Why are some men so selfish and arrogant?

i was dating my daughters father for 7 months and i found out he'd been cheating on me with his ex the whole time. Now he doesnt ever call or try to contact me for her at all...

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To learn or not to learn????

HI all, Im 25 and have a daughter 7months. I have given up work to be a full time Mum mainly because I didnt earn enough to justify putting her into daycare. I love...


7 year old & a ghost

My 7 year old has been afraid to sleep in his room since he was born. I thought maybe he got to used to sleeping in my bed but since he has gotten older it has gotten worse. He...


please help!! my 2 year old keeps me up all night

my 2 year old girl will not go to sleep in her own bed day or night ive tryed a night lite and ive tryed to put her to bed at a later time (the latest being 12am!!) and no luck...

Started by Lisa on 01/14/2010 in Moms Under 30

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For those of you who have decided to join this new community, welcome! I have a 2yr old daughter, Sophia, and a 3yr old son, Jake. Jake has global developmental delays...namely...


I am so over whelmed!!

I am so over whelmed! Stay at home mom. My son is almost 9 months old. I feel so tired and under apreciated for what I do. I have no hobbies really. I have no extra money to do...


Daughter wont nap and wakes up brother!!!

I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1yr old son, my daughter wont take naps anymore but she will crash arould 7 and wake up anout 2 wanting to play.. I have tried laying down...

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Kids fighting

I have 2 kids. Noah is almost 5 and hannah is almost 3. Now i know because they are brother and sister they are allowed to fight occasionally. But my 2 kids fight everyday. They...

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bed time

morning all we have recently been having trouble getting our 19 month old little boy to sleep in his cot he falls asleep on us and we put him down but he just keeps waking up...

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Staying in bed???

My 2 daughters share a room, they are 3 1/2 and 2. They both go to bed really well. 99% of the time they don't put up any fight, just grab their blankies and juice and head to...

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Mom's High & Low

Hey ladies! New mom here (7 week old son). What is your favorite & least favorite thing about motherhood? My favorite: naps, love cuddle time :) LEAST favorite: getting...


How much sleep in 24 hour period

Hi all My son turns 11 months next week. He sleeps 10 1/2 hours at night and around 2 hours (over two naps) through the day. I think he is a low sleep requirement child......


Too late to Ferberize?

I have decided that I need to Ferberize my daughter. She has no nap schedule, and when she does nap it involves an entire process to get her down. She sleeps well through the...

Started by Denise on 03/12/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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