New to the group

Hi! My daughter Marlissa was born January 12th. Her next older brother is 5 and a half. So having a little one in the house is a change. but she is a good girl. I hope to make...



hi everyone i'm the newbie here so i would like to introduce myself my name is dee im 27 n on 07/01/09 had my first baby man what an experiance i give credit to all the mums tha...

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starting again

hi, i have a 21 yearold boy a 19 year old girl and a 15 month boy, people say im mad to have started again but i dont agree they are all great

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Hi All, Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm Robyn I gave birth to baby number 6 last week (Daniel) at 28 weeks and 1 day, he weighed 2lb 1.5oz. Other than my previous...



I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm 26 and have 4 children, one more on the way in November...

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My name is Jessica and my little girl, Lexie, will be 1 May 31st. Its funny how fast time goes by. I am a recently single mom. Lexie's father and I are now divorced. We live in...

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twin skin help

is there anything to do to tighten up the loose skin? I use palmers tummy butter and it seems to help a little (it has collogen and elastin)...but there's still so much loose...

Started by Megan on 05/21/2009 in Twins

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Howdy my name is Misty I have two beautiful girls. My oldest is Kyla she just turned 3 in May, and my youngest is Dalyce (pronounced dallas) who is turning 1 on June 30. I have...

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I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Kristen and my Son Kaden was born on Friday March 13th, via natural childbirth after 55+ hours of labor! I also have a daughter...

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do i or dont i??

Hi My husband and I have 5 beautiful Girls aged 8, 7, 4, 3, and 1year. My husband is trying to convince me to have my contreceptive implant removed and to try for another one...


Ireland Born Dec 29th '08

My first child was a beautiful healthy little girl, I waited years to have her so It's hard for me to leave her side. Currently Ireland has become more clinging I have read at...


crazy but worth it

completing mba with three kids; one is 6 months old. completing assignments is a juggling act. i am doing ok, but can use some uninterrupted time. i know i the end that it will...

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Teething....i need help

Ok so my little girl has been teething since she was 3 months old she is now 9 months and still no teeth, lately she has had diarrohea for 2 days now she isnt unwell and i...

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I just found out about this site and thought I would say hi. I am a first time mom due Feb. 10. I am super excited because we struggled with infertility before finding out we...