emotinal development of 2 year old

Our 2 year old daughter has started to sympathize with "crying bunnies". We have a lot of board books. She finds sad and crying animals and other characters in these book and...


Confused & Pregnant

like 3 days ago i found out i was pregnant by taking a pregnancy test i showed my husband and all he said was ok, we never said another word about it, kinda hurt and confused,...

Started by Stephany on 09/18/2013 in Expecting

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Bad Temper!!!

I have a 4yr old girl and a 2yr old boy and my 2yr old has a very bad temper. When he gets into trouble or is bored or can't get his own way he bites, hits or pinches. What can...


Possibly Going To Germany

We are possibly going to germany, don't know where at yet. If anyone can give me some pro's and con's of being stationed in germany I would appreciate it. Like living on or off...


Three Big Mistakes

http://growingleaders.com/blog/3-mistakes-we-make-leading-kids/ I thought this was a very good parenting article. What are your thoughts? I do find that it is sometimes a...

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He is here ♥Nov 6th!!

Jaxon William Richard is here! Born November 6th via C-section at 5:37pm weighing 10 Pounds 10 ounces. *This was a planned C-section since he was estimating at 12 pounds, So i...


#3 might be my breaking point

I knew three would be hard but he hasn't even shown up and I am overwhelmed. I need to get off the pity party but I get so angry with my husband and frustrated with my two girls...


Four and a half year old crying ALL THE TIME

He is crying for every single thing that he wants and can't get. Ex. if he wakes up at 5.30 AM and wants to watch TV and you obviously say no, he will cry and cry and continue...

Started by Maryam on 04/28/2011 in Working Moms

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I was just wondering how many other moms out there have children with anxiety? My son can have full-blown panic attacks with hyperventilating, irrational thoughts, etc. He's...


blighted ovum....scared

I found out that i had a blighted ovum with my current pregnancy...now I am just waiting to miscarry/have surgery to remove the G-Sack...I think this is the hardest part knowing...


Regretting Breastfeeding Help!!!!!!!

I love my little girl and want to give her the best!!! So naturly I chose to brest feed but now I am to the point where I hate it. My home is not clean, she will not nap at...