I LOVE this show!

Sorry, this is probably wrong, I've never felt attraction for a guy near my dad's age, if my dad were so alive.. I just love him.. And, I know, I probably hate Hugh Laurie, what...

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my daughter has just turned two nd i would like to know if its normal that when she falls asleep for not even 2min at about 6pm then wont sleep until around a bout 4am is it...

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My two month old is trying so hard to laugh. Something tickles her funny bone and she'll start squirming and grunting and smiling ear to ear, but she hasn't gotten laughing...


Hello All

Just joining all of you other ladies who have babies from 08-2008. So far I am loving being a mother of a 1 year old with learning words, constant exploration, and wide grins!


Hello there

Hi I am Jessica from Wyomign and I have a daughter who will be 2 in December. Crazy times now with the whole "NO" word and refusal behaviors. Gotta love being a mom though!!!!!!!

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Hi all

Im a mom of 3 and grandmother of 13. So I know alot of dos and donts lol!! I daycare 4 of them on a daily basis!! Love kids so much I also work at their elementary school...

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Aloha! Hola! Hello!

Hello everyone! New to the site........I have been married for 20 years, have a daughter at University of Hawaii and a son in high school. I live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and would...

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Re; help

I am a biological mom who has never given up on riuniting with my children. I am at wits end. The state says I can not get in touch with them until they are 21. I say B.S. Sorry...


Boys Age Seven

Do they all have the gene to misbehave or is it something catching? My seven year old is getting on his 50 year old Mama's nerves. He walks away from me in the store and then...

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Mom of 44

Hi everyone, I am a full-time ESL instructor at East Los Angeles College. I have a five-year old son, a seven-year old son, a 20-year old daughter and a 22-year-old daughter. I...

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My 16 Month Son is Spoiled crazy Help

Im not sure how this happenedat first i didnt think it was him being spoiled I usal neer ask for advice im giving..lol but now it has got to the point that he will not even go...


Potty Training!

Trying to potty train my son.... I cant just show him by example.... LOL! Any Suggestions?

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When your baby is teething???

Anyone notice if your baby doesn't want to eat much when teething... I don't remember my oldest kids having that problem... She already has her 2 bottom teeth but her top one is...

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