Sleeping on Tummy?

Hi everyone. Kora is our three month old (born Aug 21) and ever since day one she has HATED sleeping on her back. We have tried everything (swadling, white noise, a wedge)and...

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its hard to find a babysitter everyday exspecially with out a car and when the time came how do i transition her into a daycare?

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I created this circle because I see there are alot for Mom's with kids in the military and military spouses but I didn't see any for Mom's actually serving. I have been in the...


Anger issues

Hi. Was wondering if anyone else's kids have had or are having problems with anger issues with being on chemo. Our 6 year old has been going through chemo for her brain tumor...


Baby Food Help!!

my son has recently started baby food but he cries the entire time i feed him...you can tell he likes the taste because he'll eat a ton of it at one sitting and he still opens...

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separation anxiety?

My hubby and I went to a wedding and my mother-in-law took care of our baby, and she cried a lot even though it's not the first time she's spent time with her alone. She also...

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Lost A Daughter

I lost my daughter Melissa. She was beautiful and gifted. Melissa was 23 years old. God gets me through my days and nights. I miss her every second of every day.



Is anyone haveing trouble with consolidating naps? My little boy is taking 5 naps a day that last anywhere from 30-45min. Any suggestions for getting down to 2 or 3 longer...



I had an emergency c section at 34 weeks and my baby was born with a low birth weight of 1.685kg (3lb 11oz). Although she was tube fed for 7 days she had no other serious...

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Help with teething!!!!

We took my son for his 4 month appt and the doc said he is definatley teething. I am going crazy over here......he is just crying crying crying......and a light fever on and...

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m 5 mth old wont drink

my daughter was born at 35 wks 4lb 11oz. for the first 2 wks she had a NG tube but the day before discharge was on all bottle feeds. all was good until 3 days later she started...

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Help! Refusing the bottle...what to do???

At 4 weeks old, my husband started feeding my son his evening meal (breastmilk of course) and it has been wonderful. He is 8 weeks old now and the past 12 days he has been...

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My daughter is 14 will be 15 Nov. She goes to a public jr. high that joins classes with high school students. She was born with some problems like not a very long neck, some...

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How do I let go of my step daughter?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years and raising his little girl for 6 of them. Her mom left her in Tai land when she was 2 so we fought and he got full custody of...

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How much sleep does my son need?

My son goes to bed at 8 every night and sleeps great until 7-8 am, even getting himself back to sleep easily. He has already switched himself to one nap a day but getting him...

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