Which one of us is the step parent?

My SD came to visit us in our home for the long weekend for the first time. We had been working up to this step for years now with many hoops jumped through and bridges burned....

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dont know what to do! touchy subject!

Hi, this is kinda hard for me, but im not sure what else to do or who to talk to. so here goes! I have a 4.5 year old daughter she goes to the VPK program here in Fl. She is...


Impossible Teenager

My 17 year old daughter hooks up with strangers she meets online. She sneaks out of the house in the night... I took away everything- phone, laptop, but she was on chat groups...


overbearing grandparents

my husbands parents are really overbearing especially his step dad.as soon as he sees becca he picks her up out of my arms and doesnt even ask.if im staying at there house and i...


Upper Limb Abnormalities

Hello :) My daughter Avery was born with bilateral upper limb abnormalities. Both of her arms are abnormal. Her right humerus & ulna are about half "normal" size with absent...


Married To An Addict

I've been married to my husband for two years, known him for 7 years total. We have a 2 yr old daughter and he's only been in her life for 2 month and off & on while in...


dont want my daughter around cheatin ex mistress

i need some advice and hope i can get some in here... i am recently divorce.... i found out my ex was cheatin on me for 10 months and this was around the time my baby was 4...

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My ex wants his GF to care for our daughter

my ex husband used to work 6 days/week and only saw our daughter on his 1 day off. When we divorced he changed jobs so he could share 50/50 custody. Now that he has a live-in GF...

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Kindergartener Acting out in class

Ok, my Kindergarten daughter has been acting out in class & comes home w/bad marks for the day (Red, Yellow). I've tried to explain to her teacher that she's extremely bored in...

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Looking For Advice!

I am a single mother of a three year old girl. Her father and I have been seperated since she was 2 months old. He is remarried now and lives about 7 hours from us. He visited...



I'be been in an on/off relationship with my ex-boyfriend for 12 years. We have no biological children together, but he has been dad to my two daughters since they were babies,...


bottlefeeding and no weight gain! HELP

pediatrician is monitoring her now.... my daughter is 3 wks old and is now back under her birth weight. she was 8.7 and now is 8.6 and a week ago was 8.8 she eats only 2 oz at a...

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advice on heathly diet tips

My 6 year old has been just crazy, obnoxious these days. She practically yells when she talks to us and we are constantly telling her to settle down. I know this is the tail...

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