Tampons cause disease in women?

http://blog.seattlepi.com/realbeauty/archives/146962.asp Tampons are associated with toxic shock:The entire mechanism of TSS is still not understood. Tampons do not cause...

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The DivaCup.

This is not an angry vent or anything. I LOVE my diva cup, and every time my period comes up since i got my cup, i feel the need to spread how wonderful this product is. I...


Male circumcision a 'surgical vaccine'

The global fight against HIV/AIDS has found a powerful if unfashionable ally in male circumcision. Research into the spread of the virus in Africa has revealed a reduced rate...

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punishing a 14 yr old step daughter

i punished my step child last weekend. i threatned i would make her do her own washing etc when she is over if she doent shower or bath at nite.the following 2 weeks she was...

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To circumsize or not?

I am pregnant with my third child who is a boy (finally) and my husband does not want to circumsize him but I do. What is everyones' opinion on this and which would be better?


Birth Control at 12?

My 12 year old daughter came to me recently about birth control to "regulate her periods and help her with acne." Not 100% concerned about the boys yet but I also know that will...

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Should this even be an issue?!?

Hello Moms! I was wondering if you guys would give me your opinion on something. There is a mother in our group who refuses to put her barely 2 year-old child into any sort of...


Swine flu

i have never had a flu shot in my life, as well as i have never had the flu (knock on wood) but my doc is stressing the fact to me, as well as many other people, about the...



Ive read posts of circumcisions but still need an answer. I have an 8 month old son who we did not circumcise, but ive read posts of mothers saying to get it because they knew...


New circumcision research is changing minds

re-posted from cafemom It's hard to find a more contentious parenting issue than male circumcision. Okay, extended nursing in public -- that might do it. But if you want a...

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Self Defense

My 5 yr. old daughter is attending pre-k with about 20 kids and loves it...However, theres a little girl who is, for lack of a better word, mean...She hits the teachers and...