thoughts on weaning during a pregnancy???!?!

ok..So I am that mom who thought Id be fine weaning at about a year..but id go off how my son was doing.....however my son started asking to nurse more than 1/day (which was...

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Lost my supply

Hi all, I am new to this and really need help! I have a 21 week old that I have been breast and bottle feeding mostly breast though. I have tried pumping and pumping and I get...

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Do red seedless grapes cause more pooping??

I recently started giving my 16 month old red seedless grapes...which he loves and snarfs down almost faster than I can cut them up. He normally has a poopy diaper 1-2 times a...

Started by Nichole on 01/23/2009 in Toddlers

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Sleepytime Troubles!

Ok so I have a 2yr old boy who will not go to sleep in his room without me staying in there to keep him in his bed. I moved him into a bed because he was freaking out in his...

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How do you get family to help?

I have decided to open my own childcare center and I have two children. With all that I am doing at this time I would like a little time to spend with my husband. The only...

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anyone had a problem with father 2b not preparing?

my partner seems to not want to give up any of the extra curiculum activities he is doing now. anyone got anything similar? when we talk abotu it he gets angry and says he...

Started by Gracie on 05/27/2009 in Expecting

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Trouble in Poop-land!

Help! My 19mth old began going on th potty! hurrah! But now, she has decided that she would rather "hold it" (only poop, that is) than go on the potty. A few times of going...


Comfort nursing

My 7 week old daughter is on my breast all the time! I know it's for mostly comfort rather than just nourishment. I enjoy our bonding time and all, but it gets a little...


Almost 38 weeks--discomforts

Almost 38 weeks, 17 year old teen mom first time baby. She's facing posterior and already head down. Lost mucus plug pieces-- jelly clear two days ago in toilet. Pooping for two...


SD's phone call.

Sd just called crying and said she doesnt want to come to our house this week because her mom worked all last week and she had to stay with chris(her moms ex) all week. This is...

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extracurricular activities

My son is 9 yrs old. He was dx with ADHD at age 6 and placed on meds, which helped a lot, although he still has some attention and impulsive problems. At age 4 we started...


Accused of Spanking

My 7 yr old SS has told his bio-mom that I spank him and his 2 sisters when their rooms aren't clean. I haven't laid a hand on any of them (but have wanted to). I'm all for...

Started by Sarah on 08/12/2009 in Step Moms

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