is it good to give my baby a cup at night? i gove her cup but i am just wondering if it will make her teeth bad.

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Bottles to Cups

Just curious how everyone else's little ones have adjusted to using cups? My twin girls will be 13months and they still prefer bottles, especially at their bedtime feeding. I...

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Dead beat dad.... I need help.

Hello everyone. I live in Texas and have an 11 month old son. After dating for 4 years, I got pregnant. The father left when I was 4 months pregnant. Shortly after, I learned my...

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I need some advice....

Ok..My daughter is 2 1/2 and I stay home with her full time, I have since the day she was born...Well when spring/summer/fall rolls around, my husband is never around, he's...

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Not sure what to do.

My 8yr old son has been having trouble for the last couple years in school. He has gotten to the point that I don't know what to do with him. I am taking him to our family...



my little one wakes twice during night for milk i tried the method of reducing formula and giving more water but shes more hungry and cries for milk how do i stop it she drinks...

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Need Help-

My 3 year-old son will not obey. He refuses to use his words, too--which makes things incredibly frustrating. He'll say things occasionally, but all he wants to do is run...


Surgery Tomorrow

Well Miss Erykah is having surgery tomorrow on her palate...I know she is going to be in good hands but everytime i think about it all I want to do it cry or throw up...Well I...


Not sure what to do

So, I'm in need of a little help or understanding. Someone to talk to who has been where I am or is there now. I am a single mom the world's cutest almost 18 month old (on Nov....

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No problems with my little one

I often read through other people's statements about how they are coping with their babies of the same age as mine and I can only thank God that I have such an easy child. My...