obstectric cholestasis

just wondering if anyone else suffered from this? i developed it at 34wks and omg it was awful, i hadnt even heard of it before so had no idea why in the hell i was suddenly so...

Started by Danielle on 06/07/2009 in Twins

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Sleep Position

We've been working with our 8 1/2 month old to get him to sleep through the night. We've gone through a lot of crying, but my question today is about how he falls asleep. He...


Scared of post-partum depression

I had really bad post-partum depression with my last child. It actually started about 6 weeks after he was born. I would cry over anything! Even dropping the soap in the...


due 1-1-10 and miserable!!!!

so we're due on january 1st. i've been having contractions for two weeks now, i'm dilated to 3 centimeters and 60% efaced. i am so done with being pregnant now. for me my nausea...


Breastfeeding while pregnant again?

My daughter is almost 8 months old, breastfed with some solids now, but I wish to continue breastfeeding her until she's about 2 years old, per the WHO/American Academy of...

Started by Heather on 04/07/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Daughter not crawling!

She will be eight months old soon and she is still not crawling. She can get up on her knees, but hasnt progressed any further. Any tips, and should I be worried?!


4 month immunizations

I took my baby thursday to get his 4 month shots. I have been doing research about the shots and autism. Does anyone think that its true? Have any of u split your babies shots...


New to COMs - Due 8/1/2010

Hey!! I just joined Circle of Moms a few days ago... My name is Ylana and I'm due with my first (a boy!!!), Elliott, on August 1st. I am slightly terrified...as any first time...


9 month old delayed?

My almost 9 month old crawls, smiles, babbles and plays with his toys but has no interest in saying anything other than "hi". He looks at me like I am crazy if I say 'mama' or...


Welcome & Introduce Yourself

Welcome everyone and congratulations on your pregnancy! I am excited to start this community because I am expecting my first child this November! I live in the Midwest and I'm...


Autism testing

Has anyone ever been told that there child is too developmently delayed to be tested for autism? My son is almost 4 1/2 and his pediatrician wants him tested as he is non-verbal...



The father of my son and I were dating off and on for 4 years. Our son is a year and a Half. (Aiden) From the first day i found out i was pregnant we had issues. First he...


Twins:Inducing Labour

Hi, I am finishing my 36th week with twins and in 37th week my docs are planning for inducing labour. I am nervous and scared.My Doctor convinced me that they are ther3e to...

Started by Gauri on 10/09/2010 in Twins

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Starting to wean from the bottle...

Hey girls! My daughter has recently shown a disinterest in her bottle. I talked to the Doc about it and he said you can start weaning off the bottle. Has anybody started to do...


sleeping training a newborn.

my newborn is 5days old.She can put herself to sleep during the day but at night she won't stay asleep for more than 30mins when we put her down.Any suggestions?