New here!

Well.. I'm 24. I have two beautiful little boys ages 4 and 10 months. They are the loves of my life and I don't know what I do without them. I am military wife and a stay at...

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hello there, natasha here I have a 14 month old little girl and a boy on the way,Im 36 weeks today. I suffer from SPD, from about 23 weeks so I'm really looking forward to the...


New Here

This is very similar to another board that I am a member of...so happy to be invited in. My name is Misha; I am a 28 year old mother of two; I have a boy named Cylas and a...

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Hello all. You may address me as Jerry. I have a baby boy born on 9th Nov 2008 named William. Hope to share interesting tips and info from here. Thanks.


Working out and breastfeeding....

Oh, ladies... here's where I need your advice the most... I have three children, 9, 3, and 12 weeks. I'm breastfeeding my baby boy, homeschooling my older two, and I work in...



hey im nicki and i had my baby on the 29 and i am 16 and i really love my little boy, hes so handsome!

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Hi, everyone!

Hi, everyone! I didn't realize this group was here. Thanks, Martha, for inviting me! I have a little boy who was born on 6/20/08. His name is Will (William) and he's a...

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well i have 1 kid and i am having my second which is due the 6th of september. my first is nearly 11 months old, so when the next one is born they will only be 16 months apart...

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i just had a baby boy ..hes 1 month and 4weeks and i have 2 other kids 9 and 4 ..... i am having a bit of depression...but how can i relax a bit i need options.... help

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Hi I'm Emma, I have a 5 month old baby boy, Jacob James. He was born on 4th of november 08. Had to have him delivered by emergecy c-section as I had not felt him move since...



My 12 week old little boy was very unsettled on the normal milk so i have changed him to hungrier baby milk, He now sleeps right through the night which is great,but in the...

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Hello everyone!

I had my 5 th child ..a little boy on dec 1...what a sweetheart everyone of them has such different personalities,no matter how many you have they all seem to surprise one way...



I have a beautiful baby girl who was born on November 9, 2008. She came nearly three weeks early. Despite a planned c-section, I ended up delivering her completely natural. I...


Rolling over onto tummy & FRUSTRATED!!!

Hi my 4 month old boy is now rolling over from his back onto his tummy any chance he can get. He used to enjoy his tummy time in short bursts but now that he can roll over...



Hey everyone, I'm new to circle of mums, thought i'd say hello :) I have three little boys, the youngest is almost 5 months, his name is Jackson, and he is just adorable. I...


hey everybody

my name is ashlei, and id just like introduce myself. im a mother of one a little girl. i live here in hawaii and im 21 years old. my daughter is 9 months.

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Hi, I'm nere here to this board, but buy now, it really looks like I'll enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. My n ame is Tracey, I have 2 boys. Jacob, who is...



I have 2 children, jack 2 and sara 8 mo. we live in texas, and my husband works and goes to school and I stay home with the kids. we love to play outside and get dirty.

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Newbie - Due 6-Sept-09

Hi there, My name is Francine, I am due, as said above, on the 6th. I don't know if I am having a girl or a boy. I have been very, very lucky through my pregnancy, and have...


Hello everyone alil about me.

Well my name is Gretta I live in louisiana I have a 4 year old girl and a 1 month old boy. I am not married I live with my boyfriend, of 2 years. I like to read and watch alot...

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