This is the 1st birthday party i have ever had to plan. I dont know what to do. What do little kids eat that will not have them so hyper.? Do i give gift bags to the kids? What...

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My Family Choosing my Ex

Has anyone had to deal with their own family choosing their ex? I know that sounds crazy, but my divorce is 4 years post judgement. Even though he is a nice guy, I get sick of...


Hello all, i am a new member!!

Hello guys i am a new member. I have 1 daughter who has just recently turned 1 years old. my head is still spinning over how my child managed to get there! It goes by so fast...

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My 18 mo. old baby girl seems to have night terrors every nite. I believer they R nitemares bcause I've eliminated other options, meds, etc.... Plus she had an abusive Bio-dad...


How do I start potty training?

My son is 19 months and I want to start potty training him I know some people think he is too young to potty train but I dont agree. Is there anyone else who started training...


Single mom need help!

I am a unmarried single mom and I need to go to court for custody. I can't afford an attorney but my sons father can. My sons father wants 50//50 in which we do already and he...


6 year old problems with my daughter

How do I keep my daughter from becoming one of those girls who wants to please her friends? My daughter is 6 and already she is willing to give up things she enjoys and loves...

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boyfriens and kids don't get along

Help! I've managed to loose my most treasured gifts my teen girls. Let me start from the beginning I started dating someone who is 9 years younger than me but before I started...


gonna pull my hair out!! please help!

My step son has always been a little spoiled by his father, my husband, but has recently been ignorant and rude. We don't see him everyday or even every weekend. When we make...

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My 2 yr old son

Does any other mothers here son.daughter goes through this, my son has been suffering from ferbile convulsion since 10 months, and for the yr 2010 he had attacks seven times and...


Mother in law wants to watch baby

From day 1 my mother in has been begging us to watch our now 6 month old child. I'm worried about leaving my child with her because she is old fashion. The crib that she has...


Baby list

does anyone have a list of what i need for a new baby as its been 9 years since i last had to do this and have no idea.....the essential & nice to haves will do *heehee*

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Rocking my toddler to sleep.

Yep, I still rock my toddler to sleep. I know it's not the norm, but we love it. He's 19 months old and sleeps through the night and takes good naps. We have a system and I...



I had a little girl on February 4th and she doesn't sleep at night, I am not sure what to do. I can't sleep when she sleeps because I also have a 2 year old that keeps me very...