10 yr old male fever 103.6

My son just had his appendix removed in Sept 2012 and now today he had a temp of 103.6; I ran to the pharmacy and got some fever reducer and gave him some (him and his father...


Stopped bf, now what?

My son who is 2 yrs and 7 months has weaned himself from the breast, very proud of him and proud of myself for doing it till the end. My question is, what are things that I...


Knee bruises from crawling

Hi ladies, so my almost 8 month daughter been crawling for a while. I noticed that now she has a bruise that was red then turned dark. I pushed little by little on it to check...


could I be pregnant?

I started a birth control in january that i have never taken before. I had horrible side effects with it. After a month i decided I was going to stop taking it and ask my dr for...

Started by Becca on 02/28/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Gerber yogurt blends

Can I give my 5 month old baby gerber yogurt or not??? She eats veggies & fruits once In a while so what about yogurts?! I'm so confused!

Started by Yesenia on 02/28/2013 in Debating Mums!

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Don't know what to do!!!! CIO????

I have a 3 month old daughter!! She can only fall asleep with her pacifier! I heard babies like sucking on things to help soothe them and its s natural instinct. My daughter...


Sleep Issues

My family recently moved to Canada and as a result our kids - 8 and 5 now have to share a room. This has become very counter-productive to the usual bedtime routine. No matter...



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Looking for New Mom Friends who are Married!!!

Just moved to the Buford,GA area and not having many friends here doesn't allow me nor my kids to fully enjoy what is around us. I would like to meet some new moms that I can...

Started by Jacquine on 05/05/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Going the wrong way with sleep???

My LO is 12 weeks old and for the past 2 weeks we thought he had turned a corner and was sleeping between 8-10 hours a night...I was thrilled. The past 3 nights he has gone...