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maybe another child, maybe not?

Well Lachlan is 21 months . He is very full on as are most toddlers but we are thinking of adding to the family only problem is we are dairy farmers so hubby not around that...


I might as well pitch a tent in front of my girls Pedi

This post is more just a rant/vent. These past few weeks have been tough. Four weeks ago one of my twin girls slammed her toe on the door jam and her toe nail completely came...

Started by Khadijah on 06/23/2011 in Twins

Last update on 06/26/2011 by Khadijah


I should have asked here first

Ok you guys have one hour. I have ass long hair. Neck length bangs. and its stick straight. I look like a hippie 98% of the time. Nothing wrong with hippies, I just don't...

Started by Sharon on 02/28/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 03/01/2011 by Sharon


What is your 9 month old's daily diet?

give me like a sample menu of what you feed your 9 month old starting with breakfast and going thru to dinner or bedtime bottle. i need some new snack and food ideas =/

Started by Ashley on 04/22/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 03/31/2014 by Nsy


What is your stats on your child

Keyera will be 9 months old tomorrow. She was at the dr last week and she weigh in 13lbs and 6 oz. She is also only 23 inches long. Her stats at birth is 6lbs and 12 oz and...

Started by Arlena on 05/06/2009 in August 2008 Babies

Last update on 06/28/2009 by Gemma


God? Or something else? Maybe Nothing?

So, I've seen a lot of threads asking about coming out to family and friends about....not believing in God. So. if you aren't a Christian, then what is your belief system? Maybe...

Started by Mother on 02/28/2012 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 03/10/2012 by Jenny


Behind closed doors...or maybe not!

Ok Joy, you opened the flood gates. I have been wanting to do this one for a while, now you gave me the balls to ask...... Who is gonna kiss and tell???? I wanna know where...

Started by ~♥Little Miss on 12/20/2010 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 04/24/2012 by Sarah


TTC #2 maybe?!?!

My fiance and I have been talking about TTC baby #2....I am under my father's insurance and it is really good insurance(we dont have to pay hardly anything)! we are "set" to get...


twins and 1, maybe more? need advice!

My husband and I are battling a dilemma and can't agree on anything. We have 15 month old twins and I am due with #3 in August. We didn't intend to have a baby so soon after the...

Started by Ciera on 05/03/2010 in Twins

Last update on 11/30/2012 by Charity

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