Hey, I'm new here, 19 single mother to a 3 1/2 month old :)

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Favorite thing...

As my sweet little baby turned into a toddler I wondered what I truly missed and what I truly love about him growing up. What have been some of the things you have missed?...


Anyone else's premie do this?

I was just curious if my son was the only REALLY eager one. We went for a 3D/4D ultrasound at 24 weeks and partway through my son flipped and lodged himself way down. I ended...

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Potty training my daughter

Hi my daughter is 3 in April and really struggling with potty training. My frustration is she knows when she wants to go because she finds her nappy and asks to have it put on,...

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my april

my april is 10 years old. always has some attitude. how can i make her sweeter

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Things to do in Atlanta, GA

Hi ladies! We just started a Community called All Aboard Atlanta. It's specifically a place where moms in Atlanta, GA, can get and give ideas about things to do with their...


my daughter

im a single mum and having trouble in keeping my daughter in her own bed all night and she jus screams and wants 2 sleep in my bed all the time.any advice please

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what age did ur baby first sit up, crawl, stand, walk, and first word? what woz ur baby first word? danny sat up 5 month, crawl bout a month ago ( hes nrly 9 month), n hes...


hello ladie!!

my name is A'myah..my hubby works in the oilfield as an assistant driller in Wyoming. He drives almost 17 hours from our home in Texas to his rig. I am a sahm of 5 beautiful...


Baby's First Cold :(

My son born Nov 18 seems to have his first cold. Yesterday he was gassy & very cranky, but today his nose is stuffy & running. He does not have a fever. He goes through...


Potty Training

My son will be 3 in April. He is great at going potty during the day. We can go all day in a pair of big boy underwear. However, his nap times he still has to wear a pull up...

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My daughter is a snob!!!

any advice on how to snip the snobby attitude in the butt? My daughter is six and in first grade and she is a mean little girl! Even when we watch t.v. she will be like "omg...

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Me too

Hi I am a mother at 42. I also have 2 children, 3.5 years old boy, and a cure 3 months old daughter. I would like to rant if you don't mind. The first 2 months of my...

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Kinda new here. Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Christi and I have boy/girl twins that were born 7/10/07. Look forward to getting to know you all better!!

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I'm new!!! Hello to All ~

Hello everyone! My name is Laura, I'm 41 and a mom to 6 girls. Yes I said 6 girls!!! lol Their ages range from 8yrs old to 13yrs old. And of course they all think they're...

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21 weeks

i am 21 weeks and i can not find a name for my baby they have told me i am having a boy...i dont want my baby to be nameless..

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Sinus Problems

Are there any mothers out there that have Children, 2 and up, that have sinus problems? My son is 3 and I have to take him to a ear, nose and throat dct for ear infections and...


Sleeping in crib

I can't get my daughter to sleep in her crib. She sleeps with me and y husband every night. Any one have any ideas to stop this...