tips for a routine for 8 week old twins?

i have my boys on a routine of eating and sleeping at the same time but im curious to know how much sleep they need during the day? they feed 3.5 to 4 hourly and generally have...

Started by Lauren on 10/08/2009 in Twins

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not taken care of step child

When i pick up my 5 yr old step-daughter from school on fridays, ill ask her about her week and what she ate today. she often tells me that she had nothing, and lately she has...

Started by Kristy on 10/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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still sleeping with me

My son is 9 months and was sleeping through the night at 5 months but then we went on vacation and since then he has been sleeping with me every night. He goes down about 6pm...


how do I get my son out off my bed?

my son has slowly got into a habit off sleeping in bed with me (I know I know tut tut I have already been bollocked for it from my health visitor) I would like to think I have...


What should i do?

Ok so sunday me and my hubby got our daughter dedicated in my grandfathers church ( who passed away 15 years ago) so it meant alot to me, well my whole family was there and my...

Started by Amy on 03/09/2010 in Moms Under 30

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7.5 month old refusing food

My 7.5 month old baby girl has just started refusing food. She had taken really well to the weaning process and was enjoying eating veg and fruit, but a week or two ago she has...

Started by Pippa on 03/16/2010 in July 2009

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sleeping through the night

hi my son is 16 months old and is still waking up 3 to 4 times a night for no reason at all, im 8 n half months pregnant and need advice on what to do to try and get him to...


dealing with school christian propaganda

Hello everyone, I'm new in this community. Maybe you have already gone through a similar subject, but I have to raise the issue again because I'm really concerned. I live in...

Started by Sophia on 07/10/2010 in Atheist Parenting

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Self Feeding tips needed please!

My son has got the feeding himself with his fingers down... But now he is very interested in using the spoon. I have those take and toss spoons (which are not really great...

Started by Michelle on 07/23/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Tick Tick goes the clock

Ok I'm pretty young at 21 I already have a beautiful daughter who is 22 months old, I have made alot of friends who are moms but they are a lil older. They are already having...

Started by Lauren on 12/27/2010 in Babies And Infants

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This is probably not a big deal to a lot of people, but to me it is and i just want to bitch, rant and rave for a moment. I find family time to be of EXTREME importance when it...


Married to a shift worker

How does being married to a shift worker impact on your family?? My Husband works over 3 shifts, day shift 6am-2pm afternoons, 1pm-9pm or nights 8.30pm - 4am Sometimes he does...