u know more

hi my name is vicki and i have 4 children,25,23,21and 7.thats right u read right and im 46years old. i nearly died when the doc said i was pregnant at 37.last thing on my...

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I have identical triplet girls! All natural, no drugs!! I already had 2 girls before them! Very hectic!! Any ideas how to calm things down??

Started by Michele on 04/10/2009 in Triplets

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I'm New

Hi! I'm married to a Police Officer in Central Mississippi and we have been married for almost 2 years. The first 6 months of our marriage he was in Iraq and I was pregnant....



Question? so i have my period back but its so irregular i dont ever know when im goin to get it....my son is almost nine months old and i havent been breastfeeding for like six...

Started by Nichola on 04/13/2009 in All About Mom

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Potty training

I'm about to lose my mind!!!! My daughter is just over two and we've been working on the potty training since before her birthday. Every half hour or so I'll take her to the...

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7 month old jealus

Hiya my name is kirsty, I have a 7 month old daughter, but my partner has 2 older children. a son whos 6 and a daughter whos 3. we have the kids during the weekend but it can be...


one of the good ones.

My daughter will be 7 next month. We have been on our own since she was 2. While I did not get along with her father when we were togather, I look at some of the posts here...

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TV how much and what

I only put educational television on ..... sometimes I get sick of it, but it's not about me. maybe to much television, but how can I get my housework done with out it. I...

Started by Laura on 04/16/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Tennis Instructor for years...

Just so you know, I am a tennis instructor and have been since 1997. If you have any needs for drills, or advice on technique let me know and I will try to help.


Friendly Hello!

Hi All! My name is Alissa. I am a 24 year old mommy to a wonderful little man named Austin! He's 9 1/2 months old and into everything! We are going through a bit of a temper...

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Hi there. My little one is refusing the spoon. It's been 6weeks and he isn't interested in being feed by a spoon. I've tried everything feeding bottle in between, giving him his...


Driving Lessons aaarrrggghhhh!

My 18 year okd is learning to drive, not bad at driving so far but what is it about teenagers that they think they know EVERYTHING. As we are driving along I like to make the...

Started by Linda on 04/19/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

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4 year old trouble with hair wash

my 4 n half year old hates to wash his hair, has no problem with cleanliness except that. Loves water. Has no problem with cutting his hair. How can I make him agree to washing...

Started by Moon on 04/20/2009 in School-Age Kids

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