Natural Birth - Would you recommend it??

I want to know about your drug-free/natural birth experiences. I have had one child and I was planning to receive an epidural since the moment I found out I was pregnant (not...

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Baby Unsettled......??

My baby is only 7 days old and last night she was sooooo unsettled it was driving me nuts, i went thru 6 nappies in 6 hours and she just wouldnt stop wanting to feed...


A jury of your peers

This stems from the thread about the jaywalking mom who was convicted in relation to the death of her son. In several of the articles, it mentions that she was not treated...

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Travelling to Disneyland

We're planning a trip to Disneyland/Palm Springs next month - first time we've travelled with our daughter who has a peanut, dairy and egg allergy. I'm planning on visiting a...


How did you find out?

I would love to hear interresting stories of how you found out you were pregnant. My husband and I had just evacuated to North Louisiana from Hurrican Katrina. We really had...



This might not even be a topic we can debate but I was just wondering.. My daughter is 7 months and I have never given her any medicine, I did give her gripe water when she was...

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Are H1N1 vaccinations really safe for children?

I've always been completely against the flu vaccine because of the harm it does to your immune system...but when it comes to this H1N1 vaccine I'm terrified to get my daughter...

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Breech at 36 weeks

Yesterday was my 36 week appointment, where I found out that my baby is in the frank breech position. The doctor said they could try an ECV to help in move, but with only a 50%...


Any suggestions would help..

Any suggestions would help.. How do i stop a 19mnth old throwing tantrums when he doesnt get what he wants or we dont pick him up when he wants to be picked up cause im 8mnths...

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Lack of breastfeeding support at home

My son is one month old and I have been breastfeeding, but have had thrush and now mastitis and thrush is back. I am in school so I have pumped and given him a bottle during the...

Started by Annette on 03/18/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Febrile Seizures

I experienced my first febrile seizure with my son on monday, and I was wondering how many other mom's out there have experienced them with their children?


Pros & cons of preschool

I've never enrolled my 5-year-old daughter in daycare or preschool. My mother-in-law has kept her during work hours since she was born, and has become basically a second mom to...

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I am a married mum of 5,and i suffer depression. I am on medication but that's one thing that upsets me i see it as artifcial happiness. The kids are always treating me like a...

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