nursing caries

Hello everyone, My daughter in now 11 months old. We always co-sleep and of course she is still nursing at night. I was wondering if anyone has problems with their baby's teeth....

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First time mom

I am a new mom of a two month old baby girl. I am undoubtedly blessed to have her in my life but i always feel like something wrong might happen to her. She has acid reflux and...

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what does

I turn 39 weeks tomorrow, the 31st. According to medicaid in Alabama, can't be induced till then. Went in today to get "final" sonogram so that we could give medicaid their...



I have a 4 month old that loves to be swaddled but he is getting up during the night because he gets himself unwrapped. I have been trying to put him to sleep without being...


How to get your records?

I just found out that I am pregnant and would really really like to have a vbac. I dont know if I have a left/right scar or an up/down scar on my uterus. I already am pretty...

Started by Staci on 02/28/2009 in VBAC

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a fear of dying

my son has a fear of dying and i have no idea why he is autistic we have not talked about death in any way but every so often when he goes to bed he starts to cry and talks...


older moms

My kids are now recently married and recently in college. And they keep coming back. I kinda' like that--but that makes me stay organized:-)

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11 month old feeding schedule...

My Haylie is now 11 months old. She is very independent already and is eating table food. She doesn't like/want her baby food any more at all. She gets sippy's of milk or...

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How to keep a marriage alive

What is the best way to keep my spouse and I well connected? I mean emotionally, physically and mentally. It's like we never have a conversation that dosen't involve the kids....

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How to start "dropping bottles" ?

At what point should I start dropping bottles and which one do you drop first. I know that they need the formula the first year but are you supposed to start eliminating...


How can I get my son to sleep in his own bed?

My three year old still sleeps in the bed with us and I don't get very good sleep cause he is all over the bed. Anyone have any advice on getting him in his own bed?

Started by Carmela on 12/02/2009 in Mothers Of Sons

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"Pregnancy MASK" Discoloration on face and neck.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with our 4th child. I have this "rash-like" coloration on my face and around my neck. I have had this with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. During my 3rd...

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Preeseed Advice!!!

I am TTC baby no. 2 and i was curious about preseed i have heard many success stories by women saying that after only one or two times of using it they got a BFP but i also see...

Started by Ashley on 04/15/2010 in Trying To Conceive

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Potty Training

How old should a baby start potty training? My 18 month old is very advance and I would love to see if can learn this. I already put out the potty so he can sit on it when...