Aspergers and Sarcasm

Ok here it goes. I always try to have a positive attitude no matter what. Very few will ever hear me complain. I hate to do it here but I think I am really tired. I am a...

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my hubby is driving me crazay!!

So I have been married of almost 2 years been together over 3, I love my husband alot. When I got pregnant instead of being sooo happy I got bitchy, and my hubby and I almost...

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My three year old will be starting preschool in September. It is only two days a week for two hours. He wakes up telling me he does not want to go to school. He says he will...

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A vent about weaning...

So, I'm pregnant and I am at an increased risk for pre-term labor, that fact that I'm having twins puts me at an even higher risk of preterm labor. As such, my 19 month old has...

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Help Please!!!

OK - so I joined this group a few months ago but I have never posted (I think). I really want to work on my own anger issues and my short temper. I have slapped my son's hand in...


I feel like Im drowning!

I am 21 and have a 3 year old son who will be 4 at the end of this month. I am dating and living with a guy that has a son 2 weeks older then mind and a daughter who is going to...


Emotions after seperation

Has anyone been through seperation or divorce? How do I cope with my emotions as well as my kids emotions too? People keep telling me it will get easire but it is hard to look...

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Should my SD go see her BM?

We have primary custody, and BM has visitation rights, the times and dates are really up to us. My step daughter is 8 years old. Her BM is the perfect example of white trash...

Started by Anastasia on 06/29/2012 in Step Parenting

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18 yr old daughter - ugh...

I have an 18 yr old daughter and seriously think I'm losing my mind. She was diagnosed with chronic migraine almost 3 yrs ago and is still in major pain every single day. She...

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I need advice....

So im 20 years old and just found out that im approximately 4 weeks pregnant. I told the guy that I was pregnant by who is 21, and he of course, panicked.... He asked me what we...

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Fed up!! Anyone else feeling like a single mum?

My son is 10weeks old and I'm having trouble with my partner helping to raise him..My partner works Mon-Sat and is out of the house from 5am until 6pm (if he goes to the Gym...

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Is my son autistic?

Today I took my son to the doctor for an unrelated reason to this topic, but she has been concerned because of his delay in speech. My son is 15 months old, doesn't talk a whole...