does it get easier?

My beautiful son is about 15 mths old and me and his father are no longer together. I know i shoudl start dating and getting out there... but it just seems so hard! any advice...



how to please a teen

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Ten month old tantrums.

I have a ten month old boy, who now started to become very clingy to me, he can be fine with his dad or granny, but as soon as he sees me he starts to wine and cry. Then he...

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Living Arrangements

Is it ok to let your daughter live with her father Mon-Fri. Come home on the weekends. She will go to school from his house every morning. She has always been a daddy's...

Started by Monique on 05/11/2009 in Working Moms

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I need help with my 3 year old!!

My son Noah is 3 he's a good kid for the most part and was an awesome baby... but lately he's developed quite the attitude and cries a lot more. I've also noticed that when...


Potty training

When do you know if your child is ready to be potty trained and whats a good age to start? My daughter is 14 months old and wants to go in the bathroom with me everytime i go...


friend issues

im the only one with a child in my group of friends and the only one married... is it normal that I dont really talk to them now I just feel like my problems and worries are on...


Potty Training

How soon is too soon to start potty training?

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Being a single mommy

I am so nervous to be a single mommy of two little ones. My son is acting up lately because of the changes with his dad gone and my daughter was called for papa today. How do I...


Silly Questions..

My daughter will be 3 here soon..(tear tear..) and through out her life I have been critized for being to pushy on her..(yet I say I never pushed..I encouraged..) By the time...

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does anyone know much about the shriners?my son has government insurance but you kinda get what you pay for. Ian is 19 months old now, getting ready to do alot more standing...


Bedtime help

I have an 18 month old who has suddenly become a horrible sleeper. Up until Easter Sunday, she was sleeping 12 hours a night, as well as taking a 2 hr nap right after lunch...


So angry.

Not for advice, just frustrated! Took the little one into the ER last night at 630. At 4, he had a fever of 103.8. I gave the maximum dosage of tylenol&motrin... And at 6, it...


screaming when she doesn't get her way

hi ladies, im a young mom and my daughter just screams and cries when i take things away from her that she is not supposed to be playing with she is now nine months,i dont know...

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Missing Milestones

I got a text message at work tonight from my husband telling me that my 3 1/2 month old daughter finally rolled over for the first time and I just wanted to start crying.......

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Birthing questions...

Hello ladies... Second conversation of the day... I am on a roll... As you know I pretty much keep up with all the questions we have as expectant moms... Well someone asked...