saving money?

lol...thats funny seems like all i do is spend all the money!!!.... ok seriously this past year has progressively gotten worst. Milk is at 5 dollars a gallon, so is ketchup (but...

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How I save money

A few ways I save money is y cutting coupons... I think I have coupons for just about everything in the world... I get on the net and look for printable coupons and I sign up...

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My name is Melanie and I'm a SAHM to my 2 sons, Malachi age 3 and Josiah age 1.

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Vilija and Ducky

This is V's beloved Ducky, she had her since she was about a year old. Ducky accompanies Vilija to her surgeries, and is still wearing one of the many hospital "bracelets"...


walking...or teething

Hello...my baby is now in the stage where shes standing alone...is she going to be walking soon?i hope not..lol she already to busy... I also think that shes cutting somemore...

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A new member :)

Hi all. I am a mother of 4 children, a 10 - 6 - 5 year old boys and a 2 year old girl. Right now i am studying Hospitality and tourism management, in full time day school. It...

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Hey everyone I just joined this community and wanted to say hi. My name is Amanda and I am pregnant with my first. It is a boy, Jack, and he is due April 17th. I am totally...


Kids Fave

Ok my kids love taco night here we have a little buffet with all the fixins and they can choose hard or soft taco shells and whatever they like on it its simple 4 lbs...

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Me & My boy :)

Hi My name is Sabrina Im a young mum with a nearly 6month old boy :) I love being a mum,it does have it challenges but it is great.

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Only three months to go!

Well it has finally happened. The pregnancy is taking over my body. I am a small built girl, but have really popped in the last 3 weeks or so. I was measuring three weeks behind...

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My son is going to be three years old in March :O( he is not potty trained yet.. He understands what the potty is and when i go to the washroom he will sit on his potty and...


call it "I don't know". Thats what they tell you.

Hellol. I made up a recipe and a name for it. I would ask my husband what he would like for dinner. He would always say," I don't know". Well, One night, he got, I don't know....

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anyone from calgary alberta canada?

I travel to alberta alot to visit my husband who is going to university and would love to meet some new moms around my age. I have a little boy who is 4 months old. My name is...


First Birthday!

Hi all! My little girl is turning 1 on January 28 (can't quite believe it)! Does anyone have a good recipe for cupcakes? We are having a small bday party for her next week and...



My name is Melisa and I have a 14 month old daughter Avery and she is our first child we do want to have more. I breastfed until 13 months old (YAY); she is a very healthy child...



Hi moms! I'm new to this community and still trying to figure it out. I'm a proud mom of 2 boys (7 almost 8 & just 1 year old) I look forward to reading & getting to know all of...


MCAS Cherry Point Mommies

I am a mommy of two children my daughter is 18 months and my son is just about 4 months. Ive lived here for a little over to years but go home every time my husband deploys. he...