HI First Time Mother here...

HELLO. I barely made this account and would like to receive some feedback. My daughter is 7 months old. She has been waking up at nights. She is not the one to have ever done...

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husband doesnt like grandkids

My husband of 18 years doesnt like spending time with our blended family of 7 grown children and 17 total grandchildren. If i had any idea he would be like this i would not hace...


Making New Mom Friends

Is it just me or is it really hard to make new friends?? I recently tried to reconnect with a friend from school, her and I always got along great! We both have little boys that...

Started by Loving on 01/09/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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Different views on homework right after school

I am getting ready to start watching twin boys after school...my son and the twins are in 1st grade, my rule is homework directly after school...the twins mom let's them break,...

Started by Angela on 01/14/2014 in School-Age Kids

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Cf mom of a picky eater

Hi everyone! I'm new & this is my first post ever! :) My almost 2 year old daughter has cystic fibrosis & she has been very healthy! Fortunately, we haven't had any...



She is a 2nd grader that loves school and doing her homework. Her problem is tests. She freezes. I was the same way but I get a stomach ache before each test and have to use the...


Can someone please help me out... 😕

So I'm on the Nexplanon, I been on it since this past November. I haven't had any symptoms, I did have a period twice a month though. This month I didn't get my period, I been...

Started by Dhyana on 02/22/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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Is my son to big for his age?!

Hello ladies, I'm a first time mommy so I'm new to this lol, at birth Isaiah was 7 lbs 5 ounces at..at his 3 month check up he was 16 lbs 9 ounces now he four months. People...


Perfect Child

I have a 6 year old daughter, Sophia who is the perfect child. I had her when I was 24 so I was on the younger side of Moms. Anyway; when she was a baby she barely ever cried...


m y baby is sleeping way too much

Ok my Son is three months & will be four on the 18th. He has had a cold. & he also usually sleeps during the night. Like from ten at night til about eight or nine in the...

Started by Cheryl on 03/09/2014 in Babies And Infants

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A miracle for Nathan

My son Nathan has been battling Toe Walking since he was 6-12 months old. He is about to embark on a huge journey and I am terrified for him. He is finally getting surgery, in...


CoSleeping/Not sleeping

I need help. I love co sleeping but we are moving and will be living in a small 1 bedroom apartment. We will have a queen size bed which wont be big enough for for all three of...


10 week old sleeping tips

Hello, so i have a 10 week old and the last 2 or so weeks this has been her sleep schedule: 8-9pm- quiet time, asleep by 9 9-between 1 and 2am- wakes up and drinks between 3-4...

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Messy husband!

I am SOOO fed up clearing up after my husband. He works hard and long hours and I don't expect him to do much when he comes in but I also don't expect him to traipse mud all...


New here, would love a friend :)

Hello, I am a SAHM and my little girl is 14 months old. She's been quite a difficult baby from the start. Bad colic, strong-willed, all that. I am looking for someone I can...