what would you do if your husband told you that you were the worse wife ever.. and that he didn't care if you left because you told him he was stuck to his mama.. the thing is...

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I thought it was the Mum

I have recently learn't that my daughter who was 9 at the time was sat down by my Ex's girlfriend and was 'explained' the details of puberty. Of course I was shocked as I had...

Started by Miranda on 04/20/2010 in Kids Over 10

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Pregnant with me 2nd.....

Iv just found out im pregnant with my second baby.My 1st is just 13months so he will be 2 once the babys here. Im alot more nervous than excited this time im worried about the...


Kids don't want to go to Dads house.

I left my ex when I was pregnant with my daughter(now 9) & my son was 2. He had nothing to do with either of them (his choice not mine) until he was getting married & they both...

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Sleeping Issues....

My son will be two months old in three weeks, and I would like him to be at least taking naps in his crib, if not sleeping in it all night long, by then. He currently will only...

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Befriend your ex's girlfriend??

I am in a tough situation and I am sure plenty of single mom's might be going through the same thing. To make my long story short, my baby's father decided to leave me the day...

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Just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi gals! I am a SAHM currently, and married to a police officer. So, my husband's schedule naturally sucks. Lol. I'm in the process of getting my alternative teacher's...

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older kids with dead beat dad

Hi There, Just wondering if anyone has an older child and they are helping them cope with their dead beat dads? My daughter is 7 1/2 and rarely sees her father. He is a total...


new here

let me start off by saying that i was not due until today-jan 20, but i have a 3 week old little girl. the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy were really rough. the weekend before...

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The Super dad that is a Super let down

Hey ladies I am so confused on what to do! My daughter is 6 and see her dad as the best thing in the world to her but he also lets her down so often. It hurts me inside to think...

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CF Baby girl

I love the fact we can all be there for each other! My angel is 16 months old and her name is Audre, we found out she had CF off her new born screening test... one of the most...


When do I talk to my 9yr old about dads suicide?

I am the mother of a 9, 7 and 2yr old. In Jan 2006, my boyfriend, and father of my 9yr old, hung himself in the basement of our home, while my children and I slept. My children...

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Hello Everyone! my name is Amber, and i have been happily married for 2.5 yrs! I'm 22 yrs old, and i feel old already.... Time sure passes by so fast when ur having fun :) My...