how do I deal with this? I am in a dilemna.

I am a working mum, I leave very early in the morning, that is around 06:45 am and come back 12 hours later. I at times leave my nine month old crying for me and it breaks me up...

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space in the house..

How do you deal with space in the home with 4 or more children. We have 4 and stay in a 3 bdrm home over 40 yrs old.Two girls stay in a room, two boys stay in a room. It works...


Sister, 18 and pregnant

Okay, my sister is 5 years younger then me and so ismy brother by 6 years. My siblings have had a much easier up bringing then me. Technically they are my step siblings (same...

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Letting Go of one to try and save four

I am a divorced mother of four children, my oldest is 16. It has been a constant battle since she turned 14. I feel I've neglected my other three children trying to help my...

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Bedtime routine

I was wondering what your bedtime routine is? Especially those with multiple children. I have 2 children, age 1 & 3. I usually put my 1 yr old to bed about 7 pm. I rock him, if...

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sleeping troubles

Im looking for some advice on getting my daughter back into her bed, Its been months since shes slept in her room and i fear making her since she shares the room with her...



Hello, I am a first time mother to a 17 month old little girl named Harper. She has always been a pretty solid sleeper, sleeping 13 hours a night without waking at 7 months....


HELP with 3 month old sleep!!!!

Our LO is such a sweet guy but has had severe sleep issues from day one. He will sleep decent stretches at night and even put himself back to sleep at night but it takes us an...

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How to make going to school not so difficult???

My three yr old son just started preschool last week. He goes half days and last week he was totally fine and didn't cry, then the weekend came and Monday morning he screamed...

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my son wont sleep

ok so i know at his age he should still be taking naps. well my son wont take a nap ever. if he does nap it dont matter what time it is he wont go to bed till after midnight....


Oil of oregeno

Hey Ladies. So I took oil of oregano drops for Women about 6 days before Halloween, there was nasty flu bugs going around so I thought I would experiment with that and see if it...


Giving in to temptation!

It has been going so well with my hubby for the past four weeks, he stopped using marijuana and drinking, but unfortunately yesterday, when I was called out for a training...

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Sister in law issues

My sister in law(oldest sister) was never a stable person according to her mom, sister and my husband. When I started dating my now husband, they all warned me what kind of ppl...