Night Terrors

My 41/2 year old little girl keeps waking up at night about an hour after she has been sleeping, screaming & thrashing around. When we try & talk to her she just screams louder...



I'm 20 and I have a little girl who just turned two. She is constantly taking her diaper off and saying she has to go potty. Then she just sits on it for a second, grunts and...


Toddler scared and not interested in other children

Hello, I have a 2 and a half year old little girl who doesn't show any interest in playing or interacting with children her age and younger. She doesn't like to go to the park,...

Started by Saphilie on 12/22/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Sleep Help Please!

Our little girl is 25mos, has slept in her crib, in her room from the beginning. She recently went from being a good sleeper to absolutely NOT! At first I attributed the sleep...


Terrified of the vacuum

My 10 month old daughter is terrified of the vacuum. I don't mean just a little scared and she goes and hides, but flat-out terrified and trembling and screaming. The other...


Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

My almost 5 year old is constantly pulling up his pants - even when he is just wearing underpants. It is so bad that his skin is red on both sides of his body from constantly...


Not saying much

Hello everyone!!! My little guy is 9 mos last Friday. He hardly ever says anything. He on occasion when he is upset will start saying in a very sad tone MA MA MA. Which is...


Trouble in the Step mom world...

Ok Where do I begin. When I got with my husband 5 years ago his daughter was 3 and he had lived with his mom for the first 3 1/2 years of her life in which she had no dicipline...

Started by Amy on 05/09/2010 in Step Moms

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Sleeping Situation

My daughters(4 & 7) have been sleeping in my bed for I don't even know how long now. I have seen a lot of advice about just putting them in their room and letting them cry till...

Started by Charlotte on 06/02/2009 in Single Moms

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Help pls

My ex left after 10yrs while i was preg(we have 4 kids together) for someone 9yrs younger and who had a kid taken by cfs. Now my prob is, we do not get along, i have custody but...


I need HELP!!! :(

The Dr.'s tell me that i'm 26 weeks pregnant, but my family and EVERYONE else is telling me that me and my baby(from the ultrasounds and pics) look farther along then that....

Started by Paige on 12/09/2009 in Expecting

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