I want another baby, but not sure we should!!

I have been wanting another baby for awhile now. I can't fight the feeling. Hubby says most likely we can when our relocations is all done, but I want one now. I just don't know...

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is her breast milk really the best?

I'm just wondering with all the debates about breast is best , if sometimes it isn't? If a mother leads a unhealthy lifestyle in a number of ways is her breast milk still the...



this is my first child so i really am worried about not knowing what to do when the baby gets here im 4 months and 2 weeks just about to go into my second trimester i still...

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advise on vbac,s...

hi im 31 years old on my 2nd pregnecy.. my daughter is 3.5 and last year i had a miscariage at 10 weeks. i am curently 36 weeks pregs, with my first baby i went to 38.5 weeks...


Son pulls away from breast

Ok so after sticking it out through the 6-7 week growth spurt and worrying that my supply was too low to keep up with his CONSTANT demands (every 30 min to an hour) for two...

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things are starting!?!?

im due in two days (28th may). on monday night i woke up at 12-1ish and was having contractions that were around 10 mins appart and lasted 20-30 seconds. when it got to around...

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Frequent passing of stool

My 5 yearl old son is on the smaller side( about 35 lbs) and is not a very great eater. I mean he has his good and bad days but is very active and seems to burn more calories...

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My story.

hello, everyone. my name is Amber and I am the mother of an angel son, Dylan Bradley. Dylan's due date was Feb. 24th, 2008. But, he was born on November 7th, 2007. I gave...


my 12 year old daughter.

my 12 year old daughter has just told me that she's depressed and says she cuts herself BUT the thing is she dont do it to want to die she cuts to live. now to look at her arms...



I need advice, im horribly depressed and unhappy because of the situation with my daughter's SM. she broke up with BD because he believed she was cheating, anyway a month later...

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traumatic childbirth

I am trying to work through the traumatic childbirth of my son. Is anyone else doing the same or has done it? I find myself feeling guilty about how he must have experienced the...


needing and wanting a helping hand...

i'm sixteen years old, and found out april 2nd, i was pregnant. i am now currently 11 weeks pregnant. the father and i weren't together when we got pregnant, we aren't now, and...

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