kids w/ADHD & video games

i have a 6 yr old boy who was diagnosed w/ ADHD this year. i always kinda had an instinct that he had it b/c it runs in my family but it was confirmed his first year of school....


a 7year old that back chats

Hi all I am new here, I have a 7yr old that constantly back chats with me when I instruct her to do something.plz help

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my 5 n a half yr old driving us nuts !!!

hmmmphhh...Im already exhausted before even beginiing the discussion. She's 5 n a half...and is VERY CRANKY...VERY CRANKY...almost always. I would keep it as a 70 to 30 ratio of...

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Hardcore workouts and nursing

Hey Ladies, Recently I have been making lifestyle changes. Sadly my weight ballooned to over 210lbs by my 6 week postpartum visit. Now i'm down to 195lbs and...



I have a daughter that is ADD. It is my belief and I do not know where to turn for evidence of this, that children with ADD and ADHD mature at a slower pace than other...


Cloth Diapers

Just wondering if anyone has used them, how are the newer types?? I was looking at a website called clothdiapers.com and the prices seem great, could save a lot of $$ over time...

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My son won't even try going potty anymore why??

My son well be 3 in June a few months ago he started going pee on the potty and then all of sudden stopped. Now he won't even try and if does he'll sit there then he'll run off...

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need help

my daughter was in the hospital for seizures and after she has a spinal tap she didnt eat anything for over a day and a half, and then after that they put her on an egg for 6...

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baby food vs table food

so i made the mistake of giving him quite a bit of table food,he was born july 4th he crawls and has 3 teeth but he eats baby food sooo fast and even after 2 jars hes still...

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Step son keeps comparing

I have a 8yr old step son and a daughter who is almost 2yrs old, when ever I buy something them for them he would compare it and say see u both 2 things for her and 1 thing for...

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