Decisions about moving

Any advice on experience moving to a different state with children? How did it affect the child(ren)? I moved to TX from OH in 2007 and things have not gone as planned so we...



Hi I am a stay at home mom to 13 month old twin girls, 3 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy that of course goes to school. Some days are very hard for me and more so now than...

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Having trouble pumping...i never get enough...if anything..Thoughts

Started by Jennifer on 11/14/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Going back to work

Hi Girls, So tomorrow is my official first day back at work since the five days I worked in September before I had the girls. I am really stressed about how the kids will react...


I am a proud single mother!

My name is Kerri and I am a very proud single mother of Hailey Addison Stepp who is 4 years old. She was born on November 16th, 2004 prematurely. She honestly scared me half...

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Help, my 2 1/2 year old has started having full blown, screaming tantrums. Laying on the floor, refusing to be touched, kicking and flailing, can last upwards of an hour! Any...


potty training

hiya my son his 2yrs 10mths still potty training, the problem is, he doesn't wee on himself but find it hard to do no.2 in his potty or toilet. i have just bought yet another...

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kids sharing rooms

What age did you have your kids share a room OR what age are you planning on having them share a room together. Mine are 16mos and 4 yrs old DD. We were planning on waiting till...


Has anyone elses preemie passed away?

I had my little Nayeli on August 27th, 2006. She weighed 2 lbs. 8ozs. It was heart breaking to see her be this tiny!!! She did so well!! She was off the respirator the day...

Started by Clarissa on 04/24/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Daughter screams at me

My daughter is 14 months old and follows me around and screams at me the whole time I am with her. It's just me she does this to not to daddy. I can never get anything done she...

Started by Jovonna on 04/28/2009 in Christian Moms

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toilet training

i really need advice on getting my 3yr old out of nappies she has interst atal to sit on the toilet and offering her a star doesnt make ant difference


Success story!!

Our son is finally potty trained! 2 Weeks before school was out we had our IEP meeting, and our son's teacher mentioned if we had thought about putting underwear on our son...


Milk supply differs in my breasts

I've been breast feeding for 5 months and from the beginning have noticed a significant difference in the amount of milk each breast gives. One is an overproducer and...

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purposely peeing pants!!

ok so my daughter was born july 4/06..and has been potty trained(fully, wiping,flushing,washing hands and everything) for like a year already. she has some other friends that...

Started by Bonnie on 07/16/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Best Way to Start Them in Cheer

Hi, I'm new to this. I have a question for all of the veteran cheer moms. What types of classes should I put my girls in to prepare them for cheerleading? How do I know if it's...

Started by Susan on 08/09/2009 in Cheerleading MOMS

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Reading recording log for primary

Hello, I teach First grade and I am looking for a simple reading recording sheet that I can send home with my students that can be filled out recording how much they are...

Started by Sandy on 08/09/2009 in Teacher Moms

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