Feeding schedule for a 9month old

My daughter is almost 9 months old. I've been lazy and haven't changed her feeding schedule at all really since she was 4-5months old. She can go longer in between...

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Stop the insanity!!

Here is the ridiculous thing about gaining weight: We were home for the holiday period, and I thought I would be able to relax, take time to plan healthy meals, eat...


Layered Mexican Chicken

This is my fave right now. :) Layered Mexican Chicken POINTS® value | 6 Servings | 12 Preparation Time | 20 min Cooking Time | 45 min Level of Difficulty |...


new to the group

Hi my name is Valerie. My 10 yr old son was dx on 1-19-09 with type 1 and DKA. We went to the dr and local hospital and then he was lifeflighted to childrens hospital. He spent...


Homemade Baby Food

I'm currently expecting my first, so I'm not in a rush to go buy baby food, but I was just wondering if any of you moms had any ideas, suggestions, or warnings about making your...


Sippy Cup Suffering

For anybody that has had success with getting their child to use sippy cups, what did you do? Specifically, I'd like to hear from people who's child hates sippy cups with the...

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Sleepy head...

My son (who is 15 months) sleeps until 10am to 12pm if I don't go in his room and wake him up. Then he gets up, eats, plays, etc and takes a nap starting at 2-4pm and wakes up...

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Biggest Battle?

What is your biggest battle with your children? I have two. One is homework, two picking up his dishes. What are yours if you have any? Thank you in advance.


Please help me :(

Hi all I am 28 weeks pregnant and since 5 weeks I have sufferd from bad morning sickness my midwife told me this should go at 12-14 weeks but no.. 28 weeks and I can't keep a...

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First Airplane Ride

Just wondering if anyone has tried recently to take their 15-month-old on a 3-4 hour plane ride and how it worked for them. Any tips or tricks for me. Not sure how it is going...

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How many bottles?

Just wondering how many bottles your 6 month old is eating and how often? I have twin boys who think they should have a bottle all the time. They like baby food also but they...

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Help w/Baby solids??

Hi just looking for some suggestions. My daughter was born 10/26/09 and is drinking 5-6 6oz bottles a day. She has already eaten various cereals and foods. But I need a good...


Feeling Overwhelmed

I have 2 teenage ss that are activly addicted to drugs and alcohol. We have sent both of them to treatment, and now they are quickly returning to where they were before they...

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Long road trip with 9mo-help!

Hi everyone, We are going on a holiday at easter, unfortunately to get there is about a 16hour drive away. Our son will be 9mo, anyone have any tips for me?


any suggestions?

My daughter turned 2 in september, she's amazing, but I she has the energy or 4 toddlers, she can't sit, I have tried different approaches, but I can't get her attention long...