I'm trying to break my 16 month old of her binkie...since i was a thumbsucker I'm afraid she'll resort to that, whats the best way to keep a child from thumbsucking?



hello everyone my name is elaine, but i like to be called laine. i live near pontefract in west yorkshire. im very interested in chating with you all, finding out about you and...


How to organize???

My Mom scrapbooked all my baby pictures, I took over as a teenager, but when I had kids, I just panicked! I have done very little scrapbooking for them. I love looking at cute...

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sad days

Has anyone ever felt sad because they have no one to share all the mile stones that your child is making with someone or having someone to ask "am i doing a good job?" I am...


hello Im brenda

my daughter nevaeh was born on the fifth and shes already over twenty pounds...I never wanted to be a mom with an overweight baby but shes a very hungry girl....i dont want to...



I am a mother in Kokomo that has a teenager who is 18 .... could we possibly address the lack of things for young adults to do in a town where there is not very many positive...

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Anyone have gestational diabetes?

My numbers were a little high yesterday at 144, but i have no insulin because I was only noted as 'diet controlled'. I am 38w3d. Had ultrasound 2 weeks ago and baby was in the...

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I need help with a chicken casserole recipe!

Hi everyone! I'm sure everyone's seen the box casserole dinners where you supply the chicken and they supply the rice and sauce and seasonings? Well, I'd like to make something...

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Good afternoon!

Hello Mommies! My name is Felicity, and Im mommy to Anja, who will be three in May. Ive always known Anja was spirited, just by her tantrums and other personality traits, but it...


will the terrible two's EVER END??

my son has been going through the terrible two's stage for quite some time now. it started when he was about 18 months and has been getting worse and worse. he is now 2 1/2 and...


Any Suggestions on Weaning off pacifier?

Hi. My 14 month old son loves his paci. It has definitely become a crutch for him. He wants it all the time. He now jabbers around it and cries with it in too. When he is at...



My three year old son has been half potty trained for about the last year, I kn ow how do you define half......He makes it through the night without accidents, will urinate in...


boy parts and girl parts

I have 2 girls and the oldest one (2yrs, 9 months) was putting one of the baby's diapers on her Handy Manny dolls the other day. She keeps calling him a her. Any advice on how...

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Dec Baby!

I never knew motherhood was so rewarding! I love being a mother and wouldn't trade it in for anything. I have a daughter named Lucy who was born dec 3rd. I believe she is...