To medicate or not to medicate?

My daughter is 7, going into the 2nd grade & has just been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. She has been seeing a sand/play therapist for over a year now. She takes mulivitamins &...




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Struggling and praying for faith

In Nov 2010 my MIL moved in with us. She is an Evangelical Christian, who does not support my and (at the time) my husbands choice to follow the Judaism. I say at the time for...

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Has anyone gone through this before?

My daughter's biological father has always denied her, from even before she was born. She's 12 months now and after the court came back saying that he is the father, it has...

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stubborn/bullheaded know it all 16 yr old ...

i have a 16 yr old son - he is adament he cant find a job ANYWHERE because he is too young! he refuses to go to fast food, even if only for a bit,and apply. he says he is going...

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Do you trust God with your children?

God said train up a child in the way that he should go and he will not depart from it. And other words, if you trust The Lord with your children, and you believe His word then...

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The Media

Does everyone else love how the media keeps covering the whole Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless dresses and it's so great President Obama is going to basketball games drinking...