sleeping on stomach

I kno they say its best to sleep on back for infants bc of sids but my.son doesnt sleep on his back. He naps only 30 min at most on his bk. Ussualky he sleeps in the swing. When...

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My 4 month old son chest is congested,i hear it in his nose and hear/feel it on his chest and back.it wont go away,help fb.


What do I do?? Screaming baby!!!

For the last week my son has been crying and screaming, and it is starting to drive me crazy! He just turned 4 months on the 10th. He screams really for no reason, I thought...



Last night my husband was in my daughter bedroom to lay her to sleep. My husband calls me in a soft voice to come over. I go over to my daughters room to find her climbing over...


Must-have's for twins in first two weeks?

Hi! I am an expecting city twin-mom (small apartment). What are the must have's for the first two weeks? I don't have much space, so I need to be space efficient with the...

Started by Ayman on 11/05/2011 in Twins

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Pull ups on a 6 year old!

My 6 year old still wets the bed unless he wears pull-ups! He says he can' feel himself going to the loo and wakes up wet EVERY day! I'm not sure if he is telling the truth or...


Help! My 8 year old still wets the bed!

I need some help with my 8 year old son who wets the bed every night. He wears Pull-ups to bed and on occasions even leaks through those onto his sheets. I have talked to his...

Started by Susannah on 06/08/2012 in School-Age Kids

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Sleeping in the crib!

My daughter is 8.5 months and she is still sleeping in the playpen in my room. It is mostly my paranoia, why she isn't in her crib in her room. I think I am mostly scared I...


reflux questions

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me. i swear my 5 week old has reflux, she has a good amount of the symptoms, and i know she is uncomfortable. When i brought it up...


When should babies sleep in their own room?

My daughter is 7 weeks old and has been sleeping in our bedroom. She makes all kinds of loud grunting noises in her sleep and keeps us awake most of the night. Our doctor said...

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