Boys Going Pee

Ha so my son has made up his own way to go pee. I don't let him stand to pee yet since i think it would just be to hard in public areas so he sits when i'm in the room. At home...


No Teeth at 12 months

My son will be 1 yr in 2 weeks, still no sign of teething. I have read that some babies teeth later than others, which is fine. But what is the nice way to say to people when...


Vivid dreams of the birth and baby

So two nights ago I had a very clear dream about giving birth, and the weird thing is I dreamed it was a boy! And the dream went on for a while as I cared for the baby and it...

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Need mom feedback

No review is better than first hand accounts from other moms. Our new little one is due June 12. My first is already 7 and a lot has changed since he was a baby. I need...


God can use ANYONE

GOD CAN USE ANYONE!!!! The next time you feel like God can't use YOU, just remember... Noah was a drunk Abraham was too old Isaac was a daydreamer Jacob was a liar Leah...

Started by Alexandra on 02/27/2011 in Christian Moms

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Swaddling/Night Sleeping Question

Hi Ladies, My baby boy is almost 4 months old (in early March). We have been swaddling him in one of those "SwaddleMe" sleep sacks for almost a month now since he outgrew the...

Started by Jessica on 02/28/2011 in Babies And Infants

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Umbilical Hernia

My baby girl is now 5 weeks old and her umbilical cord looks swollen. Took her to the doctor and he said we should monitor and if it doesn't go back in by 2 yrs then she can...

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Hi Just wondering if anyone here has had their tubes tied. I'm 25 and have asked my docor but he told me he wont do it til I'm 40. WTH?? Has anyone had it done and if so how...


Possible transfer to Hawaii

Hi,My hubby is current up for orders and we are looking into Hawaii. At the time we would transfer I would have a 4 yr old son, and a 1 yr old son. I am just wondering if...


Do you throw Toddler Parties?

From Cafemom Yesterday we had a little party for my toddler. It was just a few people, a brunch, some Elmo ... you know, a typical 2-year-old birthday party. Even though we...

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Hi! Can anyone please give me some advice on activities for my 3 year old son that will keep him interested and busy? (I also have a 3 month old!)


Toddler still using a swing?

My little guy, at 20 months old, still LOVES his swing! We always had it set up in his room and found it useful for calming him down and getting him to nap when he was a baby....

Started by Charis on 03/24/2011 in July 2009

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Continue to my *huge* baby

Earlier I posted a thread entitled my *huge* baby, and since he has grown even more and now I can barely lift my arm. I think there is muscle damage in my shoulder. It has now...

Started by Jessica on 03/28/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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New here

Hi, I signed up here a while back. My oldest son has been undergoing evaluations and testing for ASD for just over a year now. It has been complicated by divorce, and a custody...


8 year old help

We have an 8 year old. She steals, lies and bullys to no end. We have honestly tried everything we can think of. Talking, sentances, timeout, grounding, no tv, spanking, apology...


Feeling alone!

I have a daughter who is 7 years old with dd. She is in a 1st grade inclusion class at a public school. Let me tell you a little bit of our story. After we came back home from...