how to

hi..i really want to start to learn how to digiscrap but the problem is, i do not know where to start.i have been asking my friends to show me the basics but they're all...

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Anxiety in children

Hi im Michelle and my 9 year old daughter has anxiety disorder. When my daughter was diagnosed i felt so alone and i don't want anyone to feel like i did. I have been dealing...



i have a 10 yr old (close enough - 2 more weeks) who has a major attitude problem.can't respond to anything in a normal tone - stomps her feet or grunts if you tell her to do...


The Snip-One Kid Only?

I had my first baby a year ago. It was a surprise as I have suffered from terrible endometriosis since my teens and my docs said I would never get pregnant naturally. My fiance...

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I have an 18month old who was always a great sleeper up until 2-3 weeks ago. We always rocked him to sleep the first year or so. The last couple of months we still keep our...


my little angel

I am silent. i carry so much pain. i cannot speak. i have two younger boys 10 and 12. it was their father. the 12 year old saw everything and the 10 year old woke up to my...

Started by Maggie on 08/19/2012 in Christian Moms

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Homework vs Housework

I have a 13 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. My son loves to help me with housework but hates to do homework. He will wash the dishes, take out garbage and even does...


raising a teenager

my son is 13 this sat and its like the older he get my trials and tribulations kick in and its hard , yes his dad help out when he in boston but he live out of state so im doing...

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Newly Joined.

Hello everyone. This is new to me. My name is Susan. I am married, live in South Dakota and have four children. It is exciting to get to meet other moms with the same...

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Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth, and I have 7 chldren ages 11.9,8,5,3,1,6 mos. I also stay at home and homeschool. I enjoy meeting other moms...