Hi Mommies,

Hello, I was very happy to find this group. It's nice to know there are folks here that understand where I'm coming from and can bounce ideas around with me. My daughter...


Holiday Shopping

What are your kids putting on their Xmas wish list? Are you most of you guys avoiding lines by buying online or braving the crowds at the Mall? What is your favorite Holiday...


expecting my 3rd in june 2011

Hi, my name is Sam, i am expecting my 3rd baby in June 2011 but between me and my partner it is our 5th Aden 11 to my partners ex Travis 10 to my partners ex Chloe 11 to my ex...


just thought i would share this with you all

im sure you will think this is just as cute as i did. was just sitting down giving my 19mnth old a feed before her nap and she had her iggle piggle doll with her, she sat up and...

Started by Danielle on 12/25/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Baby clothes and toys

Hey! I have a lot of clothing and toys that I'm not using anymore since my 18mth twins have grown out of. I have winter and summer clothes, saucers, a swing, a couple of infant...


6 week old is really advanced

my son came out holding his head up. mhk. well he is now 6 weeks old and already fighting his sleep :( and today he took a 30 min nap and has been up the rest of the day.

Started by Candice on 03/17/2011 in Back-to-School

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From a cot to a bed??

My son is nearly 18 months old, when is the right time to change to a bed? he hasn't crawled out of it.. yet.. also, when he is in a bed, how does it work? i mean.. will...


kids the funny things they do :P

it's so funny when u ask yr kids to brush their teeth & they keep dragging it on & on by mucking up & finally i say if u don't hurry up i'm closing the lite & u can brush yr...

Started by Vicki on 04/08/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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How much formula?

My daughter is almost 8 months now and eats sooo much lol. I know i should be giving her formula until shes 1 but how much? I give her the three meals of baby food when she's...


hello girls

Im a SM and BM of 2 and SM of 3! I love them all. I m a SAHM of them all . wouldnt change anything for it! Trying to meet new friends in the STEP mother world lol. thanks


Looking to start a monthly thing

Not a period. Got two of those in this house already! lol We are looking for other lesbian moms with young children to meet up approximately once per month here in Palm Springs....

Started by Amy on 05/16/2011 in Lesbian Moms

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Am I in slow labour???

I am nearly 37weeks pregnant with my second baby. for about 2 weeks now i have been gettin a liquidy discharge type thing (sorry for TMI) and the last couple of days i have been...

Started by Jade on 05/18/2011 in Pregnancy Answered

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how u tell if baby has dropped. A lot people ask me n i say i carry low which i do . And people ask me if i in labor i only 30 weeks bellys hard to miss lol. I...