7 months old and already has an temper

I guess he is feeling independent so he is grapping and touching everything. In the beginning it was cute but now I think I need to start some sort of disclpine. For example...

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Really Mad at my Husband and Kids..

I am really MAD that my schooling has to be put on HOLD AGAIN...I've been doing hair over 13yrs. I stopped working in the shop and got a government job to have set hours and to...

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10 Habits of Happy Moms

Here are 10 things happy moms do--so remember these tips in your day-to-day life! 1. Find time for yourself Happy moms know they deserve a little time to themselves. When you...


CF or a fussy baby?

I have had three healthly girls, and now I have an daughters with CF. My daughters is now about 3 1/2 months and we had our first clinic last month. Yesterday she was extremely...


What To Do? Need Advice

I don't know if this conversation will be the moment to be writing it here, but need advice or some kind of motivation. I met my ex husband but still together after divorced...



Here it goes again. It seems like a semester doesn't pass without some kid, somewhere, taking their own life because of circumstances...A beautiful young lady was lost in our...


Conservatice family members....

Tell me if anyone else has had this problem? My in-laws are very religious(Christian) and very conservative. My husband and I have asked them to not buy anything religious for...


Life isnt fair.

I have know since I found out that I was pregnant that my daughters father wanted nothing to do with her. I broke up with him when I was 4 months pregnant because of that and...

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