new at this

So I have a 13yr daughter really a very good girl. So I was looking at her phone the other day and a text message said "my mom is being a bitch so I cant go outside" NICE so...

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hi there.. new here

hi everyone, my name is julie. our daughter Aylah was born on march 5, 2008. she is WALKING!! she is a little monkey :) she loves to climb. she is adorable we love her so...

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People and their negative opinions GRRRRR

Ok so from the beginning my finace and I started co-sleeping, It started out as unitentional...it was more convenient for me seeing as we all shared a room anyways and I was...


working mums

I would love to stay at home with my kids all day and watch them grow up but it is not financially possible for us at the moment. I have got nothing against stay at home mums (i...


feeling horrible about body image at 37 weeks

I went to a masque party the other night and all through my pregnancy I haven't felt too bad about my weight but when I got to this party I felt so unpretty with my pregnant...

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Strategies for dealing wth the

Hi! My son (22 months) has started going through the terrible twos.Are there any strategies that other mums have of dealing with there kids when they go through this? Any help...

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4 month old won't take a nap

My 4 moth old daughter doesn't stay asleep when I lay her down for a nap. She will obviously be sleepy, and I will hold her until she falls asleep, and lay her down, and she...

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I am getting so tired of the constant argument I have to have with my MIL. She is the most wonderful person I know. She is great to me, and an awesome grandma, but she can't get...


wine while pregnant?

I'm not saying i do or i don't .. but how many, if any, expecting mothers are there who think it is ok to have the occasional glass of wine now and then? And what is/are your...

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How to postivily discipline my daughter ??

So this might be kind of long .... My daughter is 2.5 years old and so stubborn it makes me crazy ...she throws tantrums when people are around like when we are in the store and...

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