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i'm a single mom of 52 with a 7 yr. old & a 19 yr.old, also work with moms with kids from pre=natal to 5 yrs. in the community...not a heck of alot surprises me anymore...been...

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Introduce myself!!

Hello!! I just wanted to take a min to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Amanda, I LOVE to scrapbook! Even though there are not enough hours in a day! I am a mom to...

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My name is Amanda I'm 27. I have been married for 4 years this past June, and just before our anniversary we had our first little girl. We also have a 3 year old son who is an...

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My little boy is 4 mo and 1 week. I started offering rice cereal a few days ago and he just doesn't seem interested at all. He took a little off my finger but wants nothing to...

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Physical Abilities

My son was born the first week of April. He is now 3 months already rolls around during his tummy time. Well, he mostly just squirms around and manages to roll of his blanket....

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I'll have my little boy this Monday, May 30th! I'm being induced at 39 weeks, 1 day since he is finally head down & the doctors don't want to wait any longer so he doesn't have...


Any ideas for a Mother's Day alone with an infant?

My son is nine months old. I am in that in between stage. I'm married, but he's started cheating again so we're discussing divorce. He has decided to take off this weekend. I'm...

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sore bottom!

Hello! My ds is 5 months, teething and weaning. He makes a teeny bit of poop at least once an hour and in the last 24 hours him bottom is red raw. U name it I have tried it......



I have an almost 4 month old boy who is really a breast man. He used to take a bottle of expressed milk until about 2 months and has essentially refused the bottle since then....

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When he no longer wants to nurse

My baby will be a year old in a week or so. Over the last few weeks, he's only been interested in nursing at night. A friend of mine (who runs a daycare and is all up to date on...

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Hello All!

Hi my name is Ashley, and I am the proud momma of a baby boy who was born june 2008. I live in the dallas texas area so if anyone else does let me know, I would love to talk....

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