Traveling with spectrum kids

I'm just curious about other parents' experiences of vacation trips with Aspergers/Autism kids. We're going to visit my Mom in Tucson in a couple weeks. Last year we did it...


Is anyone pregnant again yet?

http://darkdarkdarkprincess@hotmail.com im 8weeks with a 8month daughter and im 18... im very much liking the idea of adotion because my mum is not allowing me to have another...

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Busy Toddler

My 14 month old is SO busy! I cannot seem to figure out how to get anything done without him tearing apart the house. He only seems content to play if I am there with him....


Question re Seroquel

Hi Everyone My husband and I have a youg boy from the foster care system. ADHD/a little Aspergery/Mood disorder (honestly therapists are saying Narcissistic Personality...


Grandma kisses baby on the mouth!

Hello everyone... I'm a single mom of an 8month old son and I live at hm with my parents until I get on my feet again. I love my parents dearly, but being a new mom, I like to...


6 year old sleepovers?

My daughter is 6 and I am not extremely close with her friends parents. I enjoy their company, but haven't established friendships yet. The idea of a sleepover scares me. I will...

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How to compromise?

So I've been rather broody lately and started talking a lot to my partner about another baby, adding to our now 20 months old. He is reluctant, mainly because our daughter is a...


how do you cope?

My two and a half month old baby boy passed away on fathers day, and i'm finding it very hard to cope, i put on a front for my family, my husband my other children. I don't know...



Hello ladies! I have an issue. I love my husband with all I am - he's a wonderful father and treats me like a princess. But... 2 months ago I quit smoking he followed by...


Playground bullying already?

Ok, so what is the protocol for those times in the playground or at the play park when a toddler or older baby walks up to your baby and grabs his hair, pushes him, hits...


Missing out for a good reason

I have a 10 month old son, in may my sister in law's children were taken away by S.S. Her 3 older ones went to her mom, and we toke the youngest who is 7 months old. I feel...

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Mother To Be

I'm just hitting two months pregnant! The soon to be father don't show too many signs of being a good dad (lying...etc) but instead wants the right to say " my baby mama". Im...


Mother in law making big stress

I have no idea what to do. My husband is adopted and his mom is a single mom. She has almost always gotten what she wanted when it comes to him. She is Catholic, my husband was...


getting rid of the bottle

my son is 26 months and loves his bottle mostly it's just for when he sleeps but at night he still goes through at least 3. I tell myself i have to practice tough love and let...



I have a 3.5 yr old and 4 mth old and I am a SAHM. I feel guilty bc I feel as if I am not doing enough with my 3.5 yr old. Can someone give me a day in the life of a mom with...

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