Hi, I'm new here

Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm new to the board but not to motherhood. I just had my 4th little one on Aug 14th. I have 3 boys -ages 5, 3 and 2, and 1 girl -10weeks old. I...

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My name is Krissmas, which I hate and go by my middle name, Kristen. I am 23, almost 24 and have 3 awesome kids, Austin-5, Hunter-2, and Gbariella will be one in 10 days!

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the funny things kids do!!

ok my lil girl is only 3 years old, and she thinks she is 13,,lol she comes out of the room yesterday after dressing herself and asked me if she looks stunning.. i thought i...

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Hi, I'm Carrie. I have 3 kids, youngest will be 1 yr on Nov 1st. :) His name is Thomas and he was born at home. We co-sleep and breastfeed. He really likes solids and water from...


Screaming Bloody Murder?! :O

My second child (Noah) just turned 5 months old and he goes through full on screaming bloody-murder tantrums at night. My other child was a saint compared to Noah's mood...

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5 Month Old Scream Fits

My 5 month old screams like no other. Mostly at night. Whats the best way to teach a baby that screaming is not the preferred method to getting my attention? I've tried...

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Hello ladies! I just got this invite so thought, what the heck. I only have one friend that has a child so it might be nice to share stories and such with other people my age...

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Over Eater....

My daughter is 15 months old. She likes to eat with her hands. She also likes to stuff her face. I tell her to slow down and hold her hands back until she gets finished chewing...

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I want my body back

Does anyone have a good diet or exercise program they follow that helped them get there flat tummy back. I pretty much back to my old self except that little bit of fat on my...

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Hi All! I'm new to this site and am looking forward to getting to know everyone here. I am the proud mami of a 6.5 year old boy, Dante and a 6 week old sweet baby girl, Sofia...

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Very hungry baby

Hi my name is Amanda and i have two kids Camron 2 and Kayla 6 months ...... i was wondering if anyone has the same problem that i do my 6 month old is always hungry....in the...

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Book Recommendations

I've read a few posts with book recommendations, but I can't remember what they all were. Can I get some ideas of books for putting baby to sleep (especially for naps).

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2 year old troubles!

My daughter is a month and a half away from her 2nd birthday and the terrible two's have kicked in. Any ideas for dealing with the attitude? The worst is NO! She points at me...


16 months and still wont sleep in his crib! =(

My son is 16 months old, and refuses to sleep in his crib, on a bed, or anywhere else besides his swing or his stroller. I've tried EVERYTHING, and it's getting to the point...

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Daycare Issues!!!!! Help

Hi, my name is Julie Haberlin and I am a mommy of two wonderful boys ages 6 and 2. Their dad and I divorced just recently, and it has ended bitterly. He refuses to pay his child...



My 21 month old daughter Sophie has trouble with sharing. She has never been to day care or anything like that besides sunday school...she has a brother which is 8 so she never...


Potty Training

How did you guys start potty training? I have tried a couple of times and it doesn't work out. He will go 1 but not 2 on the toilet. Then I turn around and he does 1 on the...


premiees---development now

My daughter Danikka was born 7weeks early and spent just over a month in the nicu, she stopped breathing at times and would start up again...anyways she seems to be thriving now...

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a how to! make your wrap multi purpose!

you can obviously just tie a knot in it to make a pouch sling, but how to convert to a convertable ring sling? 1/ take your wrap and rings ( you can find them online, theres a...

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