plz help

my son is 15 month old nd i m realy worried about my son becoz he is ill every 10 to 15 days what help me

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Are you guys waiting till your child is 6 months to start feeding him?



My daughter was blessed having eczema like her mother. We have been using Aveeno for moisturizer but now we think that Johnson's bubble bath is irritating her skin. Any...

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Whole milk

my daughter just turned 11 months and i want to get her used to whole milk as i will stop nursing her at 12 months i was just wondering if it's alright to introduce whole milk...

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Vitamins for baby??

So my PED says that my breastfeed baby should be taking vitamins with iron. We tried it for 2 days and my baby did not poop, cried when he tried and actually smelled like iron....


Fussy eater

I my daughter is 21 months and is really fussy eater. She would rather be hungry than eat what she does not fancy at the time. Cooking for her has become difficult as I never...

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Recipe Ideas for them picky eaters?!

Hi, I have 3 kinda small children, 2 girls and a boy. They're ages are 5, 3 and 1. My 5 year old is a very picky eater, and growing up watching the oldest my 3 year old is now...

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Sucking thumbs

My son just turned six and he still sucks his thumb- it drives me crazy. How do I make him stop?


milk and breastfeeding?

Hello my wee giy is 15 month old now. and I am still nirsing him. I work FT now and he only nurses first thing in the morning and at bed... when I am home with him he nurses...


Tips for Weaning at One Year Old

My baby is eleven months and my goal is to wean him by 12 months. Any tips? I have heard that eliminating one feeding every week is the best option, but do I substitute with...


Toddlers and Low Iron

Hi All, I just saw my child's doctor today as a follow up to some blood work she had a week ago. As it turns out my daughter has low iron, iron saturates and red blood cells....

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