My 5 month old baby wants to eat like every 2 hours (formula). They say like 3-4 hours but she doesn't want to wait. Is that alot?


i'm new here

my name is kintina.i have one child.she turned 3 february 16th.she is my miracle baby.she is an ivf baby.i was in the hosipital 2 1/2 months before i had her and she was right...


bed time

Hi Everyone - I was just wondering what time everyone puts their babies to bed at night and do they sleep through til morning?


new mum

hi im a mum of 44 to a 18month old lil boy, he is my first and only child, bit of a surprise when i found out i was having him. best thing in the world even if we are coming up...

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Im 23 and need ideas on...

im 23 and need ideas on how to keep my daughter entertained in the evenings when i get out of school?

Started by Victoria on 03/04/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Just an introduction

My name is Lori Ann Tripp. I have an 8 week old son whos name is Michael Allen Tripp Jr. I am married to a wonderful man. We live in Janesville, WI and are extremely happy to...

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Have you recorded your baby's movements?

I was just wondering if anyone else has recorded their baby moving inside them. I recorded my lil boy yesterday (a 5 min video) and I think it is the koolest video ever. I want...

Started by Alex on 03/09/2010 in Expecting

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7 mth old rubbing his ear

Has anyone's baby started rubbing their ear and you can't figure out why? My son started doing this a week ago...he has a cold so I thought he had an ear infection. But the...

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thank you

Thank you for the invite...i look forward to chatting with some new people....I am from Ohio and a mother of a 20 yr old girl...

Started by Gayle on 03/15/2010 in Moms Over 40

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Inducing today

I'm being induced today (39 weeks) and I'm pretty nervous but so excited for the new arrival. I'm going to miss my little girl as I'll be in for atleast two days so the baby can...

Started by Emma on 03/17/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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Say hello, Tells us about your situation, your children, your husband, basically you life!

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Does anyone floss?

I honestly never thought about flossing my 18 months old teeth yet, until she brought me the dental floss one day and layed down on the ground for me to floss her...


Fort Sill

We're stationed here for another year i think, anyone else here (no seriously sometimes this place seems pretty abandoned, lol)??



My name is Carol, i have 3 wonderful kids, ages 12, 9 am\nd 8. i have a wonderful husband also. my kids are great but they also have their share of problems too. lol

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smelly arm pits at 5??

My 5 yr old boy's arm pits stink?? Don't you think it's waaaaayyy to early for that?? Should I start getting him deordant? He is in the 120th % for his weight/height and already...

Started by Marie on 03/25/2010 in Moms Of BOYS

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Introducing Jennifer and Ethan

Hi My name is Jennifer and my son is Ethan. He is our first child born in late December. He is a healthy, happy baby who sleeps well at night, so...it gives me lots of free...