Do you have no contact with your childs father?

My child's father is a deadbeat dad.He deleted his facebook page.I had his number and I'm sure he changed it again.But,even if he didn't,I still got rid of it,since there was no...

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Completely fed up with my SS!

Let me start by saying that my problems here are with an adult man. My husband is significantly older than me and I have an adult SS, a nine year old SD and a three year old...

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Have any of you gone through an un-weaning process with your older child when the new baby arrives? I'd love to hear how you handled it!


Teens and marijuana

My son is a senior in high school , gets good grades and has a Mon.- Fri. job at an insurance adjusters office which pays great money to a sventeen yr. old. I never suspected he...

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What do I do?

This subject goes through my head all the time. I should know how to handle this issue because I've gone though it with my mom. But, how do I do it? I had a really really short...


Potty Training!! I need HELP!

ok, i'm new to the group, so first of all hi to every one! I'm Alli, and my little man is Riley (November 17th 2007) He is my first, and only, at least for now. ANY input will...


"Burn Out"

I work about 28-32hrs a week, but since I'm home in the mornings a little after my son wakes until he goes to sleep, I feel like a stay at home. Other than going to work, I...


When your 2yr old calls others mom...

My daughter calls her nanny and my teenagers mom when they are sitting her. The nanny I understand because she brings her son and that is what he calls her. But the teenagers,...

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Guy friends? - discussion

I don't know if this has been a topic on here before but I guess I can revive it for now if it has. I guess it's sort of multiple questions, so please discuss them all fully....

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saw him in bed with another girl...

I brought this upon myself, really. I should not have come over unannounced. But I needed to see it. I fall for him every time. He goes back and forth saying he wants to be...


BM called me a idiot and a bitch!

In front of my SS. And went on teeling MY husband some b.s. about how a "grown ass man wants to beat her ass." How rediculously trashy. OMG. I really do not know how much...

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my daughters father hasn really been in my daughters life since i found out i was pregnant, the man im with now is more of a father to her than i could possibly ask for. should...

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How I myself see Taken In Hand

When I created Taken In Hand in 2003, I chose that phrase to distinguish my site from D/s, which often seems to be associated with a kind of 'dominance' that doesn't necessarily...

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