Flying with 11 week old daughter

Hi everyone. I am a new mom to a beautiful 11 week old girl. This Friday I am flying with her for a short weekend trip to see family. I am very nervous about this, scared she...

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For those of you who are single mothers, how is your relationship with the baby daddy that are single or married? Any luck with having a mutual relationship instead of a war??...

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Risperdal and seizures

My daughter has cp, epelipsy, and autism. We've been taking tryleptal since she was 3 which has controlled her seizure activity til she was 6. We started risperdal last week at...


Water Fasting.

It's been a bit dead in here lately, so I thought I'd share my experiences with my first Water Fast. My husband does a 15-20 day fast every year, but up until now, I've been too...

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Water breaking at 22 weeks?

I am 22wks 5days, and think my water may have broken. There has been trickling of clear/very light whitish fluid, and feels like more than just urine when I pee. Has anyone...

Started by Laura on 10/20/2013 in Moms Of Preemies

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Undecided 5 year old

My son has come to this point where he will act as if he did not hear me or he will tell me no on the question i asked and then as soon as I move along.. He throws a HUGE temper...


Advice Please!

Hi there..i wonder if you can all help me. I'm new so please me nice haha. Anyway..im in a bit of a pickle. This is the story. In April my periods started to be different to...


14 Yr old Daughter and Dads GF

I'm lost for words and seeking advice. I am recently divorced from my EA of 16 years. He is already living with a women and her two kids. Me and my ex has 60-40 split...

Started by Cyndi on 01/21/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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