Is this too much?

Hello everyone, my question is if this is too much makeup for a 15 year old because mine is asking for this much. She has suddenly asked to wear lip gloss, eyeshadow, lipstick,...

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Mothers of Girls

How old must your daughter be before she is allowed to do the following: Shave her legs? Wear makeup? Get her ears pierced? Use tampons? Have the sex talk? Date? Use...

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Yummy Mummies?

Are you a yummy mummy? Do you feel there is a certain "look" for moms to adhere to? Do you think that once you are a mommy you should no longer look too yummy? Personally I...

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The Jersey stereotype

There has been a run of shows about people from Jersey lately...Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture, etc...my questions is: do people outside of NJ REALLY think we are...

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Make up and boys

My little lad is 7 and had high functioning autism and he is going through a phase of wanting to wear make up even though I tell him boys don't wear it, he just says he likes it...


painting baby's toenails

So, I saw this thread on the main page where a mom was asking when people thought it was "appropriate" to paint her daughter's toenails. I wrote that I did my baby's at around 2...


Adicted to make up?

I read this article on Yahoo, I couldn't believe the statistics on women and make up! I only wear make up once in a blue moon. For a nice party or pictures etc. My husband...

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Egos and Motherhood

So, last night I was talking to my husband about a blog I was writing about the mommy martyr competition, and how I didn't get why some mothers think they had to give up their...

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Need some advice

My ex planned my daughters party on the 25th and her birthday is the 20th. I had to quickly and I mean quickly make arrangements for the 17th. Only one person can come so...

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So I was channel surfing

and I get to the Tyra show, which featured women bleaching their skin. Not only was the woman I saw bleaching her own skin, but she was also using prescription skin lightening...


Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover??................

Do you ever judge a book by its cover,by that I mean are first impressions important to you?When doing the shopping,going about your daily life do you take notice of strangers...

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What do SAHMs wear all day?

On days when you stay home all day (which is most days for me), what clothes do you wear? My dress style has declined over the years. When I first started staying home, I...

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Hiding who you are, denying who you are....

http://www.totalbeauty.com/editors_blogs/an-albino-girls-controversial-yet-lifechanging-makeover?lc=outbrain1000&utm_source=Outbrain&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=OutbrainDist I...

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What I might need for the hospital

I'm due to have a scheduled c section in June. I've started to pack our bags and I was wondering what we might need for the hospital stay for both of us? I'm asking so as not to...

Started by Tami on 03/21/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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