Cat pee HELP!!

We just moved into a new house and what is going to be the new babys room stinks like cat pee. There is no carpet, just wood floors and the walls. I have washed the curtains and...


staying home is harder than I thought!

Anyone out there a stay-at-home mom finding it's harder than you thought? I love every bit of it but I feel like I'm losing all my friends. The friends with no kids are living...

Started by Jamie on 01/13/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Getting my 27 month old son off the bottle

Hi I have a 2year old son. He wakes up 5-8 times at night for a bottle of milk. We tried to get him off the bottle but he screamed and cried until we couldnt take it anymore....

Started by Nolene Du on 04/17/2013 in Moms Under 30

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Hello Everyone, My husband is going to join the navy and I was just looking for any advice I could get. I think I pretty much have an idea of what to expect, or at least as...


What is your opinion/suggestion?

Ok, I will try and make this short, but I dont know if that will happen... Yesterday my 15 month old took a 45 minute nap. And was up every hour on the hour last night. We...

Started by Nicole on 10/07/2009 in No More Tears

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i'm a emotional wreck

well i have been waiting for soo long for this moment.. and now i'm soo extremely wrecked.. of being afraid. my son was always different than his siblings.. from the age of 1 i...


Preschool Curriculum

Hello I am Jaime I know we have a posting with great curriculum ideas. I am looking for the very beginning. I have a very hyper 3 ½ year old and am beginning to homeschool...


need some advice 9 month old twin boys

ok im having a few issues with feeding they are on formula and have been since 5 weeks old both have bad reflux so they are on an anti reflux formula my issue is i have 1...

Started by Bev on 01/17/2010 in Twins

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Hi there!

My name is Myroslava and i am a mother to a beautiful baby girl Sophia Grace, who is almost 6 months old. Before she was born, and even while i was pregnant i never...


Sleep issues-getting sick

HI I am desperatley in need of some help and haven't found anyone with a simialer situation. My daughter is 19months old and will not sleep through the night in her crib. There...


Dayhome child cries constantly.....

Hi Everyone, I operate a very busy day home and have recently taken on a child that is having a lot of issues being away from his mother. We are on week 4 of him being here...

Started by Brit on 10/19/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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