Cradle cap

I realize a newborn's skin is really sensitive. My little 7 wk old now has cradle cap. Any suggestions? Will it go away in a month or two? Any input would be appreciated.

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My daughter was blessed having eczema like her mother. We have been using Aveeno for moisturizer but now we think that Johnson's bubble bath is irritating her skin. Any...

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cradle cap

My daughter daughters skull is all white and flaky! My husband and I have been trying to pick at it a little bit here and there, but can't seem to get rid of it, it only gets...


Dry Scalp... please help!!!

My daughter has a really dry scalp that looks nasty and is uncomfortable for her, very itchy. I've tried brushing lotion and baby oil on it, and cutting back on baths. I also...



I have a couple questions. I have 2 boys. 1 is going through potty training stage. I have tried everything I could think of. But nothing is getting him to go on the potty...


Cradle Cap

My baby has had cradle cap since she was about one month old, she is now three months old and still has it. It seemed to be going away, but I guess not, I have taken her to...

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Head lice remedies

Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep lice away other than the rid or Nix? Someone told me rosemary mint shampoo. My daughter has had it on and off for the last month!!!!! I...

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Bad Ezcema!! Help!!

my son is 8 months old and has a bad case of ezcema. The doctors here has given us a cream that only mad it worse and we have spend alot of money trying to find lotions that we...