Not enough hours in the day...

Help!! I (like most women) work 40+ hrs a week, have 2 kiddos a husband who is a firefighter and holds another job. I feel like I have noooo time with my kids. I am up at the...

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play date/friendship

my baby girl Cheyenne was born january 2nd 8:20pm 7lbs 12oz 20 inches i live in baltimore & am having a hard time trying to get back in touch with people i was once close to...


Insulin Shots :(

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my son and throughout most of my pregnancy I have had to take insulin shots due to my outrageous sugar levels but for the past couple weeks when i do...



My baby boy is 10 months old and has some separation anxiety. Anytime someone in the family leaves the room or even just walks by he gets majorly pissed off. One time he even...


Hormones !!

I'm constantly in tears. Everything makes me cry, good things, bad things, the weather, a look from my son, someone laughing uncontrollably, a sad sounding song......

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HELP!!!!! My son is biting his sister

ok, so it has just gone lunch time and TWICE today i have looked up to find my 2 yr old son taking a chunk (biting so bad he draws blood)out of his 7 month old sister.....The...


Birthday Party Advice

My daughters bday is Feb 1st and my sons bday is Feb 5th. I want to throw a 1st yr party for him but I dont want her to feel like she didnt get a party too. I dont have enough...


Do you believe in diets?

How many of you used diet in your life? did it work? I'm completely against those... I believe in changing lifestyle all together to achieve your weight loss goals. What are...


Any Breastfeeding Tips?

I am just getting the hang of it. With my first son i gave up fairly quickly i did not last a week just breastfeeding but i kept breastfeeding along with formula feeding for 2...


I'm not a mom I'm a dad

I'm not a mom I'm a dad I have a girlfriend who has 2 kids I raise them like there my own my girlfriend and I have a baby boy on the way. My girlfriends mom live with us and I...


Birth Stories

I find that the best thing about giving birth is the story of the birth itself! I'm interested in learning what lead to you choosing to give birth at home and what your...

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Hey I have a baby boy who just tuned a yr and it seems now all he does is cry and throw fits for noooo reason even at night when he should be sleeping. Idk what to do, how do I...


Anyone out there?

My son hit 14 and it started, he is now 16 and a good kid but mouthy and a mind all of his own, i know nothing...Was i ever 16??LOL!

Started by Kim on 11/19/2008 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Hello Everyone! my name is Amber, and i have been happily married for 2.5 yrs! I'm 22 yrs old, and i feel old already.... Time sure passes by so fast when ur having fun :) My...


Red Envelope Day March 31st

We are going to try this again. Mail Obama a red envelope on March 31st. This will represent an aborted child. We want him to get flooded with them. See the details below....



I am trying to get Danielle into going to bed on her own. I used to have to get into bed with her but i have managed put a stop to that, but for the past 2 months i have been...