Girls in the bed room...

My 10 year old has a pretty diverse group of friends, boys, girls, from 10-14yo. they all play approrpriatly together (usually in MY yard, but at least that way know what all...


Yay for us!!

A hats off to all you Moms who not only work to help pay the bills, but run your household and take your kids to ballet or hockey.....remember to find some time to fulfill your...

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Hi! New Mom to Circle of Moms!

Hello! My name is Becky and I am so excited to be able to interact with other moms, especially those who share a common faith. I do not live near any family and most of our...

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Jumping back into the sheets!

Me and my babies father have been at odds about when to get back into the sexual groove. It has crossed my mind but I am recovering from a section (which I am feeling much...



Hii everyone, I have been a single mum since Feburary 2008 and have found it very hard, my children are 7 and 3. Only now am I starting to cope with the day to day chores of...

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how can i get my BEAUTIFUL children sleep longer?????????????


Decreasing milk supply

I went back to work when my daughter was 10 weeks old. She is now 15 weeks. I had hoped to breastfeed her through 6 months but have found since I returned to work, I can...


Young mom in Johnson County!

I'm 18 years old and have a 3 month old... It's hard finding anything to do in the area with yourself and just a baby sooo... if anyone is in the area, a young mother like...


Railroad Wife

I'm Sarah, from the St. Louis, Mo area, my husband is former Army current railroad engineer. With his job he is gone around 75% of the time. A lot of the time I feel like a...



I am a single mom(of course) and my 3 1/2 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with falling under a spectrum of behavior problems. He actual diagnoses is Disruptive Behavior...


Soft spot

My little guy's soft spot is often a little depressed, especially towards the end of the day. I've been told by a lactation consultant that is normal in an infant his age (4...


Diaper covers for Thunder Thighs!

My sweet little girl has what we affectionately call "Thunder Thighs". The diaper covers I have right now (A Better World Company) chafe the tops of her legs until they are...


AP & CIO Information

http://geriatricmama.wordpress.com/ap-cio-info/ Compiled over time from sites like Mothering.com and others.

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Potty Training

I have a 28 mth old toddler that I am trying to potty train and another baby on the way this month, any suggestions??


Diaper free and rolling over!

My nearly 4 month old little girl just rolled from belly to back to belly to back today! She seems to really love moving every since I have taken diapers off of her. I still...

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