Newly Single First Time Mom

I've been having a difficult time lately. My ex-boyfriend left a little over a month ago, just less than a week after our 3 year anniversary. We have a 14 month old who is my...

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hi my name is lucy i am 19 years old i fell pregnant with my son at 16 do you know what annoys the most about having my son michael at 16 is that alot of people think i didnt...


People and Their Brass

I was reading the posts on this site, and we have been dealing with a struggle of the color of skin. My husband and I have been together since Jr high. We are in our mid 30's...


Hi all, still nursing?

I am new here, so hi to all of you! Ok so I am still nursing and was wondering if there was anyone out there still nursing? I am trying to stop but am finding it hard to get my...


Milestones-A word of encouragement

I'm new to the Circle of Moms, but wanted to share some encouraging words to all of the Preemie Moms. My son was born at 33 weeks. He did very well, never needed oxygen and...

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don't know what to do anymore!!!!!

my 15 month old has been sick since Monday. he had a fever for three days but this morning it seems to have broke but from the fever he now has a rash and also a bit of diarhea....



Hi moms I need some advice on disciplining my (will be 11 month old on nov 8th) little girl...she is very advanced, she has been walking now since she was 8 months so she is...

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Child definace.

My son is 3 and a half and he has the worst mood swings.One minute he's happy next he is angry kicking and punching stuff and throwing toys around then he's crying.Its like he...

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Has any one heard of the Implanon?

I'm thinking about getting it...Some people say I'm too young, but I refuse to have anymore kids right now...Are there any pros and cons about it...In need of serious help...


First time mom, nervous about nursing.

I want to nurse, but I'm nervous about so many things. When will I know when it's time to wean, how do I go back to work if i'm nursing? Leaking in public? I don't know...

Started by Leah on 08/22/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Just need to rant..

I just really need to have a rant about this because it isnt the first time someone has said it and really pissed me off. I was having a chat with my mum on the phone the...

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