How do I get over my child's father?

Is there someone who can help me get over him? He has done me so wrong in the past few months such as he lied to me, had another women in our apartment and blames me for his...

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My mind and heart is crying together...

My husband and i only been married for a bit over two years now. we got married really quick like two months after dating and we only known of each other for 11 months. It was...

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Confusion about custody

So I'm the "superhero" single mom, I live with my parents while I'm going to school full time to try and get on my feet with my son, which included receiving welfare so I'm not...

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Which cloth diaper to use?

We have recently been debating on cloth or disposible diapers and have decided to give cloth diapers a try. Which brand is the best brand to go with that isn't too expensive?


Back to work

I am going back to work in a couple of weeks and I have a 3 month old little boy. I am a teacher and am only working 6 weeks until the end of the year and I am back home with...


Hi Everyone

I guess I'll start off by saying hi. My name is Ali and my daughter, Kenidee, was born on September 19th, 2008 with SB. She is L3-S1. She had her back closure surgery 24...


i don't want to goooooooooo *whiiiiine*

turns out we're going to husband's family's get-together. it's gonna be us (4 people), his mom and meemaw (2), his cousin and her husband plus their 3 kids (5), and maybe...


Moms Living With Ovarian Cancer

My name is Christina and shortly after my 36th birthday in '07, I was diagnosed with stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer. Two surgeries, that latter giving me a colostomy and a third...


People harrassing young mothers

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but in the past few months I have seen more people stop and yell at mothers than ever before. In the past month I have been yelled at my...



Take a look at this website for a min and read the article, I know it's a little outdated from December of 2005, but I did look up todays standard practices and nothing has...


Anxiety getting out of control?!?!

I have an anxiety disorder, complete with panic attacks and all. Lately I feel as though it's getting worse. I had it well under control with very few times that they would...

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