How do I get rid of rash around my sons neck ive tryed keeping his neck dry as I can but cant catch every drul comes down my son is real chearful and activit

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Moving my daughter to her crib

My daughter is 4 months old and has been sleeping in my bedroom in a crib. How should I move her to her crib in her bedroom? It won't be easy and I'm nervous! Lol I know it...


11 year old son not eating properly

I'm worried as my 11 yr old boy will eat chocolate or cakes, which I limit. When I put a healthy meal in front of him or give him a packed lunch for school he eats like a bird...

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my son is 25 myths old

What are some fun indoor activities? His name is Joseph he doesn't say a lot of words but is always trying lol and he understands a lot of what I say.its winter and Joseph and I...

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Stay at home dad here.

I couldn't find any sites for stay at home dads so i came in here... anyone have any suggestions? I have a 7 month old Girl and was needing new things to do especially in the...


toes bend in.

My 15month old daughter has only just started walking and iv noticed her toes point inwards, not her foot. I thought it may have been only when she walks but they are slightly...


Weight loss

I just found out we were expecting last Tuesday, I weighed 238, I hate scales so I don't use them lol, this is Sunday and I weigh 232.2, I don't have an appetite right now, but...



Is it normal for your child to have anixety or favor over one parent when your at home all day with them. If yes then how do you correct this


my 3 year old is terrified of bugs .

how can i help my 3 year old daughter with her fear of bugs . she is terryfied of any bug . even if i open the door she starts crying . im not sure what yo do to help her . it...

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Where can I find mom's my age near me?

I just recently moved from California to Texas and we are in a very small town called Daisetta. I am looking to make friends as I literally don't know anyone here. I am a SAHM...

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I need help!

I'm becoming a new mom and I've had names picked out for both genera for awhile now and I've just found out I'm going to be having a boy. Now my boyfriend wants to name him...


Where do I start...

I'm new too! I have 3 allergic kids and an allergic husband. Emily's allergic to peanuts, eggs, chicken, turkey, and dairy...Tommy's allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy...



I'm new to this circle!! My 6 yr old son has been on Ritalin for almost a year ........... He was put on it as a trial before he was ever officiallly diagnosed .......so now I...