Advice on Coming out

Im a married mom of 2.I came to terms with being bi right around the time I met my husband.He actually helped me to be realize that I was bisexual and not just a freak.I've...

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To homeschool or not..

I've gone back and forth on whether to homeschool my four year old. She loves school (headstart for now)- she loves the structure and social interactions. We moved to my small...


Cry It Out! The evidence!

I keep saying this in different threads so here it is and I'm not writing it again because I'll get repetitive strain lol! Here is some of the evidence on CRY IT OUT. 1. It...

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I need advice!!!!

I have been married to my husband for almost 6 yrs now in dec but we are having problems and I do not know what to do. I feel like I do not know him anymore like I used to and...


Bio mom manipulating children...

I am a step mom to a 12yr old boy an 10yr old girl, that we got custody of last December due to their mother being unfit and an alcoholic among a whole list of other reasons....

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Why Mississippi's 'Personhood' Law Could Outlaw Birth Control On Tuesday (Nov. 8), Mississippi voters will decide whether fertilized eggs qualify as "persons" under the law...

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Single Mom dating a single Dad-Help!!

I'm a young mother to an amazing little girl, turning 4 next month. I've been dating a young father with a sweet 2 year old little girl. We have been dating for over 4 months....

Started by Leigh on 03/13/2013 in Single Moms

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Going Through Divorce

I am 34 and married my high school sweetheart. We were married almost 15 years. I waited for a long time for my husband to change (stop drinking Jack Daniels nightly, stop being...


Just need some support ....

I have 3 very wonderfull children who I had to put into care due to a drug addiction...Now I am drug free and am scared to take them back ..Will I succeed? Will I fail and...


Impulsive Behaviour and stubborness!

My Four and a half yr. old boy is creating too many tensions for us. Time outs, no-talking, etc are not working. Misbehaviour at school too. School too is being over-reactive,...

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Baby daddy issues?

I have a 9month old and 9 months ago i decided to keep his father out of the picture. My son has my last name and he has never seen his father or heard of him. I don't now how...

Started by Catherine on 07/11/2011 in Single Moms

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"Thought for the week" 2-28-09

Getting married... ...doesn't instantly make you selfless...it makes you realize how very selfish you can be at times. ...doesn't make you feel loved...it makes you...

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I want to raise my child alone

Okay this is a little confusing. I am a single mother to a 20 month old. There is no dad listed on the birth certificate. I know who her father is of coarse but I like the fact...


Maya's story...

I would like to share my daughter, Maya's, story with you all. I hope it will inspire you to share your stories! My daughter, Maya, is 9 years old and ever since we can...


Starting Solids

My (nearly) 6 month old is huge for his age, 20lbs! Our doctor advised us to start him on solids early. He started single grain cereals at 4 months and fruits & veggies at 5...