why can't you take religion out of it?

in MILF'S thread take religion out of it, a few of you mentioned that you CAN'T take religion out of it when it comes to homosexuality and marriage between the same sex. why?...

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am i a bad mom?

My son is 4 and a half months and constantly crys! he want us to carry him around and walk around with him. hes a big boy and getting heavy and walking around with him is...


Baby Girl Names

I am expecting my fourth girl and I'm running out of girl names. Would you have any suggestions for girl names? I like names that are unique, meaningful, and classic. If you...


Introduce Yourself

Here’s a thread to introduce yourself. When your ready you don’t have to post here when you join just come here and say hi when your ready and share about yourself.I...


I need some edgy but pretty girl names!

Well, I'm due in March so i have plenty of time to choose a girls name, but i like to figure it out early! My first daughters name is Jaeda. While i was pregnant with her, her...


What is it with people?

I was in the store earlier today going towards the check out and a woman tried cutting in front of me and I wouldn't let her so she started making all sorts of rude and ignorant...


Have you ever started a fight?

How about when you where a kid. Did you ever have to defend yourself against others? How about now? Been in a fist fight lately?

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I need a name!!!

We are expecting a new baby on june 6th and we need some name ideas. We would like it to start with a c we dont no if its gonna be a boy or a girl. My name is Courtney, my...


Personal Vent. KIDS

I thought it would be cool having one early bird and one later gator. Nope its not. Just when I am done get one off and gone. I have to do it all over again. COME ON NEXT...

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Unusual boys names?

I an due on the 25th Feb, still unsure about names, Hill is ths sername, any ideas of short unusual names, my other son is Luca, Italian theme which we are keen to follow....


Updated post

I was debating an abortion due to emotional circumstances I was going through I guess I would term it as haste thinking, in the end I chose to keep the baby but god had other...


Working mom and breastfeeding

I'm a working mom. I work eight hour days. I still breastfeed my son. My milk supply is starting to diminish. I can't pump at work and i don't get a lunch most days. (I eat at...

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New Members Please Read.

I would like to welcome you aboard to Disabled Moms with Children. I did not start this community but I am watching over it. I am not familiar with who is active and who is...


How to deal with a 13 YO

With a 13 YO who is intelligent, bright, and lazy, without creating a monster later? I feel like we do nothing but yell at the boy since school got out. I give him a simple...

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