Dear Mothers, Every second of every minute of every single day for several years, you have been lovingly, courageously, and tediously raising, disciplining, educating, and...

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twist on illegal immigration

first of all, i'd like to say personally, i think the AZ law should be applied in all 50 states, and all illegals should be deported. i also think the president should be...


I am a mommy, but not married.

I found out i was pregnant last year around this time. David (the dad) and i weren't really together. infact, we didn't get together until christmas eve. it was a complete shock...


Interracial relationships

Yeah touchy subject with some people.I use to be a single mother.I'm white, my daughter's white, her deadbeat runaway father is white. My new boyfriend, who has been my best...


receipt for condom purchase

my 16 yr. old has been using the family vehicle for school and afterschool activities, and every once inawhile he uses it to pick up his GF to anf from her house..I was cleaning...

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my miss 16 has left home

moved in with her boyfriend and his parents for a month trial. not sure how a feel about it as they have only been going out for 2 months no idea why im posting this but think i...

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When to have "the talk"

My daughter will be 8 this year and I know that some girls start puberty not long after this age. She is very mature for her age and could handle the talk earlier than most but...


A Cry For Help

I am a single Mother of two children whom I love dearly. However, lately I have been playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda, and what if game. I met my husband when I was 20, we...