So a couple days ago, I went to get some pictures off my husbands phone. Found a picture of a topless girl. A "friend." He claimed he didn't ask for it. Said she sent it because...


is it ever going to get easyer...

My name is Candace, I had my son in June of 2009. I gave him up for adoption because i was only 16 and had no where to live and my family didnt want anything to do with me. Its...

Started by Candace on 01/12/2010 in I Am A Birth Mom

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Please Help if you can

My situation in a short explanation: Was with My babies father for 6 years in a very bad domestic violence situation (Him hitting, abusing and threatening me) i fell pregnant we...


Need tips for upcoming airplane ride

Do any of you moms have tips for traveling on a plane (by myself) with a 2 yr old? I bought him a backpack but what/how should I pack, carry the car seat, suitcases, carryons,...


Did you have siblings tested?

Just curious if anyone had siblings tested once one child was positive. I'm debating having my 2 year old tested. His pediatrician was like if he's not showing symptoms, why do...



Hi I'm new to the group and just wanted to stop by and say hello. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 years old, so over 10 years now. It's nice to find other mothers who...


Baby mama and In law drama!!!!!! HELP

Ok this is gonna be a long one but I need to get it off my chest and get some outsiders point of view! Well to start off I'm only 21 and my husband is 19. We have been...

Started by Megan on 04/27/2009 in Step Moms

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My daughter, a seven year old who was diagnosed with ODD when she was five, has been in respite care since August '09. At the age of 4, she tried to kill her then 1 y/o brother...


coping without dad

i am a single mom of a 4 year old girl and a 12 year old boy my ons dad passed away 2 years ago and i left my daughters dad because we were having relationship problems i...

Started by Christine on 01/08/2009 in Single Moms

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does it get easier?

My beautiful son is about 15 mths old and me and his father are no longer together. I know i shoudl start dating and getting out there... but it just seems so hard! any advice...


New to group

Hi, I've been on fb for a while but just recently joined circle. I am looking for a group that shares tips, etc. for amateur photography using a point and shoot digital camera,...

Started by Denise on 12/16/2008 in Creative Moms

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Anyone else not able to pump?

Hello all- I'm new here, and a new mom to a fabulous little girl born March 25. I'm trying to BF for the first year, pumping when I'm not able to nurse. So far we've got the...

Started by Rebecca on 04/30/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Just wanted to say hello

Hi fellow wrestling moms. I joined this community several months ago and nothing has happened here yet, so I decided I would try to get the ball rolling. Oops, wrong sport!...

Started by Pam on 11/17/2009 in Wrestling Moms

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