New recipe I created...

Just wanted to share this because I've been slowly adding "bigger" flavors to my son's food and he seems to really LOVE this one! (He's 10 months, this recipe would probably...



I'm an older mum with older kids. Eventually one of them will give me grandkids...I am just waiting.

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What can I do while waiting???

OK. So I'm still pregnant, 39 weeks and 3 days to be exact. I've given up on even trying to have the baby early because early was a week ago!! I'm to the point of not even...

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community nursing in small town

i nurse in a small town we live in and at times it is difficult to seperate work responsibilities and views from real life school views, discipline and being allowed to voice an...


My 3 an a half year old son refuses

Ok I have 4 children 2 of them are trained and it was so easy but my 3 an a half year old son well, Ive used bribery punishment uyou name it I've tried it even putting things in...

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I need help. I have been a step-mom longer then a bio mom. Step mom for almost 9 years now. we have always had a great relationship. but lately we have had a hug problem with...

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Hi I am a 42 year old Mum from Australia - but my kids are not so young anymore either! My two sons are young men now: aged 21 and 19 and my daughter is 14. You never stop...

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potty training

can i get tips and advice on starting the correct and most effective way...thanks



I've been separated since Sept 2006. My daughter is 4 years old, and everytime she has seen her father (which is under supervision) she is in an extremely bad mood, cheeky, and...

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Hubby TDY and I'm loving it!

My hubby is TDY for a little bit. We have a 19 month and a 4 month. Not to mention we've had a dog for 1 1/2 months. Although he has only been gone for a few days... I have...


Can a toddler get worms from cats?

First of all, I know that humans can get worms from cats. I have 4 cats (indoor) but every year at summertime (now) at least one of my cats gets worms from the fleas that come...


my son wont wear underwear?????help !!!!!

my son alfie is 2 and half,ive got him using the potty for wee's ,(no poos yet) but he just wont wear under pants he jus pulls them off!!! ive also tried pull ups but he thinks...

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Pateints with my 3yr old daugther, got tips?

My 3 yr old is all over the place. She was usually well minded, and still kind of is. But man she is pushing he edge. I found her painting her legs, arms and face with nail...

Started by Jennifer on 05/18/2009 in Moms For Obama

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