My 3 yr old son is not talking fullly yet.

Everything else is on schedule, except his talking. My husband and I work with him daily, but he just wont say complete words. I also read to him every night. We are always...

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Dangerous dog. (What would you do?)

My grandmother loves animals. She's notorious for taking in strays. She has 5 dogs and when some stray cats came up she started feeding them. They eventually reproduced until...

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Quality time

It seems more and more parents these days let children watch large amounts of television and eat McDonald's at a young age and fairly often. I know there are still a lot of...


When will you stop the bedtime bottle?

My daughter is 13 months and I feel like I need to start considering when to ween her from the bedtime bottle. We have a nice bedtime routine: bath, brush-teeth, books, bottle...

Started by Meredith on 06/16/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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Repeat C-section VS VBAC....

I had to have an emergency C-section with my first son due to fetal distress and now I don’t know if I want to try a VBAC or just have another C-section. Has anyone had a...

Started by Niccole on 03/16/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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My first deployment

My husband and I have known each other and been friends our whole lives. We have been married for almost 6 years and have 3 wonderful children. The Army has just moved us to...

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Hi everyone I have a 18 month old son and my husband is getting ready to go on deployment for about 8 months. When my husband leaves my son will be 2. How do you let them know...


Family values

It has come to my attention lately just how little my family really seems to care. I never hear from my two brothers, and the rest of my mom's side of the family, despite them...

Started by Kelina on 11/12/2010 in Want To Vent?

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Upcoming court date...anyone experienced this?

There are several branches involved in the latest of an on-going battle, but I was hoping to get some feedback on one specific complaint my husband's ex has made. Specifically...

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what do you think? sensitive subjects

i believe what i believe and i believe that if you are gay/lesbian you have a spirit of homosexuality...no one made you that way and you dident necissarily choose to be that...

Started by Lindsey on 05/12/2010 in Christian Moms

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Black line on Belly

This is my first time and according to all the books i should have a black line by now and I dont? Does anyone in teh group and when did it appear . Same question on stretch...

Started by Keela on 01/29/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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