hi there, im a first time single mum to a 4yr old daughter who is constantly givng me cheek,its like a 14yr old talking to me at times. Ive tried the naughty step but she...

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Moving to Sussex County

Hi Everyone! I was hoping to connect with some moms in the Sussex County Area. We will be moving to NJ in the next few months and have been looking into Sparta and the...

Started by Karen on 01/15/2009 in New Jersey Moms

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Brothers Fighting!

I am the proud mom of two boys ages 11 and 9. They are basically good kids, they make good grades and have never benn in any trouble. I'm looking for advise on how to keep...

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About me

I am a 5th generation Romany Gypsie and Heredetory Witch,I was raised in accordance with my clans linage and we walk the path of teh old ways. We live in jersey Channel islands...


Any other parent of twin tweens/teens?

Hello! I've got twins girls turning 12 this coming weekend and life is getting more than a little interesting - adolescence anyone? Not only have their attitudes towards us...


Potty Training

I have a 2 yr old boy that isn't even close to wanting to sit on the potty..HELP!

Started by Kasandra on 01/20/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Potty training

Hi I'm a mother of three children 8, 31/2, 18mos. I am a stay at home mom and spend every waken moment with my kids. I currently started to potty train my three year old and...



My son is 2 and a half, and while he is interested in flushing the toilet and likes to watch mommy and daddy go, he refuses to try it himself. I bought a nice potty that plays...


My 3 Year old

She doesnt want to go in the toilet she is soo afraid to go lol soo i have two questions. . . 1. do any of u have any tips that might work on her? 2. is this normal?


Due March 28/09 with 3rd baby!!!

Hi all!! This is actually my 4th pregnancy, but I had a loss in June of 2008, and got pregnant again right away, and am now 30w4d pregnant. I have two little girls, aged 6...

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Hi, New Here

Hi, my name is Jessi, I have a daughter, Keira who was born August 19, 2004. I look forward to getting to know more people with kids my daughters age. Also to get ideas about...

Started by Jessica on 01/22/2009 in Kids Born In 2004

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such a good boy!!!

i have a 15 months old boy named riley he has always been a good boy since being a baby he is really trying to talk he can say loads i was able to ween him really easy he only...


Potty training

Both my girls aged 1 and 3 are still in nappies i think they are both ready to be potty train but i am not lol is therany advise any1 can give me to help my anxiety

Started by Samantha on 01/24/2009 in Toddlers

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