Children with OCD

I was wondering if anyone has a child or knows a child that has been diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I have read a bit about it on the internet, and my son Ty...


Any Cookie Moms Here?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone happened to be their troop's Cookie Mom. I have a Kindergarten Daisy troop so this was our first cookie experience. My co-leader and I decided...


Baby not crawling

My baby will be 11mths old tomorrow and doesn't crawl, hold her own bottle, pull herself up from anything, she still sleeps in the crib with the rail down! She does sit up and...


Ah, I'm so nervous!!

It's been 8 weeks since I had my son, my husband left for boot camp 2 weeks after he was born and I'll be seeing him on the 30th when he graduates. I am SO nervous about having...

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Taking care of your elderly parents

I just finished raising my children-Yes, I started my family at a very young age. I now have 13 beautiful grandchildren. Married my new husband 4 years ago. I thought-Good now...

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Easy Food

What are some really easy recipes that does not take that long to cook?



Right after I had my first child someone told me that hydrogen peroxide would safely remove just about anything from clothing, that once she was big enough to use a toothbrush...



Have just under 8 weeks to go with my 7th child, I have NO family of my own (except for my 6 kids) and because i wont take my husband back Im stuck 1500kms away from closest...


ear infections

My 13 month old daughter has had 6 ear infections since she was 7 months! The doctor is talking about putting tubes in her ears! Sound kind of scary! Does anyone know about this...

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custody arrangements....NEED SOME SERIOUS ADVICE

Hey all, Im trying to come up with a new custody arrangement for my daughter. she will be starting pre-school soon and right now, i have her all day and he has her after...

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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is something most women don't wanna talk about or even think about while they're pregnant. I suffered from it really bad after having my son. I was put...


What can I do for my daughter? Depression...

My daughter is only 23 yrs old and is suffering from depression. She has been on 2 kinds of tablets but went from one extreme to the other. The first was Zoloft and that was...

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