First Birthday Decorations...

We've decided to do a Pink Poodle in Paris theme for Gracelyn's first birthday. In addition to the theme package I am making ribbon topiaries with decopage pots to match, tissue...

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How to potty train girls?

I didn't have this problem with my boy. But my daughter...I ask if she wants to be a big girl and wear undies. She wants to wear undies...but doesn't want to sit on the potty....



I'll have my little boy this Monday, May 30th! I'm being induced at 39 weeks, 1 day since he is finally head down & the doctors don't want to wait any longer so he doesn't have...


When should I start pushing?

My Daughter Jazmyn has been holding on to the table and chairs and anything else she can grab and pull herself on to, but she will not just get up and walk. Both my boys (8yrs...


potty training

my son is 3 yrs old and goes pee in the potty just fine but he wont go poo he wants his pull up on in order to go poo. we have told him we would buy a choo choo train since he...

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Has anyone else's kid done this?

I've had a terrible time getting my son to finally go poop on the toilet, but he finally did start this week. I am so proud of him that I'm practically beaming, but I have a...


Varicose Veins?

I have never had vericose veines in any of my previous pregnancies so I don't know what they look like. Today I felt a sore spot (like a bruise) on my thigh so I looked and...

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need gift ideas.........

halo mums,my 1st born daughter will be turning 1 year end June and i've not yet found a gift,i just have no idea of what i should get her.Please i need your help with ideas am...

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tired of advice

like many of you im sure, i waited to have my daughter but that doesnt mean i dont know anything about kids. i have worked with children been the go to as a babysitter and...


toilet training

Hi mums, I was just wondering how to go about toilet training? Any ideas? Ive tried the stickers after he goes on the potty and making a really big deal when he uses it, but it...


Communication error re admin. of my group

Blessed be Group theirs seems to be a mis-communication and for some reason I have been down graded to moderator in my own group this is only a temporary and will be corrected...

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Not a Debate Just a Very Informative Video.

Ok. The person in this video is Laci Green. She is a vlogger on YouTube. She talks about sex ed! Personally I think she is awesome and this particular video is about one of our...

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