five year old BABY!

i am going crazy i have three boy 3,4,and5 years old the oldest one is driving me insane when they do something wrong like hit they have to stand on the wall well the other two...

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Embrace your baby, body and new life!!!

We have these gorgeous children who depend on us so greatly, yet there are so many of us who feel as though we dont meet the standards of what sexy etc. is any more. I sometimes...



how bad does it really get? my son(15months) for the past couple of days has had a swollen mouth fever and what seems like everything that goes with teething.. is this normal?...

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National Hispanic Market Launch

Join us for the Rodan + Fields National Hispanic Market Launch Saturday August 15 in Rosemont, IL. Special guest Dr. Aliza Lifshitz will be joined by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields,...

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Pigeon Toed

My Granson (16 months) walks and runs really well. but is quite pigeon toed. Anyone think this is a concern we should have looked at.


Heavy bleeding

Did anyone else have a super heavy period after having their baby (not the post delivery period, but an actual period). This is my first period since giving birth 10 weeks ago...

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Community Nursing

Just wondering if anyone has ever worked out in the community as a nurse doing home visits? I am about to start a brand new full time community nurse job working with VON...


Table Food Ideas

Hey all! My doctor gave me the ok to start my son on all table food. He is my first child, so I am in need of easy ideas. He hates his veggies...any ideas on how I can...


Hair washing in the tub

My 13 month old daughter has just recently started freaking out when I am trying to wash her hair. she never had a problem with it before. Anyone else hving this problem, or any...

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Safe drinking water?

Does anyone have experience with checking what is really in your water? We just moved, and now we are on well water, and I want to know what is really in my water and if I need...


What's a fair amount for paying a babysitter?

So I'm due any day now and I'm trying to figure out what is a good/fair (for both sides) amount to pay a sitter for a newborn. I'll be at school for 3 different days: 2 five...

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Hi! New here.

Hi Everybody! I am new here and just wanted to say HI and introduce myself. I am 50 (Holy Crud - when did that happen!), divorced 5 years. I have a 13 year old daughter...

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Filling out the baby book...

So, Lucas, my 4 month old, has been hitting more milestones...but when is the actual time to write in the baby books. For example...he has two new teeth coming in. At what point...

Started by Elizabeth on 08/17/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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I'm unsure now on how to feed Aiden. He loves regular food and the doctor has told me to give him crunchy things like cheerios and cooked carrot pieces. He's only got two teeth...