New old wives' tales

There was a post in the Welcome community of COM that I thought would be fun to expand upon here.... We need laughter these days (particularly because it spurs on labor...lol...

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Well i see there's no conversations! Well i'll fix that :D My name is Mandi I have 3 wonderful boys. one is 7 years old and then i have my 1 year old (14 months) and a 1 month...



so I was wondering what to do for Halloween. My daughter will be a year old and I have a costume for her. I don't live too close to family, so I wont bring her to their houses...


what about other kid (daddy)

my fiance is working all the time and was able to go to my first ultrasound but missed hearing the heartbeat the first time and most likely missing the next ultrasiund and hes...

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Healthy Food Recipes

I am a mother of three very active girls, and a wife to a husband who is always on the go with work, and it seems like meals get lost in the mix. This year I am trying to 1....


Anyone at Fort Hood

So my hubby got his orders about 4 weeks ago for Korea for a year tour. While he is in Korea the kids and i will move to fort hood in october because thats were were my hubby is...


Help My 11 month old is a Diva!!!

Okay I need advice!! I have an 11mo baby girl! She is making my hubby and I crazy lol. Here recently she has become very vocal (which we love the baby babble) but when she's...

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hi my name is jo,iam 26 and have a 17 month old boy. i have suffered from postnatal depression for 16 months. although i believe i am on the mend and now have a strong bond wiv...



Hello, I'm an older mom also. I am 45 years old and have a 17 year old son, Parker. Then about 2 years ago my husband and I got custody of my niece and nephew. Autumn is 8 yrs...

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are there any 40+ moms who feel totally spent? one night out w/ a friend just doesn't cut through the built up stress for me. do you feel guilty for wanting, or getting, more...

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Twins not sleeping

I have 20 month old twin girls, when they were first born up until about the age of 1 they slept pretty well, we'd have those rough nights every now and then but for the most...

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sleeping schedule

My daughter is 2 months old and she sleeps all night any were from 6 to 9 hours then she is awake for an hour or 2 then she sleeps for another 4 to 5 hours... sometimes she...


Hello All Moms!

Hello moms out there.... wow I got this great invite from a friend of my 21 yr old daughter. I think this kind of application is right up my alley.. can't wait to meet others.....


Hi, I'm new here

Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm new to the board but not to motherhood. I just had my 4th little one on Aug 14th. I have 3 boys -ages 5, 3 and 2, and 1 girl -10weeks old. I...

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My name is Krissmas, which I hate and go by my middle name, Kristen. I am 23, almost 24 and have 3 awesome kids, Austin-5, Hunter-2, and Gbariella will be one in 10 days!

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the funny things kids do!!

ok my lil girl is only 3 years old, and she thinks she is 13,,lol she comes out of the room yesterday after dressing herself and asked me if she looks stunning.. i thought i...

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Hi, I'm Carrie. I have 3 kids, youngest will be 1 yr on Nov 1st. :) His name is Thomas and he was born at home. We co-sleep and breastfeed. He really likes solids and water from...