Traveling by plane with a 1 1/2 year old

We are about to travel by plane, getting on a total of 5 different flights (within a 2 week time period). Any suggestions on what to bring or do while on the plane to keep the...

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Long term Birth Control Question

I have heard different responses from women on the Mireana and the Copper IUD, But I have not heard much about the Implanon. I was suggested this by my physician but I wanted to...


6 year old too hard on herself

The teacher overheard my 6 year old saying "i'm an idiot" today. She has been very hard on herself lately if she gets anything less than 100% or if she gets any answers wrong...


help with a five year old

my daughter is five but thinks sh can do what she likes and its getting me and my husband down we have tired the nautney coner and taking her stuff away from her but it dont...


Baby food to solid food...Help!

My son has been on baby food for along time now, he gets the idea of how to chew. But he gets so mad because he has no teeth and he has no intrest to feed himself. What do I...


Hip Pains

I am almost 26 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have had the WORST hip pains. I have tried soaking in the tub, and it feels better while I am in the tub, but I ccan't...

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Murder in the family

I was watching CSI reruns while in the hospital last week and one of the episodes was about a family which had a little boy who accidentally burned the house down and killed his...

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I am trying to introduce cow's milk to my son who turned one last week. So far he only wants to nurse and does not like the idea of anything else. I have only nursed, thus he...

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What means more dilation or effacement?

So I'm not due until the end of the month, but my midwife told me today I was 2cm dilated and "really really soft" (her words) for only being 36 weeks. She said she doubted I'd...

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Can I breastfeed while pregnant?

Hi Ladies, My husband and I want to start trying for another sometime within the next 2-3 months. My son is 6.5 months old, and I'd like to nurse him until he's at least two....


Sleep Problems

My baby has been waking almost every hour at night since she started formula, even when I was only giving her formula during the day and still breastfeeding at night. And she...