labor 2nd vs 1st

how did you know you were going into labor with your first and was it similar the second time? I had cramps day and night the entire week before my water broke with my first but...


stuck in the middle

Sorry if this is a little long! My husband's Grandmother raised him so in his eyes she's his mother. Although his mom didn't raise him she was always in his life but more like...

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Lonely mommy :-(

Hi! As u May know, I'm new to circle of moms. I joined hoping I could find other first time moms in my area (lindenhurst, ny & surrounding areas) to relate to and possibly build...

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Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu is a strain of the common flu. The virus that causes the common flu in people and a virus that came form birds got to pigs and transformed in the pig. It can be...

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Need help with solids

Hi all, I have a son who is just turning 1. I have given him various solids for the last few months. Lately, he is not eating well at all. He refuses almost everything. He...


not eating....

my son is 7months and 2weeks and he's not taking any solids, he's just refusing it, all my efforts are just going to waste, i'm not sure what to do, so for now he's solely...


What position do you breastfeed in?

I had trouble breastfeeding when Luke was first born because my milk wasn't in yet. Byt the third day I was so engorged because I never really learned how to breastfeed because...



My son is going through the "Mummy can't leave my sight or i'll scream" stage, any idea's on how to focus his attention elsewhere so i can actually do housework properly and not...

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He wont stop crying!! HELP!!

Hello ladies, this is my first time writing in here, I've been wanting to do it for a while already, my sweet almost 8 months old baby boy is been having a hard time ( and me...

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EBF 3 month old never sleeps!!! Any advice?

My 3 month old has been waking every 45 minutes in the night for a feed for the past 2.5 months. He also only sleeps for 15-30 mins 3 times a day! Our doctor recommended trying...



I was pretty lucky in that my family and friends didn't make me feel bad for going to formula. Believe it or not, my son weaned himself at seven and a half months, wouldn't...


Advice please mummies :(

Heya Mummies, I really just need some advice because this really could be the end of my relationship with my boyfriend of 4 years. Basically my boyfriend just doesn't show he...

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