Decisions about moving

Any advice on experience moving to a different state with children? How did it affect the child(ren)? I moved to TX from OH in 2007 and things have not gone as planned so we...



Hi I am a stay at home mom to 13 month old twin girls, 3 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy that of course goes to school. Some days are very hard for me and more so now than...

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I need help with my almost 6yr old son

I am married and my husband has a 12yr old daughter and we have a 5yr old son(he will be 6 next week) and I am at a loss! I am a stay at home mom and over the last 6 months my...

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Deployment and moving home

I am moving back home about 3 months before my husband deploys. Reason being, I am pregnant and he doesn't want me to have to move myself in case they deploy early (which could...


i feel really bad about this

This is kind of long, but my mom, dad, and brother moved into my apartment building a few floors down once I had my son to help out. I didn't ask them to do this, my mom asked...

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I have no friends or a life.

I'm a 15 year old mom and I home school. I love my daughter and everything, but I'm a little sad because I have absolutely NO friends. I have looked into teen mom groups and I...

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I am a single mom of two kids Tyler~11 and ~Aiden 3. Aiden will not go on the big boy potty and I was wondering if anyone can give me ideas.

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His Parents!!

I have my boyfriends parents coming to stay tomorrow for 5 days! After bending over backwards to make them feel welcome, his mother makes it point blank obvious to me that she...


Dating Afterwards....

So, ever since i left my daughter's father i have chosen to stay single, and for some reason i have no desire to find a new man of any sorts. All my friends, even my mother,...


Single Soldier Deploying

I am a single mom - my daughter is almost 8 months and I just had to leave her with relatives so that I could go on a year deployment with my unit. This by far is the hardest...

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Not Speaking to Son & Daughter :(

Hello my name is Dee. Sorry, I didn't separate this in my own subject, I just now noticed this. It has been a yr. since my mom died, and all the heartaches afterwards were...

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Motivating my teenage son....

Any suggestions for a positive way to motivate teenage boys would be greatly appreciated. I am totally done with arguing and grounding. It seems to not have any affect at all....

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Temper Tantrums at bed time!

Okay, so my 2 year old, only child, has started having problems at nap/bed time. My husband and I feel like we are going to lose our minds. We have NEVER had any problems with...

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Nero appt Tomorrow

Hello, I hope that everyone is doing well. Phoebe has a follow up appt with her Nero's Nurse P. We have to be their at 8:15 what a long day that is going to be. I have a few...


my son just won't sleep at night!!!

is anyone else having trouble trying to get their child to sleep at night? We ahve a reagualr bedtiem routine and all used to be good it's this new thing to just stay up and...

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