Food Portions

Our daughter will be 15 months on April 2nd and I was wondering about food portions. What is your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner and at what portion do you serve it?


Picky eaters!!

My first son would eat anything but my youngest is sooo picky. First off he will not eat anything if he can't feed it to himself, and second I am having a hard time finding him...

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my baby will not take a sippy or bottle

I have a 9 month old who his breastfed as I was going to stop at 6 months like I did with my daughter....however he had a different plan and will not take a bottle from anyone...


What will help me lose weight fast??

I'm getting married in 14 months and I wanna lose 40 pounds before then. I can't breastfeed and I'm having a VERY VERY hard time losing weight on my own. My Fiance works and I'm...


Playing pretend?

My 15 month old daughter will walk around and feed people pretend snacks out of an empty bowl. I know playing pretend is normal, but it seems like its really early for her to...



Hi other mum's beside's me having a low budget so I can not always afford fruit. my son is 13 months and has 8 teeth four bottom and top front teeth giving fruit for snacks...


Post your Birth Stories!!

I wanna her about your labor and birth stories. I was obsessed with a baby story while iw as prego.lol. so post 'em i wanna hear about them or link me to your blogs or what not....


Up in arms

My son is 4 years old and I am a single mom living with my mom and I am having problems getting him to listen and at suppertime I have to sit there and tell him over and over...

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11 month old feeding schedules

So I was just curious to hear what other moms with 11 month old twins are eating. Hear is my schedule for my boys breakfast 7am- Stage 2 fruit or a baby yogurt with 7oz...

Started by Trinity on 01/17/2010 in Twins

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2 year old potty training.

Jonas is ready to be potty trained. He's dry when he wakes up, he tells me when he has to "pee pee" and "shoey". But i'm not ready. I don't know how! I've had one bit of...