Advice for mom with 8 month twins

Having twins is so hard! I love them soooo much and find so much joy in them but my life seems to be passing my by. I'm 41 and was on bed rest for half my pregnancy so I feel...

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jealous in-laws

Mine are.Our baby girl was wearing a cute pijama and my husband told my MIL it was a gift from my mom. Next time we visited, she had bought two pijamas. She saw a bed time...



Hi all I just joined here...and am new to CD as well. I have 2 mo old twins, tomorrow, a boy and a girl, and am sloooowly building their stash. I only have 4 OS dipes right yet,...


Comfort and reflux

My 6 month old girl wakes up a lot at night also but she doesn't really want to eat. I am breastfeeding and she will not take a pacifier. Inturn she uses me as her pacifier....

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Community of Likeminded Mothers

I'm very happy to find a community of like minded mothers as I live in a wonderful neighbourhood where 3 kids is the norm and i get tired of feeling like the only one who has...


Over Eater....

My daughter is 15 months old. She likes to eat with her hands. She also likes to stuff her face. I tell her to slow down and hold her hands back until she gets finished chewing...


Anyone been in a absive relationship?

Hi there, I just thought i would stop by and introduce myself. I am Shaz. I am a 25 yr old single mum to 5 yr old Nichole. We live in Adelaide SA, Australia. I have been a...

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Will I ever Date again?

Being a single mom doesn't leave much time for myself, never mind time to meet someone. Sometimes I feel like I'll be alone forever, and I really want to have another baby. It...


Loss of a teenage child

Hello everyone. My name is Lynn and I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has lost a teenage child. My ol;dest son Stephen passed away 3/5/07at the age of 19....

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I'm Alone

It's hard but I make sure my baby has everything she needs and wants regardless if it's gonna take that last penny out my purse. I will always do for my child even when nobody...


Yay for us!!

A hats off to all you Moms who not only work to help pay the bills, but run your household and take your kids to ballet or hockey.....remember to find some time to fulfill your...

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Need a job

I was a project coordinator for a construction company and my project came to an end and due to the economy I have not been able to find employment. Do any one know of any one...

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Single mom of 4!!

I am a single mom of 4... three of which are under the age of 4!! LOL!! Does anyone have advice for me to keep my kids active and out of my hair, so that I can get my house...

Started by Meagan on 11/25/2008 in Single Moms

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Feeding issues..

My son John is feed by a mickey button. We have got the okay to start feeding him by mouth but it's been such a tough road.. He has such an adversion to food!! If anyone has...



Freshmans can go either way. It is the first time they have freedom away from home. Some of them will party, drink, try drugs, etc. and others will be dedicated to their...