breastfding baby favors one side

My three mo old favors feeding on my right breast. I offer the other side during feedings but my supply is lower so she starts to cry after a few minutes I give in and switch...

Started by Crystal on 11/05/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Just wondering what if any MS meds u r on? r u happy w/it? what vitamins/supplements? What therapy/treatments? I am asking to look for an alternative. i am considering going to...


My son wont nurse anymore! Help!

He had been taking a bottle while I was at work and was nursing fine when he got home. Until the last few days and now he just screams when I try and nurse him. He will latch on...



Ok, my son is 9 months and I am going back to work in a couple of weeks. He is breastfed, never had much formula outside of a bottle here and there after he was born (I can't...


Smoking during pregnancy

im pregnant with my first and I hear often from doctors its not safe for me to smoke while pregnant. Its harmful to the baby. But, I know several people that smoked during...

Started by Shayna on 04/10/2010 in Expecting

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pee/poop potty problem. :0)

amia has been "potty trained" for, gee, idk... a while... however, she still wears a diaper to bed (nap and night). she is still wakes wet. which is not the problem. she...

Started by Emily on 05/05/2010 in June 2007 Babies

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Help! My 7 (nearly 8) has started 'playing up' once in bed Up till now she has always been good at bedtime but this week has been testing to say the least She seems to have some...


What Happened?

Ok so my 13 month old daughter and I have co-slept since she was abour 4 months old, and it has been wonderful. She loved her pillows and loves to cuddle. The last couple week...


8 month old won't settle to sleep

For 2 weeks after waking up, my 8 month old won't settle back to sleep but screams, I sometimes leave him for an hour. Tried phenagon, doctors (nothing), elevated bed. Nothing...