Sleeping in carseat

Our 6-week-old will sleep through the entire night if we leave her in the carseat. She seems resistent to sleeping in her crib, though she did just fine in the crib in the...

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Losing a child

My water broke at 19 weeks the doctors sent me back home and at 20 weeks me and my husband lost our son. He weighed 10 ounces. The issue that confuses me the most if I told he...


New to cloth diapering

Hi there. I am going to start cloth diapering my children, aged 2 and 6 months(my 2 year old has been potty training). They both we wear the same size diapers. I was wondering...


14 month old screams literally all day

My 14 month old stepson lives with us fulltime. He has always seemed to have an anxiety disorder, his mother used drugs while pregnant. In the past few months he has begun...

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Do you believe that organic is better for you and the environment? I saw a show the other day that basically said that organics actually were not better for you or the...

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c section envy

has anyone like me had the feeling when some women who have given birth naturally talk to c section mummys their aggresive and put down comments are just pure jelousy! they...


Book Club!

Hey ladies, I came up in conversation with Dana a while ago that we should post our readings and personal analysis of the books ;). We can expand our knowledge and help each...


Are you an Organ donor?

Or are you NOT for the idea? How about your children, would you donate their organs…why or why not? I am a proud organ donor; I choose to be one because if the tables...

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help with sleep please

My 11 1/2 month old baby still does not sleep through the nite. Its my own fault because we still give him milk at night. how do i teach him to sleep through without leaving him...

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What the?!

Check out this article.... http://www.beliefnet.com/Love-Family/Relationships/2006/07/Moms-Dont-Forget-To-Feed-Your-Marriages.aspx?p=1 I'd love to hear some opinions....

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