getting started

I am planning to start homeschooling our son next year who will be in Kindergarten. Just looking for any helpful information.


shes a boob only baby

i'm suppose to start supplementing for my 5 m. baby girl cause though she eats quite often she is a tiny little one (11lb.). she won't take any bottles. shes not even down...


My premie is 1

Hello,My name is Mona and my son Dominac was born Dec. 28,2007 he was 5 weeks premature but did not have to saty at the hospital more than 4 days!! Thank God! I was woundering...


crying baby

i am a new first time mom of a one month old. and she has been crying on and off like crazy for the past couple of days.... she shows me signs that she is hungry so i try to...


Does anyone use Homeopathics?

I would like to used more natural health products and I am looking at alternatives. I just wondered if anyone had used Newton products and were they successful? Or if you have...


sick 6mth old

my son has been sick for maybe a month now and the doctors keep telling me its a viral infection that it will go away on its own but so far it hasn't. I don't know what to do....


My Space Stalked?!?

My bm my space stalks me daily. Each and every time I update anything on my profile, within the day she has updated hers to mimmic mine. Mostly the things that concern our...

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Growing Pains?

My 3 1/2 yr old son has been having severe leg pains. Lately they are more often and more severe. Should I disregard this as growing pains or look further into it?

Started by Jesselyn on 04/18/2009 in Toddler Moms

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I need some opinons

I just recently signed up for an modeling agency called modeling and talent zone. It has been announced on the radio for the past couple of days and there was a fee of $488.00...


Confusing Situation about Food.

I have two SS, one 15 and one 10. I have been in their lives for 9 years. Their dad and I have been married for about 4 years. We have joint custody with an EOW schedule,...

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