worried mummy

Im starting to worry about my little girl, let me explain a bit more since she was born shes always had a problem having a poo, she was breastfed for the first 4 weeks. then my...


Vaccinations, Yay or Nay

I was just part of a discussion on the CoM fb page about vaccinations. I left a link for DM hoping to get some of the ladies to come debate the topic here. So, what is your...

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Who has had their March baby?

I gave birth naturally to my second son, Kahlayis Fabian, who was born on March 17th a day before his due date. He weighed 9lb 2oz and was 51cm or 20.1 inches in length. Labor...

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SIDS and the risk.

I saw this on another community and wanted to share with you all and get some of your thoughts....

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Breastfeeding while pregnant.

I would like to know if anyone is currently breastfeeding and pregnant with a toddler. How did it feel? Was it easy ? What was the doctors recomendations?



3 months ago i had my beautiful daughter ' ZURI". everything went well and i was able to deliver her vaginally without any complications(Thank God!). so 8 weeks after having my...

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I am thinking about doing a home birth as there are no birthing centers where I am at now, and I do not like hospitals nor OB/GYNs I prefer midwives. what is everyone's take...


I am desperate and need help!!

My 15 month old will only fall asleep if he is being nursed. which isn't a problem for me, we are doing child-led weaning...my problem is after he is asleep when we try and lay...

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My son was born May 2008 with one extra little thumb. He will be going for surgery closer to his 1st birthday. Does anyone else have a child with the same condition that can...


Wait to clamp that cord....

"Delaying clamping for an extra minute or two may help prevent anemia in full-term infants, according to a study cited by the researchers. Studies on preterm infants have found...

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Son sleeps in the bed with me and his father

my son is 2 months how can I get him to sleep on his own he only sleeps at night if he is in the bed with me and his father and he is taking up space and making it hard for us...

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Any ideas on stopping night feedings?

My 5 1/2 month old used to sleep all night (10 p.m. until 7:30 a.m.), so I know she doesn't NEED to eat at night. When she started teething she started waking up at night...


Do you love one child more than the other?

Strollerderby A fairly recent survey shows one in six mothers has a favorite child – but would never admit to it. That’s according to Netmums, one of the most popular...

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hi im expecting my 2nd baby somtime in august, and im thinking of haveing a c-section. i just wonted to get other mums advice, experciences on there c-section... any information...

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