Baby boy names. Help!!!

We have a gorgeous daughter Jasmine Aurora. We both love the name, even more so as she was named after both her grandmas. We're now expecting a baby boy and cannot agree on a...


3-day potty training boys

Hi, has anyone tried this? My 21 month old seems ready, we are on day 1. He will sit on the potty and watch tv, but he gets off and squats when I leave the room to change my...


Drama queen

My daughter is 7 months old & is now finding her way in the world. Yes, " Her Way!" She is so dramatic at times. Her father & I are pretty laid back & easy going....


University degree

My daughter has just started to go to Uni. She's doing business/communications degree but hates it. She has always been interest in art and design and wants to do interior...

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My man had came In me on my ovulating day, But my periods are irregular. I was jus waiting for my period I didn't start the day my period was suppose to come, But that night I...


23 month old wakes up at night

Hello Mommies, My daughter sleeps about 1.5 -2 hrs every afternoon at childcare, and at night used to go to sleep by 8 but now does not sleep till 9-9.30 and goes to sleep...


Twins - due March 23

Hi I am actually due April 13, but since I am pregnant with twins the full term date is actually March 23! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and we will find out next Wednesday...

Started by Jessica on 11/05/2008 in March 2009 Babies

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Hotel room during transition?

I'm just curious to know if anyone has tried renting a hotel for DH for his first few days back home? I don't mean that to sound insensitive....my DH is gone 5 weeks at a time...


EMotional breakdown, Please Help!!

Right now, I don't know what to do anymore. My husband and I live in a house that we recently bought with our 4 year old, one on the way, and 3 other adults and a 2 year old. We...


no social life

Hello everyone as you know i am new to this site . I am 24 years old with two very beautiful little girls who i love very much. BUT i have got myself in a right mess with their...


Hello all

Hi, I joined a while ago. I just have not been active yet. I have three children William 7, Peyton 6, and Reagan 5mo. William was diagnosed with PDD nos, ADHD, and ODD at around...


Stepdaughters's boyfriend

I am new to Circle of Moms, hello everyone! Up until 3 months ago, my 17 year old stepdaughter lived with her dad and I. We have been married for 3 years. Paige has a boyfriend...

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My stay at home challenge

I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years or so and in the past year I am finding that my independence skills are starting to diminish a bit, so to speak. I am finding it...


I am so concerned

I have a 13 year old son that is a very picky eater. He has been since forever! Even when he was just a baby on baby food, he wouldn't eat anything other than some of the...