How long were you 3 cm dilated?

i am 37 weeks preggo and 3cm dilated 80%effaced, the week before this i was 2 cm and the for 6 weeks before that i was at a 1. so my question is, how long was everyone dilated...

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Help needed in Sweden!

Scrapbooking is something that I have always enjoyed doing in my free time. I moved to Sweden 2 years ago with my husband and family. Scrapbooking is just getting started here...


3 week old baby - formula feeding

help... baby is 3 weeks old sopposed to drink 125ml, but only drinks 100ml, as he regurgetates the rest, even on 100ml, he spits up and the spit is slimy even after 2 hours...


What to take for a 1 yr on a air plane?

We are taking our first trip on a plane with our 1 yr and I was just wondering what I can take to keep him occupied? It will only be 2 hours, I was wondering if anyone had any...



Just wondering how many never wanted to travel I never wanted to travel now my life is full of traveling and i love to go to new places and see what its like


Bottles to reduce colic...

My daughter has been extremely fussy lately. We figured out that it was because she was swallowing too much air when she ate (she is almost 3 weeks old). I decided to try...


Losing weight

Hi all I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have not gained any weight in fact I have lost 15 pounds and I eat all the time but can't seem to gain a ounce I am worried because I...

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Cloth diaper for older kid at night

I'm hoping someone has some helpful advice for me! My son is 3 in Jan. He is potty trained during the day but nowhere near at night. he's been in cloth since he was a month old,...


losing the baby weight?

My daughter will be three months in a week and I have only lost like twenty pounds (which I lost within the first month). I've been eating very healthy but can't shake the extra...


Scrapbooking Style

How would you desribe your style of scrapbooking? Eclectic, modern and stylistic, traditional or otherwise?

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Broken window

This is the 2nd. window that Travis has broken in his roon, He was out side , and throw something at his window, thinking it would just make a loud sound, but it broke, so now...


what to feed a picky 2 year old??

My son is a super picky eater, he doesn't like meat, rice, potatoes or vegs so I'm having a really hard time figuring out what to feed him. Does anyone have this problem??? if...

Started by Natalie on 08/17/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Pregnant again!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! I am pregnant and my baby is 4 months old! Someone please tell me that I will be able to cope. I feel like I'm robbing my baby of his time as a baby. Has this...

Started by Melissa on 09/02/2011 in Pregnant Again

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