pee/poop potty problem. :0)

amia has been "potty trained" for, gee, idk... a while... however, she still wears a diaper to bed (nap and night). she is still wakes wet. which is not the problem. she...

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Help! My 7 (nearly 8) has started 'playing up' once in bed Up till now she has always been good at bedtime but this week has been testing to say the least She seems to have some...


What Happened?

Ok so my 13 month old daughter and I have co-slept since she was abour 4 months old, and it has been wonderful. She loved her pillows and loves to cuddle. The last couple week...


8 month old won't settle to sleep

For 2 weeks after waking up, my 8 month old won't settle back to sleep but screams, I sometimes leave him for an hour. Tried phenagon, doctors (nothing), elevated bed. Nothing...


I am exhausted.

I'm so friggen tired. I've been in sleep deficit ever since I worked closing & opening. I haven't been able to get to bed early enough or sleep in long enough at all....


trying to keep a good relationship

i have an almost 16yr old daughter who is, for a teenager, essentially quite a good . She does well at school and picks her friends well, she is intelligent and goal orientated...

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Two very random things I'm going through right now

1. I'm dreading going back to work. I still have 5 1/2 months before I have to return, but I am starting to get really emotional when I think about this. 2. Now that my son is...

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sibbling rivalry

my boys tend to fight a lot ,the older one is very selfish he doesn't look out foe his younger brother sometime he threatens to kill him what should i do

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