In a rut... help!!!

Since I had my second child in March of this year, I have felt in some what of a rut. I had a traumatic labor and am still dealing with those effects 3 months later. This rut...

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My boy :)

So he is almost 31/2, is afraid of the big potty, is very attatched to winnie the pooh diapers, and really...just does't want to go potty on the big boy potty( or the little boy...

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why hello there

I am a mom to one, Jullian Joseph. Love being a mommy although I never imagined myself having a child. We're hitting the separation anxiety/bed time battle times so I'd love...



Hi everyone. Just thought I would send a quick message to introduce myself, and my girls Amelie and Hope to the group. Amelie and Hope were born on 24 November 2008 weighing...

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18 month addicted to swing

My daughter is 18 months and loves to fall asleep in her swing every night.........it barely even moves but she like it-there hasnt been any other way besides holding her in my...

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Nursing Bras

Does anyone in the Toronto area know a good place to get fitted for a nursing bra? I went to "Secrets from your Sister" downtown and got 2 Elle Macpherson nursing bras. That was...



I am a proud mommy of a wonderfully fantastic little boy...He is turning a year old in five day's...Any suggestion's on how I can switch from formula to whole milk? I am havin a...


Heat Rash...Hives...Fevers

So my daughter last night broke out into a hive/heat rash all over...Has been running a fever too, it has gone though all my kids and she is last...Always seems that when one...

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stuffy nose

my daughter was born on jan 27th via c-section they told em she would be stuffy for a few weeks because of the section however she is now 2 months old and i am having to use...


ditching the swing.

My little Andie has loved her swing since the day we brought her home from the hospital. She will sleep in her bed at night and sleeps well. But when I try to put her down for...

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well i haven't seen my ss's for 2 weeks, feels like ages. our weekends go back to normal as from now. so we have them next weekend. and cant wait


Art teacher

Hi everyone! I am new to circle of moms and mommyhood. I have an 11mo boy and i work. I teach ART for Young Rembrandts. Its a great gig cause its only a few hours a week...

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Stains on Teeth

My 14 month old has some slight brown stains on her top front teeth (not bottom). We brush twice a day since they have come in so she would get used to brushing, it's not always...

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