I'm new

Hello, My name is Marie 20yrs. Mummy to Jimmy who is 3 yrs and pregnant with baby no2 who is de 20th February 2009. Im married to Steven for 3yrs on New Years Eve and we...

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Hello, my name is Dimesha and I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the mother of 4 kids (one daughter and three sons) Their ages are 6 months, 3 years, 16 years, and 19...

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Going out to eat!

I generally have the entire family drink water instead of buying a soft drink. The money adds ups.

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I enjoy country

I do enjoy country music. Not only for the songs, but the people behind the song. They seem more like real people than alot of other genres. I appreciate their honesty and the...

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back talk

my girl is only 10-- but has definately developed early. My question concerns the mean back talk and disobediance that this age seems to bring. Im at a loss as to how to...

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Gypsy Woman

http://spiritualgypsy.wordpress.com/ Words from the Life of A Gypsy Mom :). I'm a writer and poet and full time mom, and hope everyone enjoys my writing. Please comment and...

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Wanted to Introduce Myself

My name is Rachel (26), I am a wife to Karl(27) for almost 5 yrs. and a SAHM to Ryan born 8/11/07. We live in Orange, CA and..............that's about it LoL I just wanted to...

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I'm a homeschooling mom to 3 kids--ages 14, 13 and 10 in the DFW area. We tend towards to unschooling ideology but also loosely follow the Oak Meadow curriculum. Louanne

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Hey all

Hi my name is Elizabeth I am a 27 yr old mother if three. My two oldest are from my first marriage and I have a baby with my Fiancee. I love motherhood, but I am tired alot! LOL...

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about me

Hi, my name is Bobbie JO, I have a wonderful (almost) year old son. He was originally due on my birthday (which would of been neat seems how my boyfriend was born on his moms...


About me

My Name is Tracy, and I am expecting my second baby in March, I have a girl who is 3 years old and fills my life with joy and happiness, we are very excited because we are being...

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Welcome !!!

I everybody welcome to the group ...this is just a nice place for moms to vent , get and recieve advice and just have other moms to talk to . I hope everyone enjoys this space...

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New here . . .

Just want to say hello ~ I'm Natalie, mom to Seth (15 in 4 days), Bryce (6), Hazen (3 1/2), and my sweet girl Owyn (turning 2 on 2/06). I'll be 41 this year and enjoying every...

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Saving Money!

When you are doing your shopping, never take cards with you. Just take the amount you think would be enough for what you need for the week. Because you know yourself if you have...

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I am 42 with 2 kiddos - a boy, 14, and a girl, 8. Both are keeping me on my toes and I sometimes wonder why I had them so late! LOL!

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Cooking for a large family can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you're on a budget. Share your tips, recipes and other cooking ideas here!

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hello to everyone

Hi my name is Hayley, i am 25 and married. i have a son called Joshua, he is our first child and im looking forward to having 1 more in the future. He is so special as we...

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My name is Vanessa, I'm 38 yrs old and am a Stay at Home Mom of three, ages 17, 9, and 16 months (yes I spaced them apart quite nicely, lol) I also homeschool all my...

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mum with 20 month old boy

Hi my names kira and i have a 20 month old boy named Tye. His a good boy but is very full on and quite often gets caught up in the moment and becomes very naughty runs around...

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