter to school recently. BM has a problem with it because SD has been throwing a fit every time BM picks her up from school and...

Started by Betty on 11/05/2009 in Step Moms

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