Please help with sleep and tummy problems

So, I really made a huge mistake, and did not do sleep training early. Now I am paying the price. My daughter is 9 months old, and will not sleep the whole night in her crib....

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is it me or is it him

Lately I've been feeling like I don't get enugh credit when it comes to running My house and raising My children. Now being a mother iswhat I chose and these are the things that...

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The last straw

Other stressors: I have a 1 year old boy who likes to run faster than his body is able and falls down and bumps and bruises himself frequently. He wants constant attention and...


What's your take on this?

Before I begin, I'll just say that I do believe children (and animals) can be ultra-sensitive to spirits a lot of times moreso than adults. First a little background on my...

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Which car seat to purchase?

My daughter is getting close to the weight limit for her infant seat. She is 5 months old and just over 18lbs. She still needs to be rear facing, so I need a combination or a 3...


Whale Wars - The Sea Shepards

Whale Wars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whale_Wars Whale Wars is a one-hour weekly American documentary-style reality television series that premiered on November 7, 2008...

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Accidents..at wit's end

My daughter will be 4 in November. She has toilet trained for 8 months now. Self-trained, we had little to do with it. The first week she was in panties she did have accidents...


Anyone been in a absive relationship?

Hi there, I just thought i would stop by and introduce myself. I am Shaz. I am a 25 yr old single mum to 5 yr old Nichole. We live in Adelaide SA, Australia. I have been a...

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Tantrums??? Does it EVER end??

My 3.5yr daughter, stresses me out to no end...doesnt get her way throws herself on the ground and screams/crys/stomp her feet... but yet they have never seen her do this at...

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Potty trainning

We are entering this phase too. My son has been interested in pottying for a few months now. I am not pushing the issue, he will let me know when he is really ready. However, I...


Daughter and son sharing bedroom

My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been sleeping in my 2 year old son's room. My question is my son has been a really good sleeper but now that my daughter is sleeping in the same...

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acid reflux and VERY VERY sad baby

my friend has an almost 3 month old and is currently breastfeeding exclusively and she is diagnosed with acid reflux and is currently on zantac. she seems to be very upset...

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