I love the fact that most of the step-mom's on here can say that they love their step-kids that's awesome. But the other people on here are so afraid to say what they really...

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I thought it was the Mum

I have recently learn't that my daughter who was 9 at the time was sat down by my Ex's girlfriend and was 'explained' the details of puberty. Of course I was shocked as I had...


terrible twos...at 1 years old? HELP

Tristan turned 1 on 6/11. and i hope i'm not the only one having trouble with their 1 year old. he's refusing to eat anything (he IS teething, getting his eye teeth and 6...

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Our Story

I found out I was pregnant on June 27, 2007. I was scared to death because I knew my husband was scheduled to deploy to Iraq in December of 2007 and I wasn't sure how I could...



Hi, I am a 44 year old mother of 4. I have been trying for the last 4 years to have a baby. I am seeing a high risk OB and have gotten pregnant naturally 7 times, yes 7 times...


to be or not to be

I am having the hardest time deciding whether or not to put my baby in daycare. The thought of leaving him with a complete stranger is so heart wrenching for me. I want to help...

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7mth old - Food and Skills

Our little guy started solids around 5.5mths. He happily eats rice and oatmeal cereals but refuses anything more than 1 bite of all the other things we try with him including...


Single mom of a one year old, maybe depressed

My son is the most amazing blessing that has come into my life. However, i feel i am falling into a deeper depression everyday. You can say I have a pretty good situation...

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Connection with your Preemie(s)

I know that I connected very well with my first preemie. I was able to see him an hour after he was born and then again later that night. With my second son, who was also a...


!6 month old...sleeping issues..

Ok. I have a 16 month old son. My husband and I still have to lay him in our bed and get to sleep. After he is asleep, I lay him in his bed. Usually he sleeps through the...


Swine Flu and putting infant in Daycare

Hi everyone. This whole swine flu thing is just crazy and it is hard to know how to react. My 10 week old son is supposed to start daycare next week and I am feeling a little...


Worried About Crawling?

Hello Ladies, My daughter, Emily, just turned 8 months on November 30th; however, she is not crawling as of yet. We do tummy time play everyday for as long as she will...



I'm Debbie and I am 54 and have 3 sons (twins, 24 and one 27) and I also had a daughter who would have been 30 now but we lost her 6 years ago when a drunk driver decided to...


My son is 24 months should he be talking?

My son will be 24 months feb 28th, and yet he can only say little simple baby talk ex: ma, dada, baba, no, more, yay, bad. What should his speach look like at this age? how can...

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Daughter is 15 months and really isnt talking

My daughter will be 15 months on June 3rd and she really hasn't said any words yet. I try to work with her on that but its just that she doesn't want to stay still and wants to...

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Any potty training suggestions?

I have a 25 month old son and we are getting ready to start potty training. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Thanks, Jamie

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