what level rider are you?

i have no idea. i have a 2005 burton jussi and a 2009 burton supermodel. i go snowboarding about 10 weeks out of the winter. i love riding though the trees and doing kickers....



Hi. I'm Holly and will be 22 in Dec. My son, Calvin, will be 2 the 1st of Dec. He actually just went poopoo in his potty for the 1st time today! Still waiting on real...


Skazi - Anarchy - psytrance

Saw these guys live around 4 or 5 times , so many good feelings rush through me when i hear it , so many funny memories .

Started by Charlie on 09/15/2009 in Music Loving Mums

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Hello SMs

I am ready for a Scrapbooking lock in overnight. My goal is to finish one scrapook. I finished a book once when I scrapbooked all day. I was so tired I didn't want to...

Started by Daphne on 09/18/2009 in Scrapbooking Moms

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My 2007 daughter

My 7 year old daughter has a BIG attitude problem...she already acts like a rebelious teenager... anyone else have this problem??? LOL

Started by Melissa on 09/20/2009 in July 2007 Babies

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Time to change from cot to beds?

My 14 month twin boys have started climbing out of there cots. How old were your twins when you put them into beds and how did it go?

Started by Tamara on 09/20/2009 in Twins

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Hello my name is Hannah and I am a mother to a wonderful little boy. Kyler Gregory, he is 3 years old. I had him when I was nineteen and have struggled but I have my son and I...

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Jaxson born 13th july 2009

hi every1 Jaxson is doing very well we have just had our 1st 13 1/2 hrs threw the nite woopwee my name is michelle and i have 3 small children Cameron 2 yrs Logan 20mths and new...

Started by Michelle on 09/27/2009 in July 2009

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I just joined recently and wanted to start up with... what are all the things your 16month babies are doing or working on? My little one took a bit longer to take her first...

Started by Crystal on 09/28/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Hey all!!

Wanna talk about being a teen parent?

Started by Ashley on 09/29/2009 in Teen Mummys!!

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Question about diet

My son was born Oct. 23. He is a large boy! Formula doesn't seem to be filling him up anymore. He eats pancakes, eggs, bananas, mac and cheese, and Graduates ravioli's. I am...

Started by Chelsea on 09/30/2009 in October 2008 Babies

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i would like to hear what all do in your time ?

well i have started to get my life on track and just because you have kids dosent mean you dnt love them because you make time for your self so i would like to hear what all...

Started by Fiona on 10/01/2009 in Single Moms

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My little guy has a weird fixation with boobs

My 2 year old has recently been very strange about my boobs, he will grab them and not let go for anything. He has done this in public, at home, whereever and totally random,...

Started by Catie on 10/01/2009 in July 2007 Babies

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Things to do?

Hi everyone. New to the group. I am trying to find some fun things/ places to do things with a six month old. I am not quit sure what there is around here, Amanda


Grown Kids

my name is Mary and my kids are grown thank god but i have one son who moved back in with his wife and 3 kids. I thought i was done but here i am again with babies in the house....

Started by Mary on 10/06/2009 in Moms Over 40

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