New here, a little bit about me......

I am 30 years old and have 2 children. One 10 year old girl and one 7 year old boy. I am a stay at home mom currently but thinking about getting a part time job to give me...



My daughter is allergic to milk,eggs, and peanuts. It hasnt been too much o of a problem as of yet because she's mainly just on formula but her bday is coming up and i want...


Double Stroller Recommendation

Do you have a double stroller that you love!?! I've picked up a couple at garage sales and I'm not very pleased. My favorite type is a jogging stroller, but the one I have has...


Potty Training while we're out!!

My daughter is potty trained but I don't know what to do when we go out in public.So i just put a pull up on her.The public restrooms are so unsanitary what should I do??She...


You have a vaginia- he has a penis...

My daughter is 5 & i've just told her that she has a vaginia- not a "cootie". This was very uncomfortable! :) I still havn't told her that boys have a penis, althought her 3yr....


Hubby + Fabric Softener Fiasco! Help!

Okay, I am new to CD and ordered 2 BumGenius 3.0s to start out with to make sure this works for us before buying our whole stash. Used them for the first time yesterday and so...


ideas for occupying both babes

I sometimes struggle with keeping both my girls occupied long enough so I can eat too... Any ideas?

Started by Dixie on 11/12/2009 in Twins

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I wanna toilet train my son.

My son is almost 3 and Im having troubles toilet training him as I have had 3 girls Im not use to it lol I have done lots of lettin him run around freestyle and wearing jocks...

Started by Naomilee on 11/12/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Temper Tantrums Already?

My 14 month old daughter is already starting temper tantrums. She gets angry, screams, and then will either start crying and plop herself down on the ground, or cry and start...


Soon to be 9 year old

Does anyone have any advice on when to give their 9 year old "the talk"? She's starting to ask little stuff about her body-is this something that should have already been...


Ruflux...... Or alergies?? HELP!!!!

My little man is 19 months old and is still power chucking!! :( He has bad reflux as a baby but now I'm not to sure wheather its reflux or alergies.... For the last few days hes...

Started by Daphne on 11/16/2009 in Toddlers

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Not sleeping thru night at age 6

So how do you get a 6 yr old to sleep thru night? And Dad is the problem because he runs to comfort her. So what do I say to convince him he is making it worse? She wakes up...

Started by Kimberly Joy on 11/18/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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My daughter- potty training

Lila started going pee on the potty when she was 15 months old, now at 17 months she decided to stop. I am not pushing the issue, since she is still so young. I want to start...

Started by Melissa on 11/19/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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My Happy Happy Joy Joy

My daughter was delivered Spontaneous Delivery.....She came into this big wide world 24 Weeks Premature and weighed 745grams she is now 1 Year and 5 Months...our admissions into...


I just feel stuck...

I have 2 other kids but my 1 1/2 year old son has me all over the place, especially when it comes to his fits. Do time outs work or what should I do when he just straight out...

Started by Jessica on 11/22/2009 in Terrible Two's

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