Baby blues?

I was a stay at home mom until my son turned two months. I loved every bit of it. My son put himself on a sleeping schedule (through the night) at about 4 or 5 weeks. The...

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Hi i am new to this sight. I have been married 11years now. I have five beautiful kids, my oldest son is 21 he got married this past June and he is currently in Kuwait. My...

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11 yr old Aspie

Hi everyone. My son Adam is 11 and was diagnosed at age 7 with Asperger's. Here is our story.... When my son started therapy he was about 5. He presents as non-specific mood...


Aggressive Children

I think it's important for everyone to realize that aggressive behaviour is natural, because kids get frustrated too and until they learn how to cope productively with their...


I need help. It's not her, it's me

I was a career mom. I was a police officer. Both me and my husband were in the same field and it was not conducive to family life so I opted to give it up and stay at home. Now...


Hey they mommies!!

I am new to the Circle Of Friends. Wanted to ask some moms opinions on a few things. My Husband since my son was born Dec 07 has been riding me cause I stay at home with my son...

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my babys father trying to get full custody

so 8 months ago my ex partner sucked me in to flying to NZ to see him with our baby girl... we had been together for 4 1/2 yrs but recently broke up so thats why he was in NZ.....

Started by Simone on 04/08/2010 in Single Moms

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home daycare vs center

Hi there! I am brand new to this site and this is my first post. I really need some advice of other working moms out there. Sorry in advance if my write-up is lengthy....

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New to the group and a new SAHM

Hi, i just joined the group and I have only been a SAHM for about 2 months. I just got out of the miltary and just had some questions!! My husband works all day and when he...

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Is anyone else a the wife of a trucker?

My DH was on the road for 1 1/2 years, home for 1, and is now going back on the road due to lack of jobs in our area. We have a 4 1/2 year old son and before this job decision,...

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it's me

My children have yet to be diagnos. with dyslexia. I have mod-to severe dyslexia, and couldn't find a group for mom's who are dyslexic. It has it's challenges and I have...


I'm an RN

Hi my name is Amy I'm an RN working PT with 2 kids ages 4 and almost 2...so it feels like FT most days. Hope to get to know you all!!!


Just Curious...

Hi there...I happen to be married to a police officer...and it is always nice to find others to relate to. I wanted to check this out...so here I am!


Helping my lil mama while she\'s sick

hey ladies my 15-month has been battling a lil stomach virus and hasn\'t really been able to hold anything down. The only thing she does want to do is nurse and of course I was...

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