fighting sleep

My little girl is almost 8 months old and has fought sleep of any kind since around 4 months. She is a little busy body and likes to sit up and watch everybody and everything...

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Going to the hospital

I don't know if anyone actually uses this anymore but I have been trying to find a group for PPD and this is the only one that looks like people may still be active. I have been...



Friends of ours have been trying to concieve their second child for over 2yrs and have just found out that she can not carry a child due to her uterus i believe. I was told at...


16 year old, how do I get through this?

My precious angel decided this evening that she would like to move with her dad because she doesnt like rules. She has been with me, a single mom, her whole life and her dad has...

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I need big boy bed help please.

We just got back from a vacation where our son slept in a twin size bed instead of a crib for the entire week. He was so excited that he had done this. He was talking about his...

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To all the AMAZING DADDYS out there

Well, I started dating this guy last year. He was amazing. The kind of guy that just makes you get butterflies every time you talk to him. We met through mutual friends and hit...


Contemplating "firing" my mom

I have a strange work schedule in which I have to work everyother weekend 5 am to 5pm. My mom has been watching my 2 girls (ages 2 and 1) every weekend that I work since I...


Don't know what to do

This is long so bare with me. I have been married for 6 years and am not happy. My husband is not home much he works a lot. (Part owner with his dad) I work third shift (for...

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Sleeping Problems

My daughter (3 weeks) won't sleep unless she's being held or is laying on me or my husband. As soon as we lay her down she wakes up. Any suggestions??


hi im new to the group

i am 27 and expecting my fourth child. we just had a baby in june 2008 but lost her to SIDS at 6 weeks old and i am struggling on how to cope with being pregnant and grieving at...

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Any advice ohio moms?

My youngest child is gonna be 6 years old in August. She is the baby of 4 children and she still has a tendency to sometimes act like a baby. Most of the time she only does it...

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Colic in a newbie to my daycare.

I accepted a new infant to my childcare and had been meeting with the parents throughout their pregnancy. The morning they dropped their daughter off they mentioned she gets a...