spoiling baby

how do we know when we are spoiling a baby or what not to do to not spoil them?

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How much input do the grandparents have?..........

So how often,if ever,do the grandparents( or should the grandparents)babysit?? Should they be paid for their childminding services?? Do you allow input in your family/kids...

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Weaning - Baby won't take the bottle

My friend is trying to wean her now almost 13 month old. She has to travel for work and her milk production is down to about 10 oz a day. However, her son has decided he will...

Started by Esther on 05/04/2009 in Toddler Moms

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What's YOUR worth as a SAHM?

I have heard many numbers thrown around about the financial worth of a Stay At Home Mom, everything from $30,000 to $160,000 and even $500,000, but these are often times...

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how do i get my daughter to go to the toilet

my daughter is 23 months old im trying to toilet train her but she just doesnt want to go on her potty...the first day she did a wee and then 20 mins later she did a number...

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Tell us about yourself?

What part of Maricopa County do you live in? How many children do you have (including expecting ones and pets if any?) What are you looking for from this group? Any other...


my breastfed two month old won't take a bottle

HI everyone!!!!! I'm new to circle moms. I'm a mommy of two 3 year old girl and my lil boy two months. I joined COM'S to meet with other moms that may have had or have the same...

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Kind of new to CF

Hi, My name is Desirée. I have a 1 yr old little girl named Lillian Jade. Lilly was diagnosed with CF when she was 1 month it came back in the pre-natal screening & i have been...


Lost my pregnancy!!!

It is very hard to deal with this.. I know i have 2 wonderful beautiful boys right now.. But loosing my pregnancy is very hard i was 2 months along. I am trying to not let it...

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Building my repetoire

So, I LOVE to cook- and haver built a pretty fabulous base of recipes, but I am still looking for: 1) Very delicious biscuits 2) Delicious spaghetti sauce 3) Killer guacamole 4)...



How close to my due date should i stop attending school, I don't want to go into labor there!!! By the way I'm sixteen.