How do I choose a daycare??

I have been very sicke since I gave birth. My fiance was on paternal leave for the first 9 months, and also had to deal with being in and out of the hospitals. Now I am working...

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Cucumbers can save cash...

Never thought that CUCUMBER can do so much! The Amazing Cucumber This information was in The New York Times several weeks ago as part of their "Spotlight on the Home" series...

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before first baby I was 125 now after 3rd. I am 220....what is a good way to get it off and keep it off.I am also 37 now,so it's becoming harder to loose....


Feeding issues?

Does anyone else have this problem?? I know there are picky eaters but in time it passes....however my 3 and a half year old daughter won't even look at anything unless it's...


healthy options only

By only offering healthy options my toddler has no opportunity to eat junk food. If he refuses the healthy option, no alternative is offered. He will often eat the healthy...


Baby Food

I buy what is in season at a local farm market, bake it, then throw it in the food processor. then, freeze the 'pumpkin' (for instance) in ice cube trays. wait till frozen...

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Can any one help, I need lots of slimming recipies to stop me eating the wrong food. Some just pasta and potatos and others all meat and veg.


No vegetables Please!!

My three year old son will not eat any vegetable that is green. No green beans, peas, peppers, brocolli, nothing... does anyone have any good ideas what I can do that will get...


savings tip..

list down all the things that you'll need to buy in the market or grocery to avoid buying unnecessary things that is out of the budget....

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My name is Yvonne and I have 1 daugther of 14 nearly 15, and my child is the diffuculd age and need to talk to moms with same problelm. Thank you for the invitation.

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less feeding 7 month old

Should I be worried that my 7 month old baby son feeds a lot less often now? I feel like i'm trying to force him to breast feed, he rarely shows any interest anymore. He doesn't...

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help with weaning breastfed baby

my daughter is almost a yr old and i am thinking about weaning her at a yr but what are some good ways to do that? i fully breastfeed her and she eats a little solids with the...

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feeding schedule

Hey Girls.. I need help. My son is almost 6 months and he just gets rice cereal a few times a day. I have no idea how much i should be giving him, and what foods to introduce...

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My baby doesn't chew his food!

Hi, I have been trying to move from pureed food to slightly more chunky food- like half mashed rice. But Declan just doesn't try to chew. He swallows everything!! Any ideas on...


Booster seats

I was wondering if anyone besides me is haveing a problem with not wanting to move thier child up to a booster. She is 3 1/2 and here weight is about 38lbs. She fits the weight...

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