Romance... Where did it go?

Since I got pregnant I have no longer wanted sex. I thought when you get pregnant your sex drive increases. Mine droped tremendously!!! I was huge when I was pregnant and it was...

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I just want to know that im not alone.

My 2.5 yr engagement was broke in February. We have 2 kids (17 months (boy), and one due in oct(girl)) he left just a few weeks after we found out i was pregnant. we were trying...

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trouble in paradise

So me and my babies father have decided to call it quits and just take care of our daughter separately. I think that i really want to but him on child support because i don't...

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To nurse or not to nurse.. that is the question.

Ok so we started off our little one on bottles a month and a half ago. She slowly took to them and slowly started increasing how many she had. It was at the point where she was...

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What to do about tantrums

My 18 mth old daughter throws tantrums all the time over things little things like a toy wont do what she wants it to do, or sometimes they just come out of no where and she...


My toddlerand his behavior???

My son is about 19months and hes a very smart, loving i'd say emotional toddler , but his anger is a problem he tends to hit alot especialy smaller babies, I been doing the time...


climbing out

What age did your baby start to climb out of the crib? did you keep them in the crib and just shut the bedroom door or gate bedroom off? or move them to a mattress on the floor...


Sad :(

so i am 18 and have a 9 month old daughter, and i am really hurt. so in my last conversation i was talking about my baby's father and how he got two other pregnant while being...


How to handle the Grandparents in law

Basically my partner's grandparents stopped coming round after we fell out with his sh*t stirring Aunty (who lived 3 doors away at the time) about 3 months ago. We've not seen...


Is this Night Terrors?.

Okay.. I know SOMEONE has to be dealing with this too.. My son was diagnosed with PDD when he was 17 months. He is currently 2 and some change. Every so often, for the past...


First deployment with new baby!

This will be my husband's first deployment after having our first child. It's really hard because he will be gone for his first Christmas and Birthday, and neither one of us is...


Replacing Breastmilk

It is time for me to stop breastfeeding but when I have tired giving my son whole milk it upsets his stomach. My husband doesn't want me to stop nursing totally until I have...

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Too much of a worrier

I have three young boys, they are 8, 6 and 1. My husband and I have not been out for an evening since October 2006 because I do not have a reliable sitter and I am a huge...

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Crying it Out

I've heard a lot of different stories of when's the right time....Some say after 3 months, some say not until 6 months. I feel my 5 month old is ready and want it to work. She's...

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4 month old eating adult food

i have a 4 month old son and everytime my mom has him theres gravy on him yougert, and other liquidity substance, i had told her to quit. And i was eating a cookie he lunged for...

Started by Ashlie on 11/10/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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