Breastfeeding cuties

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone who is breast feeding has a baby who does something cute while they are feeding? My daughter is so funny when she is on the left side...


back chats

ladies, my boy is just a little man, you can't get him to do a thing at the 1st try. if you try to be firm with him, he then back chats and this is sometimes done infront of...


dead beatfather

hi all my name kirk i resonantly i got engaged to an old class mate we known each other fore 22 years she has a son that is going to be 5 next month ...we ben together fore a...

Started by Kirk on 03/31/2013 in Toddler Moms

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Hi....i am the mother of 3 boys and even though one of them is no longer here,i will forever say im the proud mother of three.Would like to hear from other mums in the same...


Needed tips on weaning

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me and my lil man. He turned one today and I want to begin weaning him off his bottles (he quit the breast at 8 mons)...



I have a great relationship with my step-daughter, but my marriage has really suffered because of our situation. My husband is constantly upset about his situation with the BM...

Started by Laura on 06/03/2009 in Step Moms

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13 and dating

I have a friend who is allowing her daughter to date and officially have a boyfriend @ 13, i don't think this the kind of friend I want my daughter hanging around it send the...

Started by Tracy on 10/08/2009 in Working Moms

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best friend or home wrecker?

hay everyone i have a problem that im not really sure where to go with..my best friend of about 9 years has desided to confess that she was sleeping with my husband and a few...

Started by Ashley on 02/21/2010 in Redhead Moms

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Fussy Eater??

Hello All, I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you, as I'm sure I'll be on here a lot. My son (will be 2 in Oct, 2010) is a borderline fussy eater....His solid food...


Stress of Adoption

We desperately ask for prayer during this trying time. We've had our little boy since he was barely 3 months old and now 12+ months later, after agreeing to let us adopt him,...


Wanting to get pregnant again

Hi my son is 28 months old and my husband and I are wanting to have another baby.Next month I will have been off my birth control for a year and I weaned my son when he was 19...

Started by Stephanie on 02/24/2011 in Christian Moms

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My son who is 18 has numerous diagnosis for example; FAE, Bipolar, Asbergers, defiant disorder, etc.. He constantly leaves school when he is feeling bored, frustrated, angry,...

Started by Myke on 04/26/2011 in Moms Of Teenagers

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feeling so torn as to start trying for our next bubba or just wait as I'm only 22yrs old but want my kids close and would love a big family!our boy is 13 months old and took...

Started by Ayla on 05/22/2012 in Moms Under 30

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Research Query

Dear Fellow Moms, I need your help! I am working on a book about what happens when women's birth experiences don't meet their expectations, and how those expectations are set...