all of a sudden she hates baths!!

My daughter (almost 13 months old) used to LOVE bath times!!! Then a few weeks ago, all of a sudden she hates the bath......screaming, kicking, standing, trying to get out of...

Started by Beckie on 03/28/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Dairyfree diet help!!

Just had my daughters 2 month check up. Told I need to go on dairyfree diet. No clue where to begin... What do you eat, those on diet?


Seek a Neurologist?

I have a 6, almost 7 yr old little girl that constantly has headaches....should I seek a neurologist? My pediatrician hasn't offered much help. Any suggestions to possible...


That first hair cut!!! when??

My son wil 13 months and is walking and full of energy. he really needs a hair cut. it is so long it's in his eyes. i'm not sure what age is really safe for the first haircut....

Started by Cathy on 06/25/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Zit-like rash on toddlers bottom

Our son has suffered from a strange rash on his bottom, foreskin and scrotum on and off since he was about one - he is now 2 1/2 and still gets it. When he first got it, it...


my 2 year old WILL NOT eat supper....PLS HELP.....

my daughter is turning 2 next month, and for the last month or so, she has refused to eat her supper and asks for pancakes or PB & J instead. i tell her no and say she has to go...

Started by Amy on 07/09/2009 in Toddler Moms

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ex husband driving me crazy.

I'll start by saying I really do not hate my ex husband he is just driving my crazy! We divorced in January after 8 years together. Recently he found out that I am seeing some...


Please pray

I just received a very disturbing e-mail regarding one of the families in my church. This family is amazing they lead Bible studies, volunteer for all kinds of things and...

Started by Heather on 11/09/2010 in Christian Mommies

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stuffy nose all the time?!?!

my son kaden is almost 2 months old and for some reason is really stuffed sounding and usually is all the time. when he was first born he had some breathing problems and had to...

Started by Jessica on 12/01/2010 in October 2010 Babies

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Does teething cause headaches?

My 13 month old son has started cutting his 7th tooth within the last week. He's been highly irritable, doesn't eat much, etc. Earlier this afternoon on our way home form the...


Tummy Ache- please help?

My son is almost a year. He hasnt been into cruising earlier but now he is all over the place. He walks around holding things but prefers to cruise. One thing that comes with it...

Started by NANCY on 03/09/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Fourth Miscarriage

Sad to say but I miscarried for the fourth time last night, Me and my partner are gutted once again! We never thought it would happen again not to us! We're good people, don't...



Hi guys i am new here. I have a question how do i get my three yr old to really get serious about prayer. every night i try to pray with him like say the OUR FATHER PRAYER and...

Started by Rhea on 07/29/2013 in Christian Mommies

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Teenager on the run

Hi do not where to start. So My 14 year old teen has run away. We have not seen or heard of her since two days. Before she took off she said she is going to punish us until we...

Started by Chris on 01/23/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

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