20 month old son still not talking?

My 20 month old son isn't talking. He babbles constantly and makes really loud squealing noises. He sort of says 'car' and 'hug'. When he was 16 months old he was hospitalized...

Started by Julie on 06/27/2012 in Toddlers

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My 2-yr-old refuses to eat

My son was very chubby till he was 12- 17 months but now since he is 2 he refuses to eat. I try feeding him different things he only wants milk therefore he has lost lot of...

Started by Mili on 03/06/2013 in Toddler Moms

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EXTREME tantrums?

My son is 2 1/2 and his tantrums have always been horrible! From age 1 till 2 they were all day long. Now, he has gotten better, but he still has horrible tantrums. And when...


Please and Thank you. Can I? May I?

So my step son has no manners. For some reason I guess I never picked up on it. Since he never really talked to me he always went to his dad. Well this weekend he started...

Started by Jamie on 05/27/2009 in Step Moms

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How do I get Hubby to help?

We had our first baby in May and I feel like I'm doing EVERYTHING! I do all the baby care plus all the household chores, the only thing he does routinely is grocery shop. The...


Almost 2 Year Sleeping and Routine Help!!

Before I even begin to post I will admit all of this is mine and my husband's fault. We should have started a routine ALONG time ago but just never did and now it is time! My...

Started by Leah on 02/22/2013 in Toddler Moms

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Free activities

We love free activities and here are links to two sites that we often take advantage of, both are for woodworking projects but they get the kids out of the house for a while and...


Never at home

I have been a "stay at home" mom since June of 2007, but I am never at home. I have picked up part time jobs and thats not bad but the other problem is my family. I am blessed...

Started by Laura on 01/18/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Eating hasbbits!

My sons 4. He won't eat out unless eah different food aren't touching. When it comes to sauces it can be difficult as the sauce runs onto other food he becomes very upset and...



Hello, I have a 7 month old who for the last week has stopped eatting solids i tried lots of different compinations to get him to eat he takes one bite and then stops...i...


Slow Cooker Jambalaya

This is a recipe that I got from www.allrecipes.com - great web site - great recipes! Here is a quick and easy prepare ahead meal and "forget it"! INGREDIENTS (Nutrition) 1...

Started by Danielle on 03/09/2009 in Recipe Swap

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Constipation Suggestions?

My daughter is 18 months next week. Even since birth she has never been a "regular" pooper -- no schedule what-so-ever. She has had trouble with constipation periodically...


food compulsion

my daughter i only 2 but i am really worried about the issues of her having the food compulsion. i was wondering if any one else has this issue.. and if so if you would mind...


feeding a 16 month old

my son is 16 months old, he is a very picky eater, i find it hard sumtimes to know wat to cook for him as most of the time he will not eat it!



it is an arabic dish b/c my husband is palestinian and it is amazing!! you take a chuck roast 2 lbs. 2 large containers of Plain Yogurt Allspice black pepper Salt Whole...

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