Feeding,Crawling and walking

Hi All, My little girl, has just turned 1 was born with Downs syndrome in Feb of last year, i was just wondering if anyone can offer me some advice re: introducing finger foods...


Baby baby baby...

What can I say, I'm a mother of two boys, my youngest born May 2005. I have the luxury of being a stay at home mom. That didn't come without sacrifices but has been the most...

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I've been a single mom.. since my little man's bio father decided he didn't want the responsibilities of fatherhood.. which happened about the 6 month of my pregnancy. I guess...

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First solid!!

My Riley is 4 months!!!!! Last night, i gave him his first solid!!!! (Rice Cereal!) HE LOVED IT!!! Then, this afternoon he had bananas! OMGOSH!! But, it's so weird.. you know...


Adding to our family??

Just wanted some feedback, I am Very happily married to my best friend. We have known each other for four years now, but just recenlty got married in August of last year. We...


my son was wearing my night gown

He wished he could be like me.He looked so cute I fixed his hair and did his nails.Now I feel quilty. Would love to take him shopping so he could feel like a girl...should I...


Out of control teen, please help

I am asking this for my mom, because she doesnt know what else to do. My brother is 15. He is out of control. He yells at my mom, and calls her horrible things, and doesnt...


How do you de-stress as a single mom?

Hi friends, I am feeling pretty wiped out lately. My baby is so incredibly beautiful, and he's one of the most easygoing babies around. I get a lot of compliments on how happy...

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I work, my husband works, my ex doesnt

My ex husband hasn't worked in 4 years. My husband now just got back from Iraq in June and landed a job in 3 weeks. He got his raise and promotion. I've been working since I've...

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Large brood-young age!

My husband and I have been happily married for 5 years this August,and we have 3 daughters,due with our son in June. All of that is fine-until people ask me how old I am.I am...


my head and heart have issues- help

just wondering if i could get some views on my situation...i left my sons dad wen he was 2 months old as he was violent and destroying me,this had many effects on me which im...


Prayers for Emma Faye

Hi to all. I am new to this site but definitly need alot of prayer for my 3 year old daughter Emma Faye. We went to the doctor on monday 9-28-09 and she had blood taken and...

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Am I wrong?

Ok, here's my issue. My SS's stay with their Mom & her boyfriend during the school year, (Sept - June). They come over each weekend and some days during the week. I have...

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