My 17 month old is a picky eater!

I can't get my 17 month old son to eat anything besides chicken nuggets pizza apple sauce pouches and pancakes and waffles ( he will eat any crackers or chips) He refuses to eat...


playing with makeup

i have always found it weird seeing young girls wearing makeup and my daughter is not allowed to touch my makeup. im really anal about it lol anyway, lately she has been...


teen age wars

Help!!!!! Ever since my daughter turned 13, she is permanently in a mood and i dont seem to understand her. She has bcome so rude and wont communicate with anyone. She wont even...



Hi I'm not a parent but I do have a cloacal exstrophy to my knowledge I am the eldest in the world still living with this condition I'm now 29 I've had my large intestine...

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newborn doesnt like my breast milk

I just had a little girl on Tuesday. She was 10lbs 2oz and 21inches long, yeah a big baby lol. The first day she was born they started on similac fussiness and gas to keep track...


Looking for legit work to do from home.

I am looking to legitimate work from home so I can be home to still run my boys around and be home to help them with their homework. Does anyone know of any REALLY LEGITIMATE...


My 2 year old won't eat anything anymore!

Hi everyone! I have a two year old son who is refusing to eat anything anymore! This has become quite frustrating because he use to be such a good eater! He has Down syndrome so...

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Looking for other moms out there who have children suffering with AD/HD, ODD,Anxiety or a combination of any of these. My son was diagnosed at 5 with ADHD and ODD. he is now 7...



I have a loving out going man who I been with for 3years now..we have a good relationship and sex life...BUT THE THING IS we are wanting to spice things In the bedroom lol....

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My 9yr old son has refused to grow up and wants to be treated like his 3yr old brother. Some tips please on how to make him grow up without making him feel like I dont love him...