Nursing Toddler

Hi! I live in St. Augustine, Florida with my husband Simon and our 19 month old daughter, Sabrina. I'm currently five months pregnant with our second child and still nursing...

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Getting 18mnth old to sleep through

Well our bed has pretty much been a family bed since my son was born but now hes getting a little to big and rather fidgity during the night. Most nights he does start out in...

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Loved the entire series!!!

I've read the entire series and LOVED them!! I just hope she writes another one... there is so much potential still left in the story! I feel so much better now that I see...


Hello Everyone

My name is Michelle and am a SAHM to Kaidence (5 soon) and Kailey (3.5). I also have a 12 year old daughter April, who lives with her dad and mom (stepmom). I live in SC and am...

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New Here!

Hi I'm a new mom to the group. My first son Elijah was born 8/3/07 and we just had our second son on 12/6/08. Both were planned and yes I am crazy! :-) Both my boys are complete...

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OK, I know I am new at this but all of a sudden my 6 mo old who is still breastfeeding and getting 3 meals a day on solids....is having real poops! I mean little hard guys. This...

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Separation anxiety

Hello ladies! My lil angel has recently gotten very clingy & freaks out a lot when I go into the other room, etc. Are ya'll experiencing the same at this age?


GT Xpress 101 recipes?

I just got my Gt for Christmas and so far I've played around with corn muffin mix, as we ALWAYS have it on hand. I love that it cooks so fast and I don;t haveto dirty a baking...


It happened to me, too...

Wow, I just joined this group and read some of the conversations. There are so many moms hurting out there. And frustrated. I have experiences so many of the things I read here....


Hello Ladies

Hi Ladies, our site at www.mommy-talk.com\nIs a faster pace place. We have lots of buddy groups (ttc, new moms, sahm and anymore). Topics are just as diverse (Domestic Divas,...

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Christmas babies.

Being his first birthday one week before last crimbo was a bit of a struggle. With all the christmas shopping, i found it hard to do a birthday too. Managed a last minute family...


Hope everyone had a great birthday month!

Hey everyone just wanted to say welcome to life with a two year old to all of you. This is my second go round with a two year old and not my last either. Even though its...


Preemie due to previa??

I am currently 24 wks along and have not delivered yet, but I have a complete previa and the doctor has said she will not allow me to go past 36 wks, and i will deliver with a...

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Bath Time Help.

My daughter used to love her baths...never had any problems with it. One day she started to flip out when we washed her hair. Now as soon as I put her in the tub she...