Why isn't my baby sleeping as well?

Hello, my name is Jaime and I am new to the group. My son was born 9/8 and up until last week he's been waking twice a night to eat. Once at 1am and again at 4am. His 4am...


milk supply

Hi you guys. I'm breastfeeding and my son recently jumped from wanting 4 oz to...probably 6 oz. Problem is, before, I was getting 4 oz out of one breast and 3-3.5 out of the...


Should the Military have more rights than us?

If you're fighting for your country, then you should be able to enjoy a beer - regardless of your age, an Alaskan state representative says. Republican Rep. Bob Lynn, of...

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Feeling unappreciated

I am a 24 yr old stay at home mom with a 7 month old son and a soon to be 5 yr old daughter...I do all my wifely and motherly duties as expected but lately I've felt as if thats...

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spanking study

http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/nm/spanking-kids-can-cause-long-term-harm-canada-study my only comment is I personally noticed a link between lack of punishment to lack of...

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18 means for living below your means

1.Redefine your definition of “rich”. – “I remember sitting in a cubicle at my first professional job staring at a picture of an SUV I wanted to buy (and eventually...

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Food Battle

Okay, I promised I would never ever make food a battle, I would never force food on him or keep food from him, but we now have a situation. Our rule is that he must eat one...

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Getting Frustrated

I have a three year old daughter and my son is now eight months , I've found that I'm hardly having any patience , It's like when he's crying she's crying ..He will wake right...



Why are our men our age so different in every aspect from our fathers and grandfathers? Where is the respect and love and honor in men our age and even a little older?

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returning your adopted child??

I have a neighbor that does TFC like us. They adopted a 12 year old girl with issues (of course) 4 years ago. They had also adopted their oldest son, who moved away on his...


Postpartum depression??

I'm dealing with postpartum depression. I take antidepressants but feel like it isn't working. If you have postpartum depression how are you dealing with it? and why do you...

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