Stretch Marks

My Baby will b1 in 2 weeks and so far I am real proud to be a mom. But I just cant seem to get rid of my stretch marks....They are real unattractive and huge.Does any 1 know how...


Need to save $ on meals

In 3 months we will have 2 children and I'm thinking of ways to save $ anyway we can. I've been thinking about getting a chest freezer for the basement and using that to stock...

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when is mommy time?

How do you stay at home moms find time for yourself and for the things you love to do? Life outside of home and kids.

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I had a miscarriage at 8weeks last week. I just started bleeding from nowhere. Rushed straight to hospital only to discover I have lost baby. I had a D&C and doctor told me...


my 3 yr old son

My 3 yr old son likes to play with barbies he likes his sword car Nd toy guns but the barbie thing is killing me



Anyone ever hear of secondary lactose intolorance after having antibiotics? My baby had antibiotic last week for near infection and finished it and 2 days later he's now...


organ retention

can i forgive hospital for the horrible nightmares i have of my children not been whole, my answer is NO. about 7 years ago i got a letter saying that my sons had been stripped...


Maybe we did TOO good a job...

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Posted by You (Jan. 21, 2009 at 4:37 pm) I am the single professional mother of a 12 year old soon to be 13 only child. I am so very glad this...

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Deployments and Tantrums?

hi! My husband recently deployed IA to Iraq. He's been gone before, but our oldest, Ava, is now 3.5 and it's been awful. Granted, he's only been gone a few weeks. But she is...


Ultra Scared

So i knew that my husband always had a dream to join the air force even before we met an i was planning on going to the national guard before i got pregnant with our son but now...