I have noticed that alot of people are bottlefeeding their children in this world of "breast is best". I was just wondering how many people are breastfeeding and how old is your...


DAN! Doctors

Does anyone have any suggestion on DAN! Doctors... good or bad experiences? I live in the SouthEast and there's not a lot to choose from around here, but I want to find a good...


Not a debate/How to get the Mosquitoes away

Ok...so I posted this on the Welcome page.....no response. Jerks lol. My daughters get horrible reactions to mosquito bites. Nothing works. Anyone know a tried and true way...

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Anger outbursts and fish oil

My mum told me that there were studies suggesting that large doses of fish oil reduced angry and violent outbursts -- has anyone had any experience with this? (How one gets a 7...


colds n pregnancy

hey guys im 27 weeks pregnant and i have just come down with a really bad case of the flu :( im soooooo sick and the pharmacist said i cannot take anything and that i have to...


Another Day

I went to the doctor today as I felt terrible. I've been getting migraines 3 days a week or so, all winter. The doctor had started me on Proponolol on Monday for it, and it's...


Can I get my milk supply back up

I was breast feeding my son til about 3 months then slowed down to once or twice a day but he has been getting sick from the formula and the dr and I have tried all kinds of...

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