Hi there- I am new to this board

MY baby (Kiera) was born June 20. I have recently started her on Homo Milk throughout the day. She seems to be doing well but I wonder if I should be giving her more baby foods...

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tips for saving money on date night

We have two kids and one on the way, so date nights are few and far between. Most of our extra cash is spent on the kiddos. I have a found a few ways to save us some money, like...

Started by Tabitha on 05/25/2010 in Money Saving Tips

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Daycare advice

Hi, I am a first time mom with a 21m boy and am super apprehensive about finding a good daycare/preschool for him. The only friends with kids that I know have their little ones...

Started by Reshma on 07/23/2010 in October 2008 Babies

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Encouragement for a Gimp?

I have two beautiful children, Avalon and Raven (girl and boy), ages 20 months and 4 months, close, I know. I was just beginning to feel like I had things *sort of* under...

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breastfeeding and weight loss.

So I have breastfed two boys and am now breastfeeding a little girl:) With the first two, my baby weight seemed to come of somewhat easily,and I attributed this to my dutiful...


work and potty training

I have just started a new job and work every other day.My three and half year son is still not pottied train and I have tried everything. I have bought dvds, books, toys, and...


Potty training HELP

My 2 1/2 yr boy, tried the potty training and it was good for a few weeks; we used praise, stickers, prizes all when he went. But now he has stopped and it is hard to get him...

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Twins not sleeping

I have 20 month old twin girls, when they were first born up until about the age of 1 they slept pretty well, we'd have those rough nights every now and then but for the most...

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My two year old won't go to bed

Hi guys I need some help!!! My daughter is nearly 2 and up until 3 weeks ago at 6.55pm she would be banging on the door at the bottom of the stairs with her juice and dummy...