14 month old with nothing to say......

I am afraid that my 2 older girls are drowning out my 14 month old. She is so quiet and I have never put any real thought into it but I am wondering now just how much your 14...



Hello everyone! I had my beautiful son October 24 2007. He is now about 16 months, and hardly says a word. He jibber jabbers baby talk, and says "hi" and "num num" but that...


my baby isn't talking yet is that normal?

she has said da da and ma ma but dosent say it alot at all... she hasnt said bye bye either.... Just wondering if this is normal or not. She dosent make noises all the time like...

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Is your little on saying any clear words

Is your little on speaking any words clearly if so what words do they say. My little guy jabbers but hasn't said any words repeatedly. He said rabbit once when he was watching...



At 19 months what are some of the words should the baby be speaking?

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My little girl is 20 months and has really amazed us with her speech, she asks for things that she wants and even asks for certain tv programs to be put on, she counts up to ten...


my 15th month old doesnt talk very much

he talks a lot but not actual words i just want to know how many words most 15 month olds say he has been saying dada since he was 10 months old but just started saying mama but...


Stupid Questions??

Ok, My mom always told me there are no stupid questions....only stupid people. lol I was reading through another group's posts and came across the question, "I don't have money...

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How much talking is too little?

My son is 10 months (June 24) and says "mama", "dada", and we think sometimes "bye" but he doesn't really talk that much. He does a lot of jibber jabber but nothing that we can...

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Developing fast or slow?

Aaron just turned 6 mo. on th 10th... He has 2 bottom front teeth completely on sits up with out help, baby jabbers, chooses the sippy cup over the bottle, scoots backwards but...

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