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When do girls start keeping a clean room?

My thirteen year old thinks her room is too clean if she can see the floor. She takes her clothes off and drops them, in spite of being told daily to bring her clothes to the...

Started by Annetta on 08/11/2009 in Back-to-School

Last update on 08/11/2014 by TJT


Lil Wayne Vs. 3 little girls

http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/thatsreallyweek/134432/feb-28-mar-6-lil-waynes-negative-lyrics-prompt-complaint-song-from-little-girls/ So what do you all think of this?...

Started by Angela on 03/06/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 03/14/2011 by Tah


ear piercing on little girls

my little girl is almost 7 weeks and i want to get her ears done when shes 3 months but alot of people are telling me its bad at that age but then there's others that are...


How to keep your little one potty trained

My daughter is 2.5 and sometimes she lets me know if she has to go, sometimes not. If I constantly prompt her she will go. Do I just bide my time? I want her potty...

Started by Katherine on 10/04/2011 in Preschooler Moms

Last update on 10/05/2011 by Teresa


my little girl has lost her innocence

After spending the night with my broken heart only shared with a box of tissues i still have not come up with what to say. My daughter whom is barely 14 has had sex with a 15...

Started by Roseanne on 07/17/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 10/11/2012 by Kayanne


My 3yr old girl will not keep her clothes on

I have a 3yr old little girl and she will not keep her clothes on. This includes shoes, undies and etc. every time I tell her that she needs to put her clothes on she complains...

Started by Melissa on 11/11/2010 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 11/15/2014 by Helen Nuschler


How can i keep my little one full

I know her appetite has increased so much and i just cant seem to keep her full. I am breast feeding her, but im not making enough all of a sudden and had to start using formula...


Is our little girl that far behind?

The dr. told us our little girl (born March 12) would be a little behind in milestones of other kids her age because she had a rough start. I am just wondering what your little...

Started by Aubrey on 08/19/2010 in March 2010 Babies

Last update on 10/14/2010 by Rebecca


Help my baby girl keeps waking during the night

hi all i have a 13 month old bub and i dont know why but over the last week she has started waking around 3- 5 am crying for about 10 mins not all at once but shell have a...

Started by AnnMarie on 06/21/2010 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 06/26/2010 by LeToya

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